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    Solved! When I am using the browser on my tablet, the display will start blacking out when the battery gets below 50%.

    As I said, the display blacks out requiring the power button pressed once to turn off then again to bring up the unlock screen. As it gets below 40% the display will black immediately. The camera works right down to automatic turn off. I can unlock to camera, hit home screen or tile to reopen...
  2. M

    Solved! how to automatically get a website address opens and closes a thousands times a day

    I would want a specific website to open and closes repeatedly in my browser so many times in a day
  3. H

    Solved! Strange disposable emails appeared on my Facebook log-in box, then my account got disabled, and my PC functions abnormally

    I have some Facebook accounts. Yesterday, after using one of my Facebook accounts with Brave Browser, I closed the browser and turned my PC into sleep mode for 6 hours. It's worth mentioning that Brave Browser keeps all tabs and log-in status intact even when the browser is closed. After 6...
  4. C

    Solved! New pop up on Chrome Browser

    Recently my HP Win 10 has been bombarded with some new pop ups that slide in from the left side of the screen. This has been occurring in the Chrome browser. You close one and another one opens up, then another and another. As suggested I checked in More Tools \ Extensions I do not find a...
  5. R

    How to Use your MacBook Pro to Close Browser Tabs on Other Apple Devices

    Prior to the development of tabs a separate webpage would open in a separate browser window and you would have to sort through the various open windows to get your work done. As a result, if you had a lot of browser pages open not only would it be difficult to find the right one easily, but it...
  6. R

    How to Erase Embarrassing Titles from your Netflix Viewing History

    There are many reasons why you want to clear your history on Netflix. Sometimes the reason might be embarrassing as well, and you may not want your family or friends to see what you have been watching on your Netflix. So, here is what you can do clear up the embarrassing titles from your Netflix...
  7. B

    Solved! Internet browsers are constantly crashing MacBook. How can I fix this?

    My MacBook has been diagnosed by apple and they said all hardware working fine. They tested thoroughly and said it was all OK however getting it back today I opened safari and crashed again. I downloaded chrome to see if that helped and it crashed it again. If I use the MacBook without loading a...
  8. G

    Solved! Trying to bring up the inspect element menu so I can change HTML code in my browser

    Trying to bring up the inspect element menu so I can change HTML code in my browser
  9. C

    Solved! How to open full facebook site on android phone?

    Hi, Sometimes I need to access the actual full facebook site because I can’t do everything through the APP. Facebook automatically redirects all mobile web browsers to go to their mobile version. What to do?
  10. R

    Facing err_cache_miss error in Google Chrome

    I'm facing one weird issue in my google chrome browser. On searching it shows an error i.e. ERR_Cache_Miss. I'm not getting this issue whenever I search something in other browsers such as Firefox or Opera. I don't want to use those browsers as they're literally too slow to use. I tried...
  11. W

    Solved! Sony kdl-48R510C browser issues

    Can't figure out how to install a browser on my Sony Bravia
  12. H

    Solved! Laptop is connected to the wifi but no website can be loaded in any browser. It says "there is something wrong with the proxy

    Laptop is connected but no web page can be loaded in any browser. It says "there is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect." Can any one pls help me solve this problem? That will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Kindly, Hugo Lemos
  13. C

    Solved! Which browser is better in performance and resource usage?

    I've been reading things on reddit and some articles that firefox is actually better when it comes to resource usage, but when I installed and opened it up it didn't seem like it was better at all. i know this is a pretty boring question, but I just wanted to know if I should switch to firefox...
  14. S

    Solved! browser stops working (freeze but not really)

    hello i have problen when opening browser (chrome, firefox, opera) i've tried all of browser that in mention, but always ended same so my browser suddenly freeze but not really i play video on youtube, and then stops working i can't refresh or click anything in main bar but i can still clicking...
  15. R

    this site can't be reached in any browser for facebook and youtube only how to fix this?

