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  1. bobaken92

    Question What is android:// in Google Chrome Password Manager?

    So I was going through my Google Password Manager and I cannot for the life of me figure this out; it’s showing this random URL for telephony UI and I have NO clue what it is. This is the link, with a couple letters changed for privacy’s sake...
  2. MissMagicalGirl

    Question extension called options keeps showing up on chrome

    There's this weird extension called options that keeps showing up for some reason, my chrome tab will close and when I open it again it will be there and my adblocker will be disabled. I've tried using Malware Bytes and and I've uninstalled and redownloaded chrome, and it still shows up.
  3. botguy

    Question My google chrome download speeds are very bad compared to anything else

    So my problem started two days ago at the time of writing this. I use my phone which i connect to my pc using an usb cable, and use that to connect to the internet, so usb tethering. So more on the problem, i have tried some speedtests and it is fine, around 70mbps download speed, but whenever i...
  4. S

    Solved! Would auto sync take up a significant amount of data?

    I have the Samsung a32 5g. I am synced to 5 gmail accounts, 1 facebook account, office, onedrive, reddit, soundcloud samsung account, whatsapp and 2 twitter accounts. I only really receive a decent amount of emails from two of my gmail accounts, and some notifications some reddit. I notice I...
  5. B

    Solved! Losing internet connection only when in browser.

    Hello. I am using a wired connection to my router. Recently my internet started going down while in chrome browser. My internet works great on every other device. It also works just fine when using my PC if I'm not in a browser. For example. I play online games on my PC and never lose connection...
  6. I

    Question The top row of pixels are displaying along the bottom and I don't know how to fix it

    my laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad - 80yl I don't know correct terms but I tried to describe everything the best I could, if you need more information, let me know :) View: in the image you can see a pink line going along the bottom of my screen 3 or so rows of pixels...
  7. noelcrack00

    Solved! Chrome random pages

    Hey! I have an issue with chrome. When i'm searching on the internet once a day or so a random google pace comes out. The url is usually random like: for example. The antivirus sais I'm fine but I'm a little bit worried because is a very expensive gaming laptop. If I have a virus...
  8. JaqueRabbit

    Question (Solved) Google Chrome: Transparent Overlay Distorting Text?

    I’ve been having a problem that’s resulting in the inability to use Google Chrome. There seems to be an ‘Overlay’ of a White or Transparent Checkerboard over some of the content on a Webpage. It only affects certain areas of a Webpage and not all text. It also seems to change slightly if I...
  9. N

    issue with upload speed from google chrome..? how to resolve..?

    issue with upload speed from google chrome..? how to resolve..? using windows 7 os we are observing very poor uploading but download speed is ok. Thanks.
  10. K

    Solved! videos on the internet having half of it with a border

    on some videos, online have half of my screen with a black border. this problem persists threw other browsers as I have tried watching videos on both chrome and edge. the problem is also not limited to one platform as I have seen it on both youtube and daily motion.
  11. D

    Chrome audio out of sync

    Hello,google chrome audio is out of sync for 1+ month now I deleted eveything and re-install chrome again nothing change,when i change tabs and go back to the other i have open the video is behind compare to the audio.i mostly use twitch meanwhile i am useing firefox and eveything works fine but...
  12. S

    Solved! Chrome Now Needs Hardware Acceleration?

    In order to resolve a forgotten past issue, I Turned Off hardware acceleration in google chrome. It has been off for quite some time. Lately I've begun having display issues when chrome is maximized, i.e., trails following a window I move around as well as sluggish behavior with the context menu...
  13. S

    Solved! Stop Charging While Playing Games or Open Google chrome

    My laptop that is asus rog strix g503 stops charging when im playing a game or opening chrome.idk why this happened this laptop is still 2 months old and it was fine the first month but now when i play or open chrome it says plugged in but not charging,ive set the charging capacity to 100% so...
  14. M

    Solved! how can i write the at sign on my asus c202 chrome

    cant write the at button. its on the same button as 2 and " which i can write but not the at.... Mod edit: Please don't post your email.
  15. U

