Question My microphone won't work on my PC

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Mar 31, 2019
Hello there

I am new to this forum and i want to ask some people here for some help.

Im going to state the problem here:

I have a headset from Trust (GXT 380 Doxx) and a problem when i tried to plug it to my PC

I saw that the headset has 2 plugs. One for audio and one for microphone
The audio of the headset is working fine, but my microphone won't work right.
Windows detects there is a mic connected, but when i try the speech recorder installed on Windows it says i need to connect a microphone.
So what i did is try it first with setting up your mic, but windows says there is no mic connected
Still i saw that it is connected. Then i tried it with privacy settings, but that didn't do anything.
So then i tried to plug it at all holes. In the back and front and still no sign of life. What i tried then is to go to another PC.
I was trying it then on a laptop and it worked perfectly fine. Phone and also on my console. But my PC won't do anything.
After that i tried to let windows look for the problem. And it says it isn't connected. Then i reinstalled Drivers and that didn't do anything.

I tried everything what i had on my mind. So i hope someone can please help me with my headset.

If i forget anything please write it down and i will try to answer as quick as i can.


Apr 2, 2019
Welcome to Tom’s Guide! You can always post your questions and answers anytime. Make sure you read the forum rules/styling posts on wherever category you would like to post on.

Do other peripherals work with those holes? If not, it has to be the problem. If all else functions correctly with the mic, then test the two holes with other peripherals and see if it works on the PC, then try them with other devices you own, like the ones you specified (Laptop, Mobile, etc.)

It could also be the cables. Check that they’re plugged in tightly in the holes without falling loose (especially the microphone plug.) Hope it helps! :)
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