    looking for someone to help me fix this issue .
  16. henrytcasey

    Microsoft Guts Edge, Adds Chromium to Save Failing Browser

    Edge may keep its name, but changes in 2019 will change the engine that powers the browser, a move to keep Microsoft's browser relevant. Microsoft Guts Edge, Adds Chromium to Save Failing Browser : Read more
  17. L

    How do I stop Tom'sGuides popups on the bottom of Google Chrome

    Since downloading something from Tom'sGuide, I now get repeated PopUps down in the right hand bottom of my Chrome Browser? These are not popups, but little add on messages (I assume). I use Ad Blocker and these are the only things that pop up. It always has as the url while...
  18. V

    Solved! Browser opening Ad sites

    I have tried, Adw cleaner by Malwarebytes, hitman pro, avg, but there is no change. My browser opens ad sites when kept idle. There is also nothing suspicious in my "Apps and Features". All are known programs Some website named "asompharr" opens and then redirects to an ad site. Please help
  19. G

    Solved! Enable Amazon Cookies

    How do I enable cookies in my browser of Panasonic Viera ST50? Amazon is asking for them so I can sign into the web site
  20. A

    Find a Fake Microsoft URL

    I need to know how to bring up a Fake Microsoft Pop-Up that gives these false warnings about the browser being locked.
  21. E

    No wi-fi / internet connection

    I recently bought an unlocked flip phone And it shows no Wi-Fi options or browser icon. Can I not access the web on this phone?
  22. D

    Solved! Can you make this kind of save state on your computer?

    Hi everyone. Is it possible to make a save state of a computer that has open files, folders, and programs on it in such a way that you could shut down the computer completely and then, once you restarted it, open up said save state and continue exactly where you left off? All of the programs...
  23. M

    Solved! Infected by GandCrab 5.0.4 Encryption? [Help] Can we decrypt GandCrab 5.0.3 acyCan we decrypt GandCrab 5.0.4 Encryption?

    Please help me to remove Gandcrab 5.0.4. ---= GANDCRAB V5.0.4 =--- ***********************UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE, UNTIL ALL YOUR DATA IS RECOVERED*********************** *****FAILING TO DO SO, WILL RESULT IN YOUR SYSTEM CORRUPTION, IF THERE ARE DECRYPTION...
  24. R

    How to Order Netflix Suggestions Manually

    Netflix’s artificial intelligence algorithms do their part in arranging what you see in your suggested watchlist. By all means, it is fairly good and shows us what we would have otherwise spent time searching and browsing through. However, even an occasional Netflix user might have come to the...
  25. H

    Solved! High driver latency probably causing high frame TIME (not frame RATE) spikes!! (CRITICAL!)

    so basically when i play any game, even an .io game on my browser i get high framet TIME spikes resulting in stutters with high fps. this is what LatencyMon told me, please anyone help me!
  26. F

    Facebook won't load.

    Here is an image of what my browser looks like when I visit the sit via Google Chrome. I have tried solutions such as: -Resetting my browser to its default settings. -Deleted my history, cookies, etc. None of these seem to work. Any form of help is much appreciated.
  27. L

    Solved! Browser Fullscreen solution.

    I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the direction of helping to solve my simple yet frustratingly hard problem. All I want to do it remove the bars (search bar and tabs) from my browser - edge or chrome. So I can have a windowed minimised but take advantage of the whole window...
  28. C

    I can not open gmail from chrome.

    I updated the browser, cleared cache and cookies, turned off extensions, rebooted the pc, tried incognito window and none of these options got gmail to work. When I click on it it says "can not be reached". Every other website is working, except gmail. This started happening the day youtube went...
  29. B

    Solved! I only get a white screen when my lenovo turns on

    I can’t get my browser or any program to launch. I only get a white screen
  30. D

    Solved! Do different browsers download/upload faster than each other or are they all the same?

