No sites outside of Google will load


Jul 3, 2017
I have a Surface Pro 3 and for the last three days I have been completely unable to load any webpage outside of Google, Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook (so anything owned by google). The few articles or tutorials I have seen online did not lead to any resolution and I'm out of ideas of what to do and am really hoping someone can help.
I have tried on Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge with no results. When a different webpage is entered, there is a long loading screen before an error message pops up that reads: "This site can't be reached" "took too long"

What I Have Tried:

  • Restart Computer
    Run virus scan with Avast
    Run virus scan with Windows Defender
    Run updates
    Uninstall updates and reinstall
    uninstall/reinstall Chrome
    Run additional virus scans
    Restart router

Currently my system has Windows 10. I do not believe that any updates or changes were made to the system before this issue popped up.