bluetooth headset mic doesn't work, but instead my built in laptop mic works

Feb 2, 2019
Basiclly, I have a bluetooth Headset with a built in mic (JBL T460BT), but when i try to use it, it doesn't work, but my laptops built in mic works instead.
I tried messing with the sounds settings, but nothing works, either my sound just disappears, or everything is all... how do i say this... Like... Pixelated is that the word? i don't know, it just sounds all weird, but now, it sounds alright the way i have it now, but i cant use the bluetooth headset mic, only the laptops built in mic works
If someone can help me, id appreciate it, thanks!

Phillip Corcoran

On that model, I believe the microphone only works for answering calls when headphones are used with a mobile phone.

When used with a PC I believe they are headphones only.

From the product page JBL T460BT:

"Control music playback and answer calls on the fly with buttons and microphone placed conveniently on the earcup"
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