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  1. mrmike16

    Question Surface Pro 4 not warning me when the battery is low

    Hi everyone, So as the title indicates, I find myself looking at a blank screen often because the laplet gave me no warning of the battery getting low. This never happens on my Surface 3, only on the Surface Pro 4. Anything I should try before reinstalling Windows? The battery life capacity...
  2. mrmike16

    Solved! Is a $314 Surface Pro 4 worth it in 2022?

    Hi all, So I just got a great offer, as the title says. $314 for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laplet with a dock and Type Cover in good condition (From the picture I don't even see scratches). For those who haven't seen my many previous posts about this, I currently have a Microsoft Surface 3...
  3. U

    Solved! Surface Pen wont connect

    So I replaced my battery with one from a few months ago, I remember putting the + side outside My pen is the 2017 version When I pressed the eraser for 7 seconds it didn't light up and it didn't show up in the list of devices (It's a surface pro 5) What do I do?
  4. P

    Solved! Surface Pro 3 - CHEAP

    I've seen an used Surface Pro 3 for 500€, do you think it is worth it?
  5. M

    Solved! Can you watch 1440p video on a Surface Laptop 2

    I recently bought a surface laptop 2 and was wondering it had a 1440p resolution.
  6. J

    Solved! My Surface RT Turns On, But Stays On The Surface Logo

    I tried every single guide online, other than the ones where you have to take it apart since I can take things apart and put them back together but I can't just my handiwork. So, whenever I hold down the power button for 20+ seconds it turns on, but won't get off of the surface logo screen! I...
  7. J

    Solved! Surface Pro 4 Camera Problems

    Hi all, I am currently experienceing some problems with my Surface pro 4 and can't work out how to resolve them. 1st off, im not sure whether the problem is a software or hardware fault. my current investigation is leading me to think it's software or possible firmware. Issues: on first boot...
  8. R

    Microsoft surface RT not booting

    After I turned off surface RT, it never booted again, the charger works, and I have plugged it in all day. Tried everything other's recommend on the Microsoft forum and still nothing. I'm a teen who needs a laptop and can't afford a new one, please help. BTW, I'm a tech savvy who can take...
  9. H

    Solved! 'No Battery is Detected' Surface Pro 3

    I just replaced the battery in my Surface Pro 3(old one was swelling). Everything works fine, but the battery icon shows an 'x' and says "No Battery is Detected" when I hover over it. However, if I click on that, the battery info shows 100%. I can also unplug the power cord and it runs. I...
  10. B

    Solved! College laptop that supports upgrade

    What is an alternative device with thunderbolt 3 that can be better upgraded to last longer? I require a laptop for my daughter at junior Secondary School. The school prefers surface pro 5 or Lenovo miix 520; i5, 128 SSD, 8GB memory. They swapped out the previous years 2017 models being the...
  11. I

    Solved! overheating Lenovo thinkpad

    Lenova ThinkPad E545 fan runs often and makes the surface and bottom left side very hot to touch. How can I clean/fix this?
  12. C

    Solved! Microsoft Surface : problem with the USB port for an external screen

    Hello    I have a Microsoft Surface 3 256G on which I try unsuccessfully to connect an external screen ASUS MB168B with an USB cable : it connects / disconnects in a loop without stopping. I tested on another laptop under Windows 10, the screen works well and is recognized without problems). I...
  13. M

    Solved! Is the Surface Book i5 2016 Too Dated? (For casual, non-video, graphic design)

    I'm a casual graphic designer and I'm looking for a new 2-in-1. I don't do any gaming or video editing, but photo editing and many-layered vector design. I've come across what I believe is a good deal ($1200) on a Surface Book from 2016 (Intel Core i5-6300U/256GB SSD/8GB RAM). It has a...
  14. A

    Microsoft Surface pro 4 disassembly. What SSD is supported?

    Hi, I'd like to upgrade my current ssd to a higher one as I, simply due to storage. As i'm away for work a lot and cant connect to the internet, since being in remote locations. I have an external hard drive to watch movies on etc, but would rather just use the surface only. I have dissembled...
  15. E

    Solved! Looking for a thin and light 13" laptop for study suggestion please

    Well i just bought a spectre x360 and its realy hot imo (and the fan loud af...).... my last "laptop" was a surface pro and it wasnt that hot..... any1 have a good suggestion for another laptop i should get when i refund this one? PS:I was just using word,having a few internet tab and spotify...
  16. JerrWolf

    Laptop Workstation Recommendations

    Hello everyone! So I'm thinking on going for my Masters Degree, and I'll be using a laptop on and off when I'm not at my apartment. My school offers an HP 17 G4 to students. At the moment of posting I don't know the specs exactly of the laptop they offer. But here is the Build Your Own for the...
  17. P

    Should I buy an SP5 or SP6?

