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  1. aiden_crawford

    Solved! I bought a Splitter for my RIG Pro 500Hx. Microphone isn't working

    I have a RIG500hx headset and bought this splitter. And it doesn't seem to be working, I just get static from my micphone.
  2. T

    Question My microphone won't work on my PC

    Hello there I am new to this forum and i want to ask some people here for some help. Im going to state the problem here: I have a headset from Trust (GXT 380 Doxx) and a problem when i tried to plug it to my PC I saw that the headset has 2 plugs. One for audio and one for microphone The...
  3. J

    Laptop no longer performs as good as before (1 year ago)

    Hello guys! I have a problem with my laptop It's an MSI GE40-2OL , i7 4710MQ, 4gb ram, and GT 750M Right after I got it, I went straight to play games such as Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. Before, I could play games like these at high without any problem at all. Right now, I could barely...