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  1. H

    pls help, my vaio laptop e series windows 7 can't open googlr chrome, enternet explorer and mozilla

    i dont have any idea on how to fix these, it is connected to wifi but chrome, firefox and explorer wont open
  2. R

    Possibly bricked phone

    After unlocking the bootloader I saw that i didnt have apps such as Play Store, Chrome etc... so i decied to relock my bootloader. Thing is,after relocking it my phone wanted to factory reset and i agreed and now im stuck at 99% Factory Reset,I tried shutting it down but it automatically turns...
  3. W

    Google Chrome's "tab bar" is grey instead of white in Windows 10

    So, I just started to turn on my laptop to see what's going on, then when I opened Google Chrome, the tab bar appeared to be grey instead of white, which is extremly unusual to me. I tried to fix this, but it looks like none of these solutions I found were able to fix this problem. Here's proof...
  4. P

    Cant uninstall chrome,not in task manager,or p&f.

    My google chrome wont uninstall. Its not in Programs and Features or Task Manager, but the problem to me seems to be that the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. If anyone can help me, id be grateful.
  5. H

    Black screen in google chrome

    So I have this problem that whenever I try to search something from google chrome as soon as I type a letter my screen goes off but only the graphics are gone the screen and all the other things work. And when I put it in sleep mode and open it again it goes back to normal. How do I fix this...
  6. J

    Google chrome shuts suddenly

    I have been reinstalled Windows 10 and after this my google chrome shuts suddenly after few hrs of use. It was working fine be
  7. V

    Brand new hp laptop running extremely slow

    So I have only installed chrome in the new hp 15 bs146tu, which I brought on 6 June. I signed in to chrome, then ran a scan on pre-installed McAfee. Now it's working so slowly that I can't even open chrome, or even edge on it. Even opening a folder or control panel seems to take minutes...
  8. C

    Can't get rid of virus/adware

    Hello, I apologize in advanced for my English. Yesterday I tried to download Winrar on my mom’s laptop (Windows 10) and instead I downloaded adware/virus/malware. There was a map made in a Program Files (x86) called AddSoft. In the map there is a map pic (inside are two pictures for the icone...
  9. G

    Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy

    Apple's Safari browser will limit 'fingerprinting' and flag tracking cookies, but it won't take additional steps to protect your privacy. Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy : Read more
  10. S

    Google Chrome Site Not Secure

    Google "Your connection to this site is not secure." is so pervasive that it it is showing up on this connection to Tom's Guide. Does somebody have a solution that actually works ... it is not my Norton antivirus on this MacBook???
  11. R

    Can't download google chrome error 3

    Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers out there. It’s fast and free, and although it can take quite a bit of memory, the more average users probably don’t take too much notice of that. Unfortunately, sometimes you can encounter the issue of not being able to update or download the...
  12. Z

    Google images layout changed

    I have been using Google Chrome for a couple of years now, recently I built a new PC with WIndows 10 Pro as the OS. After installing google chrome, I noticed that the layout of the Google images site on how it displays it image has completely changed. Here's an example...
  13. henrytcasey

    New Chrome 67 Out Now: Password-Free Logins and More

    The latest version of Chrome adds AR and VR capabilities, allows you to log into websites without passwords, using biometric and USB tools. New Chrome 67 Out Now: Password-Free Logins and More : Read more
  14. D

    Unable to add web pages/links to my home screen

    Suddenly I'm unable to add websites links to my home screen (which is important to me). I use Chrome browser and it says the link has been added to my home screen however they aren't there. I've been using Go launcher for years however lately there have been so many problems with it and...
  15. R

    Google chrome privacy issues? Everything You Need to Know

    Google Chrome is among the most popular browsers in the world, and being the default browser for all Android devices out there, it’s no wonder why so many people use it. While its a never-ending debate which browser is the best (especially now with the new Firefox Quantum), the more casual and...
  16. I

    How do I take my internet history?

    So I use chrome a lot and I have a sandboxie chrome also but I want to take the whole sandboxie chrome with me so that I can put on another computer or even when I reformat so I have all my history from the sandboxie chrome. Is that possible at all?
  17. K

    Chrome is taking too much cpu. Mining?

    Whenever i turn on my computer, chrome shows up in task manager taking 30% cpu! I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, but the problem is still there. I have also tried running malware check and other antivirus, but nothing helped. Can you help? Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Gtx 1060 8gb...
  18. B

    Virus in pc

    Please help some virus is attacking my pc, I can't access internet, google chrome keeps crashing and crashing, when i open nod 32 it keeps closing it, I can't start safe mode.. Anything I can do but no reset..?
  19. A

    chrome mozilla edge lags windows 10

    i am using hp 255 G5 ram 4 gb 3.46 usable and chrome
  20. R

    How to Stop Twitter Ads

    Twitter, while not as popular as Facebook, still has over 300 million users worldwide. Seeing as it’s a free service, the majority of the money Twitter earns is through advertising. While they can serve their purpose, a lot of the time ads are just plain annoying. Luckily, there is a way to do...
  21. R

    Can't update Google Chrome error 12

    Google Chrome is one the most popular browsers out there. Many people use it but unfortunately, it’s not perfect. Some users experience problems every now and then and it can get frustrating if you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, a lot of the fixes for the issues are quick and easy. In this...
  22. R

    Where are Google Chrome Security Settings? Everything you Need to Know

    One of the top browsers out there and among the most used ones, Google Chrome has its own set of security settings apart from the regular Google ones. If you use Chrome extensively, it’s good to know about these settings and what you can do with them. There are some interesting settings there...
  23. P

    Where did this Amazon Advertisement Come from and How do I remove it?