    I currently own an SP3 that is about to kick the bucket. I was waiting for the Microsoft presentation to see what the SP6 offered, and it seems to be nothing more than using newer processors when compared to the SP5 (8th gen vs 7th gen). I was shopping around and noticed that Costco has both on...
  18. Jabad96

    Having Difficulties Deciding Whether to Get the 15 inch or 13.5 inch Surfacebook 2

    Hello, So recently I decided to purchase a new laptop and bought the 15 inch Surface book 2. I have owned 2 laptops in my life which were Gateway 17 inch and a dell latitude E6420. I have upgraded from the Dell latitude E6420 15 inch laptop due to the very think bezels around the screen space...
  19. C

    Retail store background shadows over surface laptop display?

    Hey, I just got a surface laptop at a good price, display one. It seemed to work perfectly, until I saw it on a grey background - I can see shadows of what was the background on this laptop in the store. Before I got it, a guy from the store said he cleaned it up completely, and I just had to...
  20. B

    sharp lc-55p6000u power supply

    My Sharp LC-55P6000U tv's power board took a power surge R907 surface mount resistor burned out and cannot find a clear enough picture to tell what it used to be. if anybody has a good pic or just knows what it is it would be greatly appreciated. board number is 217664
  21. D

    Solved! Should I return my Surface Laptop?

    Hey guys, Since this is quite a specific question, I chose to make a thread. I'm a beginning Industrial Product Design student, and since I postponed choosing a laptop till the end of the vacation, I only had a few days to decide. I'm going to be working with solidworks and in my personal...
  22. B

    Surface Pro 3 Display

    Hi Guys, I have a surface pro 3 plugged into my Dell monitor. Currently it is to project on second screen only. However, when i try to change it to show on the PC screen, it doesn't work. Even extending the displays or duplicating it does not work. My surface pro 3's screen still doesn't show...
  23. P

    Surface Go vs GDP Pocket 2

    Hi everyone, I want a small laptop ( under 10"). Not sure which to choose between below three: Surface Go: 64GB/Intel 4415Y/4GB RAM $399 without keyboard GDP Pocket 2: 128GB/Intel m3-7y30/4GB RAM $529 Falcon: 256GB SSD/Intel unknow/ 8GB RAM $unknow? Anyone ever heard of the last one? It seems...
  24. D

    Surface pro usb mouse and keyboard issues. Both show cursor moving but I can't click on anything.

    I have a surface pro and I have a usb mouse and the keyboard that clicks on. All of a sudden the mouse and keyboard won't work. I can move the cursor with both but neither will let me click on anything, even to save my document. I have tried control, alt, delete and it bring up the menu...
  25. A

    What can I use to cover my notebook metal surface (the metal reflex is annoying me )

    I have light sensitivity and the light reflex is annoying me. Does anyone have any suggestion? Silicone pad is very expensive in my country... I want something that doesnt block the heat... Now I am using some slim socks but I want to change that.... thx in advance...
  26. Y

    Problem with a touchpad

    SP3 (Surface Pro 3) Touchpad is acting weird, the left click is OK but the right click is acting the same as the left click eg. When i press a new tab with left click it does as assisted expected, but when i right click a new tab it opens a new tab. Any Help? :??:
  27. N

    Solved! Surface Pro 3 Showing only Half Storage

    so i have the i5 with 8gb of ram version and on the back it says 256gb, but the storage only reports a 118gb drive, i cant find any other storage or partitions in the drive manager either
  28. S

    Computer help please

    I got a call from a fake online supporter and they are still on my computer. How do I get them off my computer. I have a surface pro 4.
  29. S

    Lenovo X1 Carbon vs. Macbook Pro 13 vs. Surfacebook 2

    Hi fellas. Couldn't decide which laptop to get for university, going into Biomed, I do some light-weight programming on the side. Not planing to game on these laptops. A lot of web browsing and video watching. Just hoping to get some input/ recommendations from people who had experience with...
  30. thedonquixotic

    Solved! Does the Surface Book 2 only support the official Microsoft Surface Dock? Is there no way to get another USB C dock to work?

