Question Volume Not Working After I Plug 3.5mm Headphones Into Audio Switch While Coming Out From 3.5mm Jack On USB Powered Microphone?

Mar 11, 2024
I have a Hyper X USB-C powered Mic. I have 3.5mm jack headphones that are plugged directly into the Hyper-X 3.5mm audio-out, and they work fine. I am attempting to add an audio switch between the two to add another 3.5mm to my speakers. The headphones stop working when I add the audio switch, but my speakers work fine. Same if I change which jack has the headphones and speaker on. I don't understand why the headphones stop working once the audio switch is added. The switch literally only swaps the audio from channel one to channel 2 or vice versa. I am stumped. All that I can think of is adding the switch, which is causing it to possibly need more amplification from the microphone in order to work, as my speaker is self-powered, and my headphones are not self-powered. I think the USB power isn't powerful enough to puch the "juice" needed once adding the switch.

This is only an educated guess, however. I honestly don't know, and I hope not to have to add an audio interface for the headphones to work properly.