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    Slow chrome downloads

    I downloaded a 2.5gb rar file and It topped at 450 KB/s, thats normal (as normal as can be considering steam downloads at 900 KB/s) so after that file took an hour to download, i decide to start another download from the same website, this one only 2.1gb. Now suddenly its 40 KB/s and i dont...
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    How to download to SD card?

    In chrome there is no option to change download folder,how to download it to SD card?
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    Chrome.exe Virus Constantly Popping Up

    My laptop which I have been using for the last few months was fine for a while, however I now keep getting popups from Avast saying "Threat detected" and something about blocking a malicious website. This confuses me because, it happens while browsing Youtube. I read on a few other threads that...
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    Recent problems with Chrome

    I am having problems with Chrome which won't open some web pages or open some pages from links. I have to open in a new tab. Internet Explorer works properly. I have loaded the most recent version of Chrome. I am using Windows 7 enterprise. The problems have only started in the last couple of...
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    My chrome browser keeps opening a specific website

    This is the website I have no idea what it is because a cloudflare host timeout screen shows, but this has never happened to me before. What is it and how do I stop it from happening?