Solved! Audio volume not high enough on headphones from both motherboard and sound card


Sep 21, 2013

so i bought Sennheiser HD599 (32ohm), but i have problems getting them to work properly on my pc. When i plug them to the board (MSI z77-g41) the volume is just pathetic. Then i found an old soviet amp amfiton 002 with these specs:

Ouput power per channel:
nominal: 25 W
maximum: 50 W
headphones (nominal): 0.1 W/120 ohms
It easily drives the headphones, cant max out the amps volume as headphones can't handle more. Tried plugging them on TV too and cant max out the volume too. So i thought that the motherboard is too weak and as the amp takes too much space and makes too much static noise on the headphones i decided to buy ASUS xonar se which has 300 headphone amp. Headphones got louder than the motherboard but not loud enough comparing them to the amp, it feels like it gives about 60% volume of what the headphones can handle without making unwanted sounds and its not loud enough for my taste. I tried everything : reinstalling drivers, bios, windows , disabled onboard audio on bios; installed xonar drivers, use high gain sound. Do i not understand something about ohms or something and i expected too much from the sound card?