Solved! Connecting microphone to 2 computers

Jun 5, 2019
Not long ago me and my bf bought a new microphone and we wanted to connect it to our 2 computers using AUX cable.
The microphone works perfectly on one pc (which he is connected by USB)
and the other pc he is connected by AUX cable (from speakers to microphone).
ANd it seems that every time we record with the microphone from the other pc , the microphone has static noise.
We tried to switch the AUX cable , we tried to switch the microphone from the computers , we tried to switch programs we use (Voicemeter banana, Audio repeater). And the microphone still has static sound and nothing helps.
Is there a way to fix the static noise?
Connect the mic directly to the computer jacks not the speaker by-pass, does it record normally then.

What is the mic model? You are talking about connecting it with aux cable but then say that one of them is connecting to USB.