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  1. tenentegre

    Solved! Problem loading some webpages (like Amazon and Basecamp) after using Mobile Hotspot

    Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone experienced this issue, but I'm having problems loading web-pages on my laptop while is connected to my mobile hotspot, and even later using any other wi-fi connection. Amazon, for example, doesn't load properly on Chrome neither on Firefox: it load very...
  2. M

    No sites outside of Google will load

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and for the last three days I have been completely unable to load any webpage outside of Google, Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook (so anything owned by google). The few articles or tutorials I have seen online did not lead to any resolution and I'm out of ideas of what to do...
  3. C

    HP drivers webpage

    Product Name: HP 2000-299WM Notebook PC Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
  4. S

    Youtube suddenly doesn't load pages fast in hd? EXTREMELY slow

    Youtube suddenly doesn't load pages fast in hd? EXTREMELY slow after a few seconds. Constant buffering and totally unwatchable. Not sure what happened. Is anyone familiar with this problem? It was working fast a day or two ago. Thanks...
  5. ForeverMore

    Flickr images not loading.

    For some reason Flickr images won't load no matter what I do. It's like that on my Win10/Win7 desktop PC (dual boot) and Win8 laptop. But at my friend's house the images loaded just fine when using my laptop. On my mom's old Win7 laptop though the images WILL load. Any idea what's wrong and how...