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    Solved! No compose button ie. + in LG Dynasty message app

    LG Tribute Dynasty message app there is no plus or compose button if I want to text some unknown number I would have to save it into contacts first before sending a text to that number
  2. J

    Solved! Curtis DCR8335 DVD/VHS recorder combo- Question?

    Hoping someone can help me here. I want to use the above machine to copy some old VHS tapes onto DVDs. Does anyone know if I can record MORE than 1 tape onto a DVD if there is still free space available on the DVD? Or, am i limited to just 1 tape per DVD, regardless how much space it takes up on...
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    Solved! How to Hard Reset wireless router

    I have TP LINK wireless router model MR-3220. Reset button is not working & there is permanent lock symbol on the display, There is no way to communicate with the router & cant open the web page. There are only two lights on the display, ie. power & lock symbol. I read somewhere in the forum...
  4. A

    how to unlock advanced options in HP HDX16 LAPTOP

    Hay all how can I unlock the bios in my hp hdx16 laptop to get access to advanced options ( ie FSB multiplier ) ? Many thanks
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    Trying to pick the right All-in-one
  6. M

    Hi . My loptop is connected to wifi but it deosn't work. Like my chrome and internet explorer or firefox non of them work.

    At first my loptop didn't connect to wifi but now it is fully connected to wifi but it doesn't work. In chrome or internet explorer it says there is no internet connection ،whereas there is full wifi connection. I don't know why?
  7. A

    How to get chrome when internet explorer is only browser and is not working?

    Internet explorer is my only browser and won't open.
  8. I

    Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

    My Google chrome and Internet Explorer is acting weird, it opens tons of new tab and automatically refresh on its own... Idk how to fix this, i've done some research but i can't find the solution for this.. Please help me guys
  9. D

    how to download internet explorer 11 using google chrome

    how to download internet explorer 11 using google chrome
  10. E

    Cannot Access DVR from outside network

    ok so I'm retyping all this cuz I some exit the browser LOL SO I bought this new DVR which doesn't have a brand name nor a product name the cameras r connected to it and it sees em and records and things are cool But I'm having problems with the Dvr network Setting As I said I cannot access...
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    How can find present using mobile number by IMEI number?

    How can find present using mobile number by IMEI number? Please help me. It's My IMEI No-Removed
  12. I

    YouTube problem with Chrome

    YouTube page loads incorrectly - all images are "bunched" together in the middle of the page making it almost impossible to use. No problem if using IE or Firefox
  13. V

    Gray cloud across screen

    I have a 42" LG TV that is only 3 yrs old. Recently when the background is light, ie sky, there is a gray cloud across the screen. What can that be?
  14. W

    Audrey Records Label

    Does anyone have any information about this old record company ie artists, history, ownership?
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    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Internet Explorer

    Internet explorer is still one of the most in demand browsers in the world. When watching Netflix, users might encounter an unexpected error. This is a similar problem that has affected other browsers, but there exists an easy fix. This guide will cover the three most common ways to resolve the...
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    Internet Explorer won’t launch on my lap top

    Internet Explorer won’t launch on my lap top
  17. C

    Chrome won't go to Google, Gmail, Youtube

    After doing a Google search in IE (because Chrome won't go there) I found a discussion on this site about the same problem. According to recommendations in that discussion, I uninstalled Firefox, and now Chrome will go to Google but still will not go to Gmail or Youtube, and God only knows what...
  18. B

    Issues with laptop after SSD drive was intalled

    I recently had an SSD drive installed on my laptop. After that when I try to use IE or Chrome my laptop keeps reloading pages, saying it can't open pages on first try (i have to refresh), saying it doesn't have enough memory, and freezes. The freezing of the laptop also happens sometimes when...
  19. D

    Dk2 worth getting to start out

    Ok I’ve been wanting to get a vr head set. But since I’ve never been able to try it( none of may friends or fam are into tech) I’m nervous about dropping $400-500 on it and not be able to play(ie nausea or eye issues or just not enjoining it liked I hope I will). So I’ve seen the Dk2 on eBay for...
  20. F

    Solved! CCleaner finding files in unused software.

    My question about CCleaner is how are there files to be deleted in Internet Explorer if I do not use it? I run CCleaner daily and it regularly finds a minimum of 100 files to delete, and MB of stuff to remove. Today it found 49 files in Internet Explorer, and I run Chrome. Never IE. What is...
  21. K

    Recent problems with Chrome

    I am having problems with Chrome which won't open some web pages or open some pages from links. I have to open in a new tab. Internet Explorer works properly. I have loaded the most recent version of Chrome. I am using Windows 7 enterprise. The problems have only started in the last couple of...
  22. K

    best tvs for movie files, ie, mkv, etc.