    I purchased [this Acer USB-C dock]. It does not provide charge to the computer, data, or display to external monitors. My friend said that sometimes computers and/or docks are locked to only work with their brand. The Acer promises "best compatibility with Acer laptops" but nothing else seems to...
  31. H

    Gaming laptop with great bettey life for normal tasks

    Hi , I've been searching around for a good gaming laptop that comes with great battery life for normal tasks like browsing and watching. that means there is an integrated graphics in the laptop aside from the powerful gpu which run on demand. could you guy please make suggestions ? I like the...
  32. noyaus

    Surface Pro 4 m3 run Photoshop and Premiere Pro

    Hi Guys Do you think that a surface pro 4 m3, 128Gb could run photoshop or premiere pro? I am looking at CS6 or CC Thanks
  33. E

    RailDriver's wiring makes a huge mess of wires

    I just received the RailDriver I ordered a few days ago. I want to take advantage of its built-in subwoofer. The wiring is a big mess. I need to plug in the included laptop-like power cable. I then need to plug the 3.5mm audio jack to the line-out of my computer and with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio...
  34. R

    Surface 3 No-working USB Port Windows Install

    I have a surface 3 with intel atom 4gb ram and 128gb SSD. The device doesn't have any windows installed on it so I can only get into the bios. I tried using a flash drive to install windows but the USB port won't recognize it. I tried using an OTG adaptor with the flash drive also but it wasn't...
  35. C

    Solved! Tape to Make Phone Less Slippery?

    I have a heavy phone which has a metal body. It's very slippery to hold. I am looking for some type of tape that I can put on the two side edges so that they becomes less slippery and easier to hold. I don't want to use a case because the phone is already very heavy. I tried some desk tape but...
  36. I

    Laptop for college (Intel Core M vs Intel Core i5)

    Hello, I've been very hesitant in buying a laptop for college but I found myself liking the Surface Laptop. It gives me the option in choosing which type of processor I want. As I'm not sure which one is more suited for me...
  37. J

    Surface Book 2 cheapest Base Model: Microsoft - Surface Book 2 - 13.5" PixelSense™ Display - i5 / 8GB / 256GB iGPU - Silver

    Microsoft - Surface Book 2 - 13.5" PixelSense™ Display - i5 / 8GB / 256GB iGPU - Silver Can anyone tell me about these specs ? i am on limited budget, and i need it for school work. i will be using it for notes and to read digital E textbooks and perhaps browsing and using Microsoft office...
  38. D

    Is it a good idea to get a 400 gig micro sd card for a laptop instead of paying 600 dollars for another 500 gigs on the ssd

    Theres this card. I want to get a surface book 2 or a surface pro with 256 or 500 gigs of internall ssd. But the price increase is 600 cad for that ssd to get 500 gigs more. Is it even very fast? Or I could get a switch...
  39. D

    Microsoft Surface book 2 or HP spectre 360?

    Im currently wresting with the decision of whether to buy a 15 inch surface book 2 with the I7-8650U, 256 GB storage, 16 of ram and the GTX 1060 dedicated GPU. VS the newest model 15 inch HP Spectre, with the I7-8550U, 500 gb storage, MX 150 dedicated GPU. This unit will be used mostly for heavy...
  40. R

    Strange audible feedback on laptop.

    Hi, I have recently purchased the Asus Rog Gl503VM Strix Scar Edition and while the laptop is running as expected , I am having a strange issue with the keyboard... When I type on a glass surface or hold laptop in one hand and type , I am hearing a feedback sound. As if something is slightly...
  41. D

    Should I get a new windows surface pro or a designated drawing monitor for drawing?

    Is drawing anywhere worth the reduced space per dollar? I can get a huion gt 191 ips drawing tablet or save a bit more and get the newest surface. I would like to game on the go and I don't think i'll ever buy a laptop. So there's that. But how is the...
  42. P

    15" Laptop 1050 to 1060 with Side Intake Vents

    Somewhere among the mass of 15" laptops with a 1050, 1050 Ti, or 1060 I researched over the past few days, I ran into one that had side intake vents and rear exhaust vents, with no vents on the bottom--so it could be used on a soft surface like a bed without blocking the intake vents...
  43. D

    Solved! Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 2017?

    Like the title suggests I am deciding on picking up a surface pro, but by looking at reviews I am unsure of which one to pick up. They seem pretty similar and the new Surface Pro 2017 doesn’t come with a stylus or type cover or usb-c so I was hoping someone can persuade me either way. Price is...
  44. N

    Solved! How well will run Linux on MS SURFACE Laptop?

