Google Chrome Keeps logging Me Out

Oct 6, 2018
Since a few days ago whenever I either shutdown or restart my PC chrome keeps logging me out of my accounts (this includes my google accounts but also other site logins)! I'm using the ''people'' function to have 2 different ''browser'' version. 1 for my main account and the other for my secondary, this because I can't use my main account as a default one whenever I try to add them together in 1 browser, the main account (default one) will get reverted back to the secondary after restarting my PC. So thats why I'm using the ''people'' version.

This is what I mean with the ''people'' version (not sure what it is called): the thing thats next to the add-ons, where you can add multiple accounts (or people) and have different browser versions for those accounts. (but like I said above whenever I restart my pc it logs me out of them both and I have to log back in, this is annoying as it didn't use to happen before).

This problem of my logins being wiped away did not happen until about a week ago when I had to reset my PC due to some problems. This meant I had to re-download everything (all my programs) back, but can't see why this could be the problem!

Using chrome: Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Up to date)
Cookies are allowed:
Using the following extensions (on both my accounts/browsers): Tampermonkey, AdBlock Pro, Better YouYube Watch History, Grammarly and Dashlane. (Had these extensions on chrome before my PC reset aswell)

So I would love to ask and know if Anybody has a fix or knows if this is something that has to do with the current version of chrome?

Thanks in advanced and hope I can get this fixed with the help of you guys!