Apr 17, 2016
I currently own the Hyper X Cloud and for the whole time I had it I didn't realize there was a bit of static that plays while the mic is plugged in. Whether the detachable mic is plugged in or the jack is plugged in It still plays a little static. It's very noticeable in recordings and some times other people can hear it in voice chats. I've tried moving it to the front jacks and the back and re installing drivers. I've tried opening my PC to see if anything was happening. I've messed with the Mircrophone and Microphone Boost settings countless amounts of time. At this point I'm just desperate for answers.


Mar 15, 2012
Hey man, I feel your pain. I've been dealing with this issue for YEARS. I bought a pair Beyerdyanmic MMX 300's, and an ASUS Xonar DG, thinking I would have perfect sound, and the perfect microphone clarity. While my sound definitely improved, I still had static in my microphone. Today while I was listening to my microphone (you can do this by right clicking the speaker in the bottom right notification area > recording devices > choose your microphone > Right Click > Properties > Listen Tab > Listen to this Device) I touched the back of my sound card and the buzzing completely went away. I thought it was possible that my sound card was maybe loose, but I was able to replicate the results by simply touching my the back of my motherboard with my finger as well. After some research, I identify the issue as a microphone ground loop feedback. I still don't know the solution but if you want, you can follow my post to see if anyone can give me a good solution.