Microphone not working after upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

Jan 24, 2019
UPDATE: crazy stuff going on, after USB audio try and reinstalling drivers my messing finally gave some results. Look at 3rd post please, still need help as it works very inconsistently

Hello, so due to the nature of upgrade (windows home -> pro) I can't revert it. I'm using laptop that has 1 jack but I use adapter to combine microphone + headphone. After the upgrade microphone won't work (neither in headset nor mic in mode). Only static sound can be heard. When I plug another microphone not in the adapter it works. My adapter/headset works well though.
I played so much with audio drivers (updating/setting older versions/downloading from manufacturers) but I just can't make it work. Watched YouTube videos but didn't manage to make it work. Maybe there is some software component (a driver) that is responsible for distinguishing input (microphone) and output (audio) in one jack? I'm out of ideas.

It recognize connections as:
Microphone: Jack information: digital jack, left panel 3.5mm jack
Headphone: Jack information: analog jack, front panel 3.5mm jack
There is only front panel jack on my laptop, but maybe it uses different names to recognize them, I don't know.

I have tried USB adapter as well. It shows that sound bars move when there is audio but I couldn't hear in 2 headphones I tried, microphone had full green bars. Didn't work. Reinstalled all kind of audio drivers. Still not working with USB adapter or normal plug adapter.
Jan 24, 2019
just found out that if in a splitter I will plug microphone jack into headphone female port ant put into laptop it will register my sound input, if I put into microphone female port it will not work.

before this "progress" the computer wouldn't accept any microphone input from my headset, now it does.
Jan 24, 2019
very strange. had it working for a very short time but couldn't replicate but after some messing got it working again. I plugged the splitter, had male microphone plug into female audio port, male audio plug into female microphone port, then switched them and it started working and works right now. But very inconsistent and never did work if I place everything in correct order. Any ideas what is going on? Doesn't make any sense to me. Also during this play sometimes in correct port I would lose microphone and and headphone audio (when I would rotate the plug my headphone would input that sound that you get when loud speaker audio jack would touch wood or something)
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