    Often when running google searches on Chrome and advertise will drop from the top of the browser and cover the search bar. Please see the picture below As you can see the big yellow bar blocks the google search bar. It can be temporarily removed by pressing the white X in the...
  24. RaZKaLz

    Chrome Malware, CPU usage over 50% while uninstall. Can't remove it.

    Hi i just noticed that my chrome is using over 50% of my CPU, and I uninstalled it. I used malwarebytes to try to remove it but it just doesn't work as you can see on the screenshots below. EDIT: It seems that when im off the internet it does not appear.
  25. A

    Keyboard doing two same things, when one key is pressed.

    I have this problem with my keyboard, when i hit the key '[' it types in the character but at the same time it prompts me to the help center of the program i'm using, for example if i'm in google chrome it will type '[' and open a new window to Google Chrome Help and this happens with any...
  26. TeaSponge

    Firefox to Save File & Open like Chrome

    Does anyone know how to get Firefox to Save a file to Downloads and automatically Open it like Chrome does? E.g. Click on a PDF link, it starts saving to Downloads folder and automatically opens when complete. Firefox options only allow: 1. Saving the file, but I have to go to the...
  27. S

    Laptop is on but but no working after clicks

    My laptop is on but no working is done .simply a start screen appeared. Nothing more than that. If I double click an icon it doesn't open I click on Google chrome it doesn't work. Plz assist me.
  28. S

    chrome image display is driving me mad

    Hello guys,the problem I have is that when I google for an image lets say that I google the word kappa and go to the image section it's not the typical page with lots of pictures together but it's a weird thing like 4 pictures per row,all of them links to websites and if I want to download that...
  29. W

    Unexpected Error on Netflix on Chrome

    Chrome browsers that need to have their information refreshed will run across this error when accessing Netflix. This is a short tutorial that will flush the bad information from your current session. Users that constantly receive this error can follow the below troubleshooting steps to get...
  30. P

    Waiting for cache in google chrome

    Still waiting for cache in chrome in 5-18. I have done all recommended things on web including uninstalling chrome and doing a fresh install of Canary. all to no avail. Temporary fix is to post my gmail to firefox. Does Google not care?:ouch:
  31. R

    How to setting

    URL setting chrome
  32. G

    New Chromecast on Way with Bluetooth (Report)

    It looks like a better way to communicate with your Chromecast dongle is coming soon. New Chromecast on Way with Bluetooth (Report) : Read more
  33. A

    Malware on Google Chrome

    For some reason, every 30 mins or so, a random tab opens up on Google Chrome. It has inappropriate ads, or pictures. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome, using the Google Chrome clean up utility, resetting Chrome, and running Windows Defender scans, bit it hasn't stopped. Please help, what...
  34. kol12

    Reset Chrome Sync passphrase.

    I've forgotten the passphrase for Chrome sync, here is the instructions on what to do: "When you change your sync passphrase, all your data is deleted from Google’s servers and all your synced computers and devices are signed out. Your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings aren't...
  35. A

    Youtube on Google Chrome error

    Hi I can't open youtube on google chrome What this means: if I enter a link linked to youtube only the video is playing but I can't see the video suggestions from the right, I can't like or dislike a video, no comments, in one word I can do nothing on youtube than listening to a song or...
  36. henrytcasey

    How to Use Chrome's New Autoplay Video Blocking

    Chrome's latest trick? It will block and allow autoplay videos based on your preference. Here's what you need to know to set it up. How to Use Chrome's New Autoplay Video Blocking : Read more
  37. C

    Chrome won't go to Google, Gmail, Youtube

    After doing a Google search in IE (because Chrome won't go there) I found a discussion on this site about the same problem. According to recommendations in that discussion, I uninstalled Firefox, and now Chrome will go to Google but still will not go to Gmail or Youtube, and God only knows what...
  38. R

    Get no network cable connected when i run Google Chrome

    Hello i have a weird problem i run HP Elitbook 840, Windows 10 and all the latest official drivers, firmware and bios. I have spent tons of time trying to figure this out without any luck. What happens is when i run Google Chrome, all of a sudden my network card thinks that there is no network...
  39. A

    Deceptive site ahead !!

