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  1. K

    Microsoft Surface laptop or xps 13

    Hi, I have to buy laptop for school. I need to get it by the end of this month so i cannot wait for new models to come up. I have been researching alot and i have ended up on these two models. Xps 13 is way more expensive than the Surface. And since im using it only for school i dont need too...
  2. I

    microsoft office 365

    will I lose my Word application on my surface tablet if I don't renew subscription for office 365?
  3. M

    No sites outside of Google will load

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and for the last three days I have been completely unable to load any webpage outside of Google, Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook (so anything owned by google). The few articles or tutorials I have seen online did not lead to any resolution and I'm out of ideas of what to do...
  4. O

    Which surface pro 4 should i buy?

    I want to buy a surface pro 4 and ditch my mid 2014 macbook pro because i got a stationary pc. But the main problem is that i am really unsure which model i am going to buy. I am going to use it for web browsing, media consumption and I am a college student so i am going to use it for school...
  5. B

    Looking at good deal for Surface Pro 4, worth or not?

    I'm about to enroll in university this fall, and I was looking at buying a new laptop that's good for academic work. I checked on microsoft's website, and there's a bundle that includes the Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM model) and the type cover for only $899 including my student...
  6. D

    Is it time to buy a surface pro 2? I want to use drawing programs to create video game assets.Alternative?

    It's come down a lot. I could get a used one with all the accessories for about 500 canadian. How well does the pen do? Is the compromise coming from a newer model a lot? I mean how great could the surface pro 3 or 4 really be for drawing? I do all my processing work on my computer. Will the...
  7. P

    Installing Windows 10 Pro on a new Surface or Surface Pro 4?

    Just got a Surface pro and i have 2 windows 10 pro licenses with an official disc. I used one for my main desktop and was planing on doing a vanilla install on the surface pro to eliminate any extra content from the surface. I noticed that the RS2 windows 10 pro already installed on the surface...
  8. I

    Would a surface pro 4 do fine with video editing?

    If i choose the SP4 with i7 and 16GB RAM, will it run all the adobe packages really well?
  9. S

    What are the effects of acetone on a Surface Pro?

    I'm trying to download iMovie on my Surface Pro usually I wouldn't have problems downloading anything, but recently I have spilled nail polish remover on it. The keyboard is all mixed up and my computer stops working at random times, but is it not downloading because of the acetone, or something...
  10. R

    Laptop (or Surface Pro) for Photoshop, Zbrush

    Hi all! I'm currently looking to buy a laptop to primarily use Zbrush and Photoshop. I eyeing this one: A co-worker suggested I...
  11. L

    How likely is The Surface Pro 2017 to have a hardware failure?

    Hello everyone So here is the deal. I'm a kid from Denmark, (a land of expensive computers) and yearly travel to new York to visit my family, and I need a new laptop. So, iv'e been heavily considering the Surface Pro 4 or 2017. The issue is that Microsoft has exclusive warranty for each country...
  12. P

    Help With buying a Budget Suface Pro!

    Hello, i use a powerful desktop for all my computer needs including my work on video editing and gaming. Now that the new surface is out i was planning on getting a new surface pro 4 to do some editing and university work on the go. I was checking ebay and amazon but it seems i cant get a good...
  13. S

    Exchange surface pro 4 core m3 for i5 model?

    I bought surface pro 4 a less than 7 days ago, and am absolutely loving it. The problem is, if i play 1440p 60fps video or anything higher than that(including 4k), there is horrible lag and stutter. The problem only occurs in chrome. Edge runs it just fine, but most of the videos don't have any...
  14. T

    HTC Vive or Laptop?

    Hi There, Their are two things right now that I really want, an HTC Vive and a laptop for my work. I'm wondering what would u guys chose if u had didn't have a vive or a laptop. NOTE, u have a desktop that can handle the vive. NOTE 2, the laptop is just for work so for use with microsoft office...
  15. P

    MacBook vs Surface Book for gaming

    I'm looking to replace my old MacBook and iPad, and would love to have a 2 in 1 that's great for graphics intensive games - After doing a bit of research, I'm wondering how the Surface Book would compare to a MacBook in regards to gaming(such as whether or not it's really worth it to spend the...
  16. T

    Is the surface pro 3 i7 overheating a deal breaker?

    Hi there, I'm looking to get a surface pro 3 i7 256gb for music production and performing music live. I'm just wondering if the overheating problem will make the laptop unusable and should opt out and get the i5 model instead. I can't afford a surface pro 4. Note in my music production...
  17. T

    Surface Pro 3 vs Surface Pro 4

    Hi There, I'm looking at a surface pro but I'm stuck on which one to get. I'm considering the Surface pro 3 i7 and the surface pro 4 i5, both of them have 8gb of RAM. Storage doesn't matter. Anyway I don't know which one is better for my needs. I do music production/ performances with 2 midi...
  18. R

    About Laptop with 256 GB / Intel Core i7 / 8GB RAM

    compare dell inspiron i5 7000 2 in 1 Powered by 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, Windows 10 Home, 8GB memory & 256GB SSD. which costs $1200 vs Surface Pro 256 GB / Intel Core i7 / 8GB RAM which costs $1450
  19. T

    Will the Surface pro 4 drop in price as of the release of the new surface

    Hi There, I have been looking at the Surface pro 4 for a while now, but I haven't bought one due to the price. Since the release of the new surface, I was wondering if the prices of the surface pro 4 will drop because if they don't, I will get the surface pro 3. Thanks :D
  20. T

    Is the Surface Pro 3 i5 with 256gb come with 8gb of ram

    Hi There, I'm looking to buy a surface pro 3 with a i5 and 8gb of ram (Storage isn't really a problem). Anyway, I was on a website and they are selling a surface pro 3 with an i5 and 256gb of storage. I need to know how much ram it has, but I can't contact them. With a bit of research, I found...
  21. C

    Surface Pro 4 questions

    Hey all, Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried reinstalling a desktop Windows 10 onto their surface pro 4 and successfully have it working? I am wondering if it is possible to use a surface pro 4 as a multimedia tablet for very light gaming (emulation, indie games in general) and movie...
  22. J

    Surface Pro 4 i5 vs Lenovo Y700 14inch

    I have a Surface Pro 4 i5 with 8GB of ram and an Intel HD520. I might sell that on ebay and buy this one: as it has dedicated graphics. How big of a performance boost will I see from the AMD...
  23. H

    Carbonite Mirror Image does not work on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

    I just finished with Carbonite support about the issue of Carbonite Mirror Image not functioning on my new Surface Pro 4. I have used Carbonite for years with Mirror Image and had it installed on my previous Surface Pro 4. After extensive discussions and investigation of my issue, Carbonite