    Hi everyone. Do different web browsers download/upload files faster than each other or do they download/upload files at the exact same speed? For example, will using Google Chrome download/upload a file faster than the Opera browser will download/upload the same file? Thank you.
  31. D

    Why is my browser showing this:

    So i was using google chrome, and i clicked the address bar to search for something and it showed this , i have never heard of that email let alone sign into it, and when i click on it, it just sends me to my current gmail.
  32. Raydge

    Adware Browser Site On Startup

    So there's this russian adware site that pops up when I start my computer, takes me to a page called "" and displays ads. I have found that in the registry it is named as "". I've tried everything from registry data deletion (the lines keep coming back no matter what.)...
  33. Y

    Google Chrome Keeps logging Me Out

    Since a few days ago whenever I either shutdown or restart my PC chrome keeps logging me out of my accounts (this includes my google accounts but also other site logins)! I'm using the ''people'' function to have 2 different ''browser'' version. 1 for my main account and the other for my...
  34. D

    My browsers cannot open websites

    Since 2 days, my browsers are not able to open any websites. I have used Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge. I use EPIC PRIVACY browser occasionally and I tried it. It is able to open any website when its proxy is on but same problem when its proxy is off. There is no virus or malware detected...
  35. U

    my main/default browser is opening randomly into spam websites

    this started happening, and i tried to download malwarebytes, but any browser i chose to download malwarebyte freezes on searches wich includes keywords such as, malware, remove, spyware etc.... so i tried disassembling the letters, it worked up to only when i open the link to download...
  36. R

    How to Fix Safari Crashing Problems on Your MacBook

    Safari comes built-in with your MacBook. Although a robust application, it crashes from time to time like any other tech. Fixing it on your own is quite simple. Follow these steps to prevent the Safari browser from crashing. How to Fix Crashing Problems by Excluding Safari Suggestions. 1...
  37. R

    How to Prevent Auto-Complete on Mac Browsers

    Auto-complete is a useful option that helps you save time while filling out online forms. It uses your history to predict your web browsing and actions. Not everybody wants to use this feature, and it can be disabled in MacBook browsers. You can do that by following these steps. How to Prevent...
  38. R

    How to Clear the Browser Cache on Your MacBook

    The browser cache can allow you to load websites faster. It does so by storing specific parts of a website in your internal storage and using these files on start-up instead of downloading them from a remote server. This can eventually slow your computer down, so the cache should be cleared...
  39. R

    How to Export Bookmarks to Your New MacBook Pro

    Bookmarks a great way to remember websites. It’s basically a way of saving webpage addresses for future reference. When you get a new MacBook Pro, you want to know how to transfer your bookmarks. Simply follow these steps to learn how. 1. Open Browser Open the browser in which the bookmarks...
  40. R

    How to Change the Default Web Browser Settings for Your MacBook Pro

    Safari is efficient for a lot of your browsing and streaming work, but if you prefer a different browser you can change the default on your MacBook Pro. It is a useful option and allows you to keep several browsers ready for use. Changing your default browser is not difficult. Just follow these...
  41. R

    How to Make Netflix Fare Better than Competition in Most Aspects

    Netflix is one of the most popular platforms for streaming online videos and content around. However, there are also a bunch of other services that have come up and have been existent which give Netflix a tough competition as of today. The global outreach program of Netflix all over the world...
  42. D

    15 Best Google Chrome Privacy Extensions

    Here's more than a dozen tools to boost your privacy in Google's Chrome browser. 15 Best Google Chrome Privacy Extensions : Read more
  43. J

    Can't access fb via browser

    I'm trying to log into my Facebook account after resetting my phone. I've had the code via my email but then I get a page saying 'it seems you have not logged in from this browser before'. I'm absolutely stuck! Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  44. A

    How to get chrome when internet explorer is only browser and is not working?

    Internet explorer is my only browser and won't open.
  45. R

    Most capable secure browser?