    Hello Dears. when i visit the following site <removed by moderator> from any computer in my network and From google Chrome ONLY !, it's giving me the following error "Deceptive site ahead Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or...
  40. D

    Problem Switching from Firefox to Chrome

    Win 7, 64bit Home Edition, Firefox 59.0.2 (64bit), Chrome 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit) I want to completely switch from Firefox to Chrome so I need to import ALL my Firefox data to Chrome including Browsing History, Favorites/Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Search Engines and Autofill...
  41. J

    i have google chrome and when opening files it defaults to edge which i uninstalled already

    man oh man .one day edge stopped working. I switched to chrome and now anytime I bring a file or attachment it comes up in edge which wont work
  42. L

    Youtube only showing grey bars

    Hey all, I have a problem which am having a hard time to solve. Been doing some research on google about it but I can't seem to find the solution. The problem is, whenever I go to youtube all I see are grey bars and blocks. Whenever I click on a youtube link, the video starts and works...
  43. L

    Zte max z917vl

    How do I move my games to my SD card on a zte max chrome I think it is it is model number z917vl
  44. W

    Random ads opening in chrome

    I recently installed KMSpico, Well i had a legit version earlier of this software and needed it again but i was very lazy and installed some russian ghetto version which didn't work and well, now sometimes when i click on youtube videos, i get redirected to ads on google chrome.
  45. Lutfij

    How To Remotely Access Your Laptop Using Google Chrome's Remote Desktop

    Being able to access your laptop from afar takes a new meaning when you can connect to your laptop using remote desktop connectivity. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can connect to your laptop using Chrome’s Remote Desktop app. You will ofcourse need Google’s Chrome web browser in order...
  46. A

    Hi there, need help finding out if these are false positives or not

    Last night I opened google chrome and avast said it blocked a malicious link as soon as I opened it. I noticed one of my addons to block bit coin mining was greyed out and so I uninstalled it from chrome and found that it was the culprit (I wish I could remember the name for the life of me...
  47. P

    Non-Dolby Audio From My Computer Doesn't Use The Sub woofer.

    The HDMI output of my computer runs from my RX580 to my Sony STR-DH770, from there I have 4 Klipsch R-15M speakers and a R-10SW. When I use the speaker test in the sound settings everything is correct, and the speakers play the test sounds in 4.1 surround. When I play the clips from Dolby access...
  48. A

    Avast vs AVG Free version

    I am using HP Windows 10 with either Chrome or Edge. I have Free AVG, Malware bytes, and Glary Utilities for cleanup. Would Avast be better than AVG since I'm only using free version. Thanks
  49. tjones9163

    Incognito mode question

    Hello, Does anyone know why when ever I use Incognito mode, I cant see my chrome plug ins like https everywhere, ghostery, ect . ect.?
  50. G

    New Chrome 66 Released: Here Are the Top Features

    Google has released a new update mobile and PC that stops auto-playing videos, among other features. New Chrome 66 Released: Here Are the Top Features : Read more
  51. T

    Malware scrambles and inserts letters on Chrome. Google is unresponsive. Does Google care?

    Malware attacks Chrome and scrambles web pages; Google apparently can’t be bothered. HERE'S a GOOD ONE - CHROME TRANSFORMS ITSELF INTO SCRAMBLED EGGS with HASH BROWNS, AND GOOGLE DOESN'T SEEM TO CARE. (If my memory serves me well, eggs and potatoes are, well, importantly different? Well, at...
  52. Z

    Google Chrome Deleting Itself?

    Lately, when starting my laptop, Google Chrome is just gone. The icon on my desktop is still there, and it is still pinned to my taskbar, however when I try to open it it states that the shortcut refers to a path that no longer exists. Also, the Google folder on my computer is completely gone...
  53. henrytcasey

    Chrome to Support New Password-Free Logins

    Chrome and other major browsers will be introducing support for new way to login to websites, without passwords. Chrome to Support New Password-Free Logins : Read more
  54. C

    How do I stop the cmnd prompts this is what opens the malware opens from and opens from cmnd prompt in any chrome, edge, or firefox. just prompts the internet
  55. B

    Google Chrome/Mozilla opening up on their own with spam tabs

    Google Chrome keeps opening on its own with strange spam tabs, my antivirus isn't picking anything up, I looked trough my add-ons and there was nothing unusual. So I uninstalled Chrome, in hope of solving the problem, but it just continued to happen on Firefox, witch is my default browser. It...
  56. B

    Can't set as default

    I tried all the scans listed above and reset my Chrome default and it still won't set as default, help!
  57. N

    Chrome lag please help

    Hello guys, so I have been having this problem for quite a long time now, i can't remember when it started though :(, anyways I hope you guys can help me fix this problem, because its annoying. So, its hard to explain using words, so i have a video: So, if you can...
  58. A

    Youtube Displaying problem

    youtube page is not displaying on my google chrome. Can anyone help me
  59. D

    windows 10 laptop in chrome lan setting

    But nothing connect.