    Solved! how to fix crackling/stuttering in youtube videos?(chrome)

    how to fix the crackling noise in youtube videos in chrome? when i play movies that are on my computer, it's completely fine. so i think my laptop's speaker is fine.
  16. C

    Solved! New pop up on Chrome Browser

    Recently my HP Win 10 has been bombarded with some new pop ups that slide in from the left side of the screen. This has been occurring in the Chrome browser. You close one and another one opens up, then another and another. As suggested I checked in More Tools \ Extensions I do not find a...
  17. T

    Google chrome keeps shutting down/crashing on Windows 7, PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi there, I am currently having problems with Chrome Portable version 69, whenever I attempt to save a page or download something, the browser simply closes/ shuts down. I am running windows 7, how do I fix this? The about section says this: "An error occurred while checking for updates...
  18. C

    Solved! Do I really need to sync my Google chrome. I also do not want my laptop to be connected to phone per chrine

    Do I really need to sync all my data with chrome Google. And why is my phone want to connect to my laptop
  19. R

    How the Netflix Party Extension for Chrome Works and How to Install It

    Netflix Party extension is a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix remotely. This extension synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat option that allows all the participants to talk to each other while they watch a movie/show together. Netflix Party is an ideal set up for...
  20. R

    How to Remove Netflix Originals on Google Chrome Using ‘No Netflix Originals’

    Netflix always serves great content, and some of its best content is its original movies and series. However, not everybody likes to watch or perhaps are interested in only a very few out of their huge catalog. Reports state that a huge number of users use Netflix primarily for the purpose of...
  21. R

    Solved! Chrome freezes every 5-10 seconds apon startup

    Every time I launch Google Chrome it works fine for about 5 -10 seconds before everything freezes and im forced to shut it down from task manager. Nothing I've seen helped, I've reinstalled Chrome and restarted my computer but it still wont work.
  22. C

    Can only use one tab at a time

    I can open more than one tab on my google chrome, but when I click on a tab to go back to it chrome just closes that tab. So ran the reset on Chrome, also did the check for malware, and restarted my computer multiple time today. Still is not working right. I am working with 1 tab at a time...
  23. R

    How to Automatically Skip the Intro Without Clicking the ‘Skip Intro’ Button on Netflix

    Over the last few years, the registered users of the Netflix have been soaring high. People find Netflix as the best option to watch their favorite TV shows or the series. The users can view their favorite media content online without frequent interruption due to the advertisements. While...
  24. K

    Solved! I can't find all my bookmarks

    So, i recently factory reset my HTC phone. Before this reset, i had signed into Chrome already and was syncing all my data (but i also did a backup on my computer). I recovered my phone and tried to check my bookmarks, a few old ones came back but majority of the newer ones didn't come back. I...
  25. R

    How to Use Netflix Hidden Streaming Menu to Solve Buffering Problems on Chrome

    Over the last few years, there has been a massive increase in the users registered to the Netflix service. A lot of features introduced enabled the users for easy navigation. Netflix provided the opportunity to watch their favorite TV shows or movies online or even download to watch them...
  26. D

    Problems with multiple chrome processes

    I have problem with google chrome processes beacouse when i open google chrome it says there is 10 more processes of google running and if i shut down one of them google closes.Is that a common thing or i have some problem with google?
  27. R

    Facing err_cache_miss error in Google Chrome

    I'm facing one weird issue in my google chrome browser. On searching it shows an error i.e. ERR_Cache_Miss. I'm not getting this issue whenever I search something in other browsers such as Firefox or Opera. I don't want to use those browsers as they're literally too slow to use. I tried...
  28. E

    Chrome on Windows 10 Stuttering, Micro-Freezes including YouTube Playback

    The latest version of Chrome on latest Windows 10, out of the blue, began to micro-freeze for a split second and it stutters on a pattern of every other second, non-stop. This micro-freezing is evident when a web page is scrolled, same timing. YouTube playback likewise roughly every 2 seconds a...
  29. S