    Is there any brand that plays all movie formats?
  23. Z

    help with opening web page

    how can i get the web page to display on my Toshiba Satilite L645D. I am connected but when i open Chrome or Internet Explorer it says this webpage is not available.
  24. A

    Get volume out headphone jack on my Philips tv

    I’ve got a Philips flat tv and can’t get volume out any outputs ie headphone jack
  25. L

    Are gallery photos & google photos connected? IE::if I delete from one it deletes in the other?

    I Would like to know if gallery is separate froM google photos. If I delete all my Google device photos are they in; y gallery?
  26. J

    3.5mm to xlr adaptor - does it make it balanced?

    Hi. If I have a 3.5mm mic (Shure VP83) and an external recorder with xlr - if I use an adaptor, does the signal benefit? Ie, does the unbalanced 3.5 signal become balanced over teh xlr cable? Or is it just passively letting me connect from one size connector to another? Thanks
  27. D hijacker on my browser, but I had a clean install

    I got a new cpu and mobo so just to avoid future problems with windows, I did a clean install with the windows media creation tool. (Windows 10) Everything went fine. After windows was installed, it asked me to set up the basic things and login to my Microsoft account. So I logged in and I...
  28. D

    Factory reset a Toshiba satellite a105

    I can't get internet explorer to load any pages and it says no internet connection but it's connected to my wifi
  29. M

    Sansui Flatscreen usb problem

    Have a flat screen 52" Sansui TV, lost the remote. Now I bought a Dixon 1899ES universal remote. Got it set up ie: volume is working... But when I try to watch movies on my hard drive via USB, I have a problem. See everything is there, but when I scroll to the movie, a mini screen pops up...
  30. S

    Lenovo Keyboard problem

    I have Lenovo Yoga 520 -purchaes in September. When using the backspace key you have to tap individually, holding it down does not work - in Word or Browser search. When entering search item in Chrome or IE instead of just presenting a list to choose from the top item is pre-filled. Went PC...
  31. B

    Your connection is not private

    Hii I am not able to open gmail in both chrome and IE. getting an error and all other sites am able to access. Could you please help? Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)...
  32. D

    Internet explorer popup

    I turn on my laptop and I get a black screen and a program starts up called system healer...then asks me to register...I just keep getting loads of internet explorers pop up all over the screen
  33. A

    Solved! How to get on internet explorer on magnavox smart tv 55MV314X

    Can you please help me to get on Internet explorer on magnavox smart tv 55MV314X? To use to get on Facebook or just to google things?
  34. J

    my keyboard won't type

    my keyboard won't type in chrome or internet explorer
  35. W

    otg not readable

    Phone can be charged but connecting to USB ie,pc and otg its not readable.. My phone supports otg but now its not working.
  36. R

    If your Key Board not functioning suddenly

    Just open IE and type something on the search bar. Then try to type the place you need. Will it work if suddenly locked your key board. Thanks roshan [don't post your email address on the forum]
  37. L

    Help optimize Dell Latitude E6520 for simple gaming, IE Heroes of the Storm and other MOBAs, Please

    Hey guys, I have a Dell Latitude E6520 here are the specs: CPU: i7-2760QM Memory: 8 gigs Storage: 250 gig Samsung SSD Graphics: Nvidia NVS 4200M the rest of the specs are normal dell OEM stock. This is my question. Can someone who owns or has a good bit of experience with this laptop post...
  38. A

    Buying a used laptop

    Hello, I'm looking into buying a laptop, I'm worried that this one might bring me issues seeing as there is no warranty mentioned, but it's really good value. Any opinions/suggestions...
  39. T

    Project Tv screen to another screen.

    Hi, I have a Sony KLV-32W512D tv, i want to duplicate it's screen to another monitor. ie. want to see the same thing on two different screens. Is that possible? if so, then how? UPDATE: I have a input cable showing me video from cctv cameras on the sony TV. I want the same cctv feed on another...
  40. B

    programmable remote for Vizio E55U-D2

    Does anyone know how to operate the TV and streaming functions without using a smartphone? IE programmable remote I am an older person and need simple please help Vizio E55U-D2
  41. K

    MalwareBytes removes SavingsCool from computer, but it keeps coming back

    Hi guys, so this has been bothering me for a week now and I decided I would try to go here. This product called SavingsCool downloaded itself onto my computer and since I had Mcafee it didn't stop the download because mcafee sucks. I got MalwareBytes after hearing good things about it and at...
  42. A

    laptop charging problem

    hello sir, my lenovo g460[/b] when charger plugged in its charging for 30 seconds and automatically disconnecting (ie; neither charging, nor its showing plugged in). and when i manually reconnect (plug in) the charger it will again charge for around 30 seconds. but when the laptop is shutdown...
  43. S

    Cheaper Alternative to GoPro camera

    So I do urban exploration of abandoned buildings, and was wondering if anyone knew of any good quality action cameras that are similar to a GoPro, but cost less (like in the $200 range). The only requirement I have is that I'd like one that's at least 8MP, has a removable (and thus rechargable)...
  44. A

    Looking for help.

