Get no network cable connected when i run Google Chrome

May 2, 2018
Hello i have a weird problem i run HP Elitbook 840, Windows 10 and all the latest official drivers, firmware and bios. I have spent tons of time trying to figure this out without any luck.

What happens is when i run Google Chrome, all of a sudden my network card thinks that there is no network cable plugged in.
I preffer cable bound for various reasons, so i want that working.
I have tried changing cable, tried connecting to another physical port on the router. Disabled power saving on network card and so on. When i read through logs i find these warnings.
Remember thos ONLY happens when i run google chrome, which i have removed and installed again. (for use with chromecast, videostream etc)

System LOG:
The Intel (R) Ethernet Connection Network Interface (2) I219-V has started the reset. The network connection will be suspended temporarily when the hardware is reset. Cause: The network driver detected that its hardware has stopped responding to commands. This network interface has been restored 663 times since it was last initiated.

Last time this happened last night, i started chrome by misstake to browse a local news webpage. And boom, toggling DOWN....UP..down etc etc. And i keeps doing this over and over. Until i reboot computer. And ONLY Google chrome will cause this nothing else. I use it to watch streaming movies, even some simpler gaming. All works fine except google chrome.
IE, Firefox no issues. Second i run Chrome to an external webpage, BOOM.
If i run Videostream without connecting to any webpage it works OK.
So it must have to do with something Chrome does.

I would appreciate any suggestions, maybe allthough i search the web and find nothing. perhaps i search wrong.

May 2, 2018

Thanks for reply.
I see nothing special there, i only see the events from when the driver update was installed 2017-11-21. For when i started to troubleshoot the issue. I ran intel update tool. And updated the driver.

So search continues ^^
Again appreciate it.


Aug 6, 2006
A couple of thoughts, does it make a difference if when using chrome you are logged in to a google account? Have you tired going to Advanced setting in Chrome and performing a "reset settings" to default, and maybe run their "clean up" software. Just a thought since it seems related to Chrome.
May 2, 2018

I did reset settings. But clean up software i dont know. I Will see if i find any such.
Thank you. Will look into it.