    Solved! browser stops working (freeze but not really)

    hello i have problen when opening browser (chrome, firefox, opera) i've tried all of browser that in mention, but always ended same so my browser suddenly freeze but not really i play video on youtube, and then stops working i can't refresh or click anything in main bar but i can still clicking...
  30. R

    this site can't be reached in any browser for facebook and youtube only how to fix this?

    looking for someone to help me fix this issue .
  31. J

    Solved! How to find chrome extensions on android phone

    Trying to get to chrome store on my Android phone. I've got to it before but it was by accident & I don't remember how
  32. L

    Still getting ads from Tomsguide in my Windows Notification Box in Chrome

    I downloaded a product from Tom's Downloads. Now, everytime I open up Chrome, I get an ad from them in my notifications. How can I turn it off? I have contacted this forum before and I was told to update my profile and cancel notifications/subscriptions. However, it showed that I had just signed...
  33. D

    Solved! Chrome internet connectivity

    desktop keeps losing internet connections in Chrome
  34. kikani.kautik

    Solved! how to remove virus

    i tried possible all things but automatically open new tab site in google chrome. any expert level answer ? how to to remove this without reinstall or reset windows 7
  35. A

    Solved! Could not retrieve chrome data

    All data is shown with Chrome Sync for the account but could not retrieve bookmarks etc. Followed all the methods but simply shows Android System Sync Disabled. 1.Uninstalled and installed chrome 2.Parallely was logged into laptop, hope got formatted as do not use it now 3.Logged in and syncd to...
  36. L

    How do I stop Tom'sGuides popups on the bottom of Google Chrome

    Since downloading something from Tom'sGuide, I now get repeated PopUps down in the right hand bottom of my Chrome Browser? These are not popups, but little add on messages (I assume). I use Ad Blocker and these are the only things that pop up. It always has as the url while...
  37. B

    Solved! Iam having lcd tv which has no USB port n then I want to connect chrome cast to it it possible to connect

    Does we any USB to hdmi connectors
  38. G

    Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative (Report)

    After three years of poor performance, the in-development Microsoft browser uses the systems behind the world’s most popular browser Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative (Report) : Read more
  39. A

    Turning down my Headset volume, Turns down ALL applications/programs volumes as well. How can I fix this?

    So this just seemed to start happening today. When I t urn my headset volume up and down, either in Volume Mixer, using the physical Volume control buttons on my headset's cable or via the software that comes with the headset, it turns down all volumes for all other programs. For instance, turn...
  40. P

    Solved! Youtube 60fps videos lag in Chrome an Firefox

    Hello, Recently I have got better wifi and was excited to watch HD 60fps videos on youtube. However on chrome they lagged and stuttered. The thing is when I tried Microsoft Edge they worked flawlessly. I tried Mozilla firefox but that was even worse than chrome. Any advice? I really hate...
  41. A

    I got a really weird virus

    I recently got a virus on my pc, it will randomly open new tabs on google chrome onto a spam website, even when google chrome it closed. Ive tried running anti malware programs but one of them can find it, ive also reset chrome several times. recently when Ive been searching on anti malware...
  42. G

    Facebook causing Chrome to "drop internet" ?

    Hi all, im hoping someone can help me. This is on a desktop with windows 10, hardwired to modem. As of today ive hit an issue that i just cant figure out with my limited knowledge, so im hoping someone with more expertise can help me out. My internet is fine, everything works. I can play games...
  43. G

    Solved! My cursor can move, but can't click on anything but the program I am on.

    Okay, so, my cursor can move, but occasionally, my cursor will be able to stop clicking, meaning I'll have to do Ctrl+Tab to move through programs. I'm on a Windows 7 laptop, 64-bit to be specific, and I'm using a Corsair M65 Pro RGB. Right now, my cursor can move, but won't click, and I can...
  44. T

    Solved! Google Chrome is taking forever to load

    So 3 Days ago I Factory rested my pc and I installed google chrome and it took way longer then usually to load (it took 8mins to load on to the welcome page) So uninstalled it and reinstalled it hoping it would work. Even in Incognito Mode. its still slow During the research I found and...
  45. P

    Solved! cse google com problem

    hi , i have problem with google chrome searching with , i try to fix that with malwarebytes but it doesn't fix !! help please
  46. L

    Solved! Browser Fullscreen solution.

