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  1. LucyHearto

    Solved! Connecting microphone to 2 computers

    Hi, Not long ago me and my bf bought a new microphone and we wanted to connect it to our 2 computers using AUX cable. The microphone works perfectly on one pc (which he is connected by USB) and the other pc he is connected by AUX cable (from speakers to microphone). ANd it seems that every time...
  2. teegee

    Solved! Static noise from speakers and other audio devices.

    Hello, When I have my speakers enabled, or my headphones connected at random intervals I have this static noise play through whichever device I might be using at that time, it is fixable by making noise through either playing a video, music or having a friend speak. It comes back still...
  3. B

    should I get a usb soundcard together with my g230?

    hello. my current headset which are the steel series 3hv2 broke today. and I will get a new one which will be the logitech g230. my 3hv2 had static noise, so I was thinking of getting a usb soundcard with my g230? I've researched and seems like the g230's have static noise, so do you guys think...
  4. B

    Microphone Static Problem

    I currently own the Hyper X Cloud and for the whole time I had it I didn't realize there was a bit of static that plays while the mic is plugged in. Whether the detachable mic is plugged in or the jack is plugged in It still plays a little static. It's very noticeable in recordings and some...
  5. D

    Static Noise From My Speakers When Connected Trough Subwoofer

    Some weeks ago I bought a new computer in pieces. I noticed that the computer had 7.1 surround sound, and I though that was cool. But after I plugged in my audio interface, it wasnt so cool anymore. My speakers are connected through a subwoofer to the audio interface, and the speakers were...