    Hey guys! My brother ordered a Microsoft Surface Laptop for my birthday. I would like to know how good Linux will run on it. Should I cancel the order and order another notebook? Do you have some recommendations? To myself: I started to study computer science and need a thin lightweight...
  45. steven37

    Lenovo vs Microsoft 2in1's

    Okay so what do you guys think is the best 2in1 right now? The purpose they would have for it is mainly art purposes like Photoshop and other editing and drawing software. Ones that I have found are the Lenovo Yoga 920...
  46. steven37

    Best slim laptop on market in price range

    Friend asked for help finding a laptop but I don't really know much about laptops.. so I ask what is the best laptop with a slim design for under $1200 Doesn't need to play high intensive games. Needs to handle photoshop and other editing software The one I've found so far is the Dell XPS 13 if...
  47. R

    Buying a 2-in-1 laptop: which is best?

    I want to buy a 2-in-1 laptop, and have been considering some models: - Surface Pro - Hp spectre x360 - Hp spectre x2 - Lenovo Yoga I won't use it for gaming, I pretty much just use Office, internet, and things like that. I tried both the Lenovo Yoga and the Hp Spectre x360 at a store, and I...
  48. C

    4K Netflix on Surface Pro 4

    I got a sp4 about a year and a half ago and have been frustrated with my inability to stream netflix in 4k for a while now. I'm fairly certain skylake and kaby lake are somewhat interchangeable seeing as they can use each other's motherboards. Is it possible to disassemble a sp4 and swap out its...
  49. A

    Has my new Surface Laptop been used?

    Dear Community, I just purchased a new surface laptop. It was shrink wrapped and appeared to be new when i opened it. I checked with a SMART HDD Tool and discovered that the HDD was booted up 13 Times and that it ran for a total of 5 Hours. Also the windows system logs show some activity on...
  50. S

    Microsoft Surface Book + Games

    I am now looking at Surface Book the one that has i5 6300U, 8 GB ram and dGPU as they call it (it is the 940M). My main usage will be consuming media, Adobe lightroom or photoshop processing photos of about 20MB. Apart from this I will be playing Warframe, thats the only game I will play. I...
  51. J

    surface pro 2017 8gb ram corei5 cpu and 256gb ssd vs building a gaming pc?

    both would be around 1400$ to 1500$ in cost once i get the keyboard with the surtface which is extra $ i dont play much native pc titles but emulators on pc so im thinking the surface might be a better option.?
  52. J

    buying a Surface pro 2017 and putting manjaro kde linux on it possible?

    i hope to run it natively thus replacing windows 10 install on the device. i dont mind if the touch screen doesnt work right with linux im just wondering if thw wifi and type cover will work fine?
  53. D

    Active or Passive Mini DisplayPort to Hdmi for Surface pro 2017?

    I just got a Surface pro 2017 and I plan to hook it to a computer monitor and my 4k tv. A bit confused with those active/passive adapter? Do I need one to output to my 4K tv?
  54. mrmike16

    Is the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) really worth the high costs?

    I think the newest model of the Surface Pro is the most expensive out of all of them (when new). So is it worth it anyway?
  55. jjamesdias

    Has the Surface pro 4 battery life improved in 2017? (personal experiences please)

    Hiya peeps, I am currently looking to get the Surface Pro 4. The model I'm looking at is the i5 with 8gb ram. Microsoft claims 9hrs video playback for the battery life description. I browsed youtube searching for battery life tests in order to get a good idea of the battery life on this device...
  56. Z

    New Mouse mat?

    Hello, I am currently looking for a replacement to my razer goliathus control mouse mat as it is too small, I ordered the Corsair mm300 (extended) because I heard great things about it and wanted to try the speed surface however when I got it I wasn't doing well with it… luckily because I got it...
  57. N

    Surface Pro 3 I5-4300U, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD for $300

    I found a used model (keyboard and pen included) with the only problem being is the seller forgot their password and doesn't know how to reset it whereas I do. It looks good on paper but I was wondering if there is any better options at the price point (used or new) that I am just missing. I...
  58. B


    the yuiop keys on my surface pro 3 does not work and is anoying the hell out of me. does some one have a solution thanks.
  59. P

    Clean/Vanilla Windows 10 Install On A HP Spectre X2 2017?

    I got a surface pro and i recently asked in this thread about windows 10 pro clean installs: A friend wants this similar Surface Pro Laptop: So...
  60. W

    Is this normal?

    Just got a refurbished Surface Book i5/256gb/dGPU, starting it up, installing a lot of updates and now all my programs, is it normal for it to be running warm and with the fan on during this process?