    I just built a new W10 PC and have been looking at browsers. I initially used the Epic browser and remarkably my various scanners didnt pick up a single tracking cookie. I couldnt believe it, for a week after heavy use of the internet there wasnt a single tracker found. Incredible. However Plex...
  46. Marshall Honorof

    New Tech-Support Scam Hijacks Your Mouse Cursor

    A new malvertising campaign employs fake cursors on its websites, which prevent you from simply closing your browser window. New Tech-Support Scam Hijacks Your Mouse Cursor : Read more
  47. T

    Jeff LG phone

    I did a hard reset on my LG phone and now I don't have a Java browser in order to access Google or any account or app can you help me
  48. T

    Chrome and Firefox loading slowly!

    Hello, I apologize if this is the wrong forum. As the title states, I am having issues with web browsing speed. I primarily use Chrome, but have replicated this issue on other browsers (Firefox) with success. The issue I have is after a few minutes on a given browser, it becomes abnormally...
  49. Y

    Instead of bookmarks, can I put shortcuts on the main browser screen?

    My husband is fairly computer illiterate but can use shortcuts I put on his Windows 8 laptop to access his favorite sites. Can I do the same or similar thing on the Internet Browser screen on a Smart TV to give him a simple 2-step access?
  50. R

    Avast Browser Update process running even after uninstall

    I did uninstall all the Avast products but still Avast Browser Update and Avast Browser Update (32 bit) are running in the background process. Its occupying memory and disc space. How to get rid of these processes?
  51. Paul Wagenseil

    Chrome’s Killing ‘WWW’ in Address Bar — And That’s Bad

    The new Chrome version hides 'www' and 'm' in the address bar, making it easier for fraudsters and criminals to fool you with fake websites. Chrome’s Killing ‘WWW’ in Address Bar — And That’s Bad : Read more
  52. F

    Blue screen suddenly occurs.

    Just bought my laptop 3 months ago. The first 2 months is going well but this past 2 weeks there is at least 2-4 BSoD occurrence even chrome is the only application that is running *3-7 tabs open for school works*. Is there maybe a problem with my hardware? Specs: MSI GV62 7RD-2640PH i7-...
  53. R

    How to Solve Black Screen Problem on Netflix

    On most occasions, Netflix loads your favorite content effortlessly. However, there are times when you are left frustrated by a black screen in place of your favorite shows. There can be several reasons for it. Your browser might prevent the loading of specific content, or it might be an issue...
  54. S

    Only accessed account with TOR, yet Chrome knew my login info

    Hello, I downloaded TOR specifically to access a site where my IP address is banned after an argument with a moderator. I dont participate or cause any mischief, I just quietly access the site for information. I use TOR exclusively for that purpose as it is slow in comparison to other browsers...
  55. R

    How to Fix If When Netflix Loads but Won’t Play

    Netflix has a massive library with movies and shows of varied genres, and playing any of the content is easy. But there are times it fails to play, even when Netflix itself is loading just fine and you can browse through the library. Even after reloading and signing in, the problem rarely gets...
  56. R

    How to Setup Chromecast on MacBook Pro

    Streaming media on the small screen of your laptop can sometimes take a lot away from your experience. Especially when you have an HD LED TV lying idle just across the couch. Chromecast is one of the most efficient devices to cast your HD content onto your LED TV. Having said that, it is perhaps...
  57. R

    Good application to play large gifs?

    I have a gif file that is 2.55 gb in size. I couldn't play it using any browser or gif viewer app. Any suggestions for an application or browser that could play gifs larger than 2 gb in size?
  58. C

    IT guy needs help plz:

    Using both android browser firefox and chrome in private mode as well clearing all browser settings and plugins am getting error when go to google in incognito mode and do a google search the next page says "google our systems have detected unusual traffic." Then get stuck in a fancy
  59. R

    How to clear blockages on browser maliciously put there by someone else

    I receive information from colleagues on the Internet with a link I must click on, when I click on this link it gives me a 400 bad choice. How do I clear this blockage?
  60. A

    Looking for a solution

    I have a Panasonic phone.Once I downloaded UC browser .when I uninstalled the browser my photos and videos in gallery suddenly disappeared.Photos and videos are showing in the file manager but not in the gallery.New images and videos are also not showing in the gallery.Only in file manager.