    I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the direction of helping to solve my simple yet frustratingly hard problem. All I want to do it remove the bars (search bar and tabs) from my browser - edge or chrome. So I can have a windowed minimised but take advantage of the whole window...
  47. canadianvice

    Chrome on Android, is it just me?

    So, I've had this issue for some time now and I'm wondering whether it's got something to do with the keyboard I'm using or what. Anyhow, you know how you can type stuff into the bar and it'll search or whatever when you hit enter on your phone kb? Well, sometimes if I do that it gets stuck...
  48. B

    Solved! Steamed my Samsung Galaxy j 7 prime to my chrome cast without wifi

    How do I Steam my Samsung Galaxy j 7 prime to my chrome cast without wifi
  49. N

    Shortcuts activated by random keys.

    Pressing keys activates certain a shortcuts in Word, Chrome, and Edge. How do I fix this? hitting any key could open any number of things, like "page source" "find on page" "save" "fullscreen" "scroll down/up" it's taken me like 10 minutes to type this it's so bad. the e key in particular...
  50. warhammer3025

    Solved! Strange text error in Chrome

    For several weeks, I've been experiencing an intermittent problem in Chrome, where the text on a page is distorted/corrupted. When it's highlighted, the text is readable, but otherwise it's mostly illegible. I don't know what changed to cause this glitching, nor what to do about it. My google...
  51. C

    I can not open gmail from chrome.

    I updated the browser, cleared cache and cookies, turned off extensions, rebooted the pc, tried incognito window and none of these options got gmail to work. When I click on it it says "can not be reached". Every other website is working, except gmail. This started happening the day youtube went...
  52. H

    Solved! tel me a good anti virus app plzz

    suddenly Google chrome opens
  53. D

    Solved! Do different browsers download/upload faster than each other or are they all the same?

    Hi everyone. Do different web browsers download/upload files faster than each other or do they download/upload files at the exact same speed? For example, will using Google Chrome download/upload a file faster than the Opera browser will download/upload the same file? Thank you.
  54. rebjane20

    Solved! ZTE N818S chrome wont work

    Chrome and gmail gives not responding errors. Now chrome closes every time i open it
  55. D

    Why is my browser showing this:

    So i was using google chrome, and i clicked the address bar to search for something and it showed this , i have never heard of that email let alone sign into it, and when i click on it, it just sends me to my current gmail.
  56. J

    Why Does my Google Chrome appear outdated?

    First off I am sorry if this is the wrong thread, it's the closest thing I could think of to my topic. Anyways, Google Chrome on my PC looks like it is using an outdated version, but I don't really know the problem. It appears fine on my laptop, however, on my PC, it looks like the screenshots...
  57. Y

    Google Chrome Keeps logging Me Out

    Since a few days ago whenever I either shutdown or restart my PC chrome keeps logging me out of my accounts (this includes my google accounts but also other site logins)! I'm using the ''people'' function to have 2 different ''browser'' version. 1 for my main account and the other for my...
  58. P

    Solved! Best Method To Download FB Albums in 2018?

    I want to be able to download mine and friends albums in the highest resolution possible, as well as the 'Photos of' album(s). Many of the older methods and chrome extensions are out of date, leading to a bog of unusable links and downloads. If anyone is aware of some reliable ways to download...
  59. M

    Hi . My loptop is connected to wifi but it deosn't work. Like my chrome and internet explorer or firefox non of them work.

    At first my loptop didn't connect to wifi but now it is fully connected to wifi but it doesn't work. In chrome or internet explorer it says there is no internet connection ،whereas there is full wifi connection. I don't know why?
  60. J

    Error Code: M7701-1003

    MAC OS X 10.7.5 cannot locate the update for chrome so i can watch netflix, VUDU, Crackle....all online video services...this is the Error Code: M7701-1003...any ideas appricated