    I have a Dell Latitude 3350 and i think i downloaded something with a virus or something, so now i cant open google,internet explorer nothing at all.
  45. G

    Ads still popping up after Malware/adware clean

    Title says it, stupid ads using internet explorer keep popping up on start-up. Even though I ran MBAM, super anti-spyware, sophos, AVG and Avast anti viruses, they all say my system is clean after getting rid of most of the malware. I checked the programs list and nothing abnormal shows aswell...
  46. K

    Acer Aspire One says its connected to internet, type in url, Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Acer Aspire One boots OK. Connects to wireless network. Type in a web address and push enter. It comes up 404 error and Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. Computer started doing this after I ran a system recovery Acer called Acer eRecovery Management. Any help would be...
  47. J

    Video Quality Issues

    I am having issues with all of my browsers not being able to play high quality videos. I have tried Internet Explorer and google chrome. It lets me select the quality, and quality does change, but it doesn't play at the sharp 1080p. It is still pixelated and fast movements make it even worse. I...
  48. Boris_yo

    How to Auto-Match Language Bar Based on Website Visited?

    Hello, I have multi-lingual keyboard in Windows 7. I am looking for a way to have OS typing language switched depending on what website is being visited or even what software is being run. For example, when surfing websites, if website is in Russian, the language bar switches from English to...
  49. G

    IE, Edge Users at Risk from Serious Browser Security Flaw

    Google found a serious security flaw in Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer browsers three months ago, but there's no fix in sight. IE, Edge Users at Risk from Serious Browser Security Flaw : Read more
  50. G

    my laptop will not open internet explorer

    Shows I'm connected to my WiFi but Windows explorer will not open
  51. R

    Solved! Should my First Phone be New or Used?

    For the same amount of $$ I can buy a better used phone or a lesser new phone. Assuming seller says it "works good" and there is no visible damage...2 QUESTIONS: 1. simple or basic thing to "check" to see if the phone is working? ie: I know I can't check everything out when sitting in the...
  52. D

    Laptop volume level same for earphones and without

    I have no idea how exactly to phrase this, so I apologise for the weird title. What happens is that my volume level doesn't change accordingly to when I plug in and out my earphones, and I don't know whether this sort of settings are supposed to be default or not. Personally speaking I prefer to...
  53. A

    no apps are working laptop problems

    Hey there I have a Acer Aspire R11 i tried restarting the whole system because some settings I couldn't find but then on the 1% I turned it off and now everything is fine but there is no longer Internet Explorer or the store and the microsoft button isn't working as welll
  54. C

    Solved! Has anyone else had problems with Netflix HTML5 freezing computer?

    My laptop has a Quadro NVS 5100M 1GB w/ latest drivers based on the GT330M DX10.1 i5 M520 dual core w/HT @2.4GHz 4GB DDR3 Win 7 64 OS on SSD problem with firefox 32/64, cyberfox, chrome and IE Netflix with HTML5 = whole computer including mouse freezing every second then stops freezing when I...
  55. R

    Cannot enable cookies on my computer

    I tried to connect with the internet with chrome at a Tim Horton's. I am informed that I need to enable cookies. I go to the settings to do just that. The options for enabling cookies are all gray and unresponsive. So I move to internet explorer to do my business. The next day I try to...
  56. B

    everything works fine on my laptop except for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Gamehouse House Funpass, says I don't have

    I have a dell laptop with windows 10. Google Chrome works fine, but cannot load Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, says I don't have internet access even though I know I do
  57. R

    Unable to login with Facebook with IE or Edge

    Having trouble logging in today using Facebook with either IE or Edge on Windows 10. Chrome works (obviously). Clicking on the Facebook button does nothing. Cheers,Rob.
  58. B

    Virus Problem and PSU question

    Firstly, I am having a virus problem... well i believe its a virus. Everytime i open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer it auto opens! I did abit of research and follwed the steps to fix the problem but it still comes up. I changed my google start page to, and...
  59. D

    Which DVR Streaming Video Recorder has.......

    Which DVR Streaming Video Recorder has a programmable skip on replay? (ie skip15sec,10sec ahead)
  60. A

    how can i download monitoring software (ie: camera) to my dvr, roku, etc.

    I am learning how to make surveillance cameras out of household items and am stuck