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  1. Man1ac123

    Is this temperature safe?

    So i recently installed Core Temp because i game on my laptop ( link dont know if this works since its a portuguese link) and the surface gets so hot that i cant even touch it and im scared. For example when im using it for watching videos its on the 50-60ºC, if i plug my pc to the tv to watch...
  2. P

    Surface pro 2 or surface 3

    Surface pro 2 or surface 3 (not the surface pro 3) which has better performance in things like light programing and gaming? Which has a better screen? Any feedback appreciated.
  3. K

    punctuation problem keyboard

    when i use the quotation marks on my microsoft surface pro 2 this happens. èÈ and periods " question marks Éé dashes Àà brackets Ǩ^ç any idea on what the problem is and how to fix would be much appreciated thanks
  4. Kiltak

    Surface Pro 3

    I was looking for a tablet with active stylus support, available nearby I had: Sumsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Asus Vivotab Note 8 After testing the above models I didn't like the writing recognition of the sumsung and the form factor of the Asus was just too small for me (have a wacom bamboo with...
  5. 3

    looking for a mobile laptop to run 3d programs ?

    hey looking for a computer I was thinking about getting the surface pro 3 I 7 256 gigabyte. It cost $1550 +$125 for keyboard and got to buy pen. programs I use is Photoshop, Maya , Zbrush ,Mari , and game engine like unity . I seen the surface pro 3 how you can run zbrush and maya ...
  6. S

    Xps 13 vs surface pro

    I am debating between Surface Pro 3 vs XPS 13 touch screen with i5 processor
  7. U

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Does it really take a quad-core processor to run GTA v? because I've seen my friend run the game on his surface pro 2 which has i5 dual core and Intel HD 4400, at playable frame rates (28-42) My Computer is hell of a lot stronger then his surface but its a dual core. I've also seen you tubers...
  8. C

    Surface Pro 3 or The Pro 4?

    Right now I am deciding if I should get the Surface pro 3 from Best buy as they have a special deal going on with the tablets. I was thinking to get the 1300$ 8gb ram 256gb i5 version. However I have been hearing that the Surface Pro 4 will be coming out? What should I do?
  9. D

    2 in 1 or two devices?

    Hi Guys, recently my Surface pro (1st Gen) has died on me and Im currently stuck in a decision indecision. I loved the fact I had some of everything. I was able to read a comic book or two and work on some spreadsheets or code. The only thing it was not able to do was play a game and it was...
  10. R

    What do I choose 13 vs 15

    So after a series of faults with my 2012 15" retina 2.6ghz Apple has agreed to replace my laptop with a new 2015 model. The thing is that the '2015' 15" model is only a very small bump from the 2014 model unlike the 13" model that is a proper refresh. My dilemma is that I've already made the...
  11. C

    Dell xps 12 vs surface pro 3 (i3)

    which do you think is a better option
  12. Yummiesttag

    MacBook Vs Surface Pro

    I was going to buy a new deceive for essays and school work for my senior year in high school and my years in college, so I was wondering would a MacBook or a surface pro be better?
  13. Ethanh100

    Surface pro 1(128g) vs surface pro 2(64g)

    hi, i am looking to buy a surface for kind of replacing my older macbook. This isnt to be my main computer becuase i have my desktop that i built. the surface pro 1 128 gig and the pro 2 64 gig are around the same price. the only difference that i see between the 1 and 2 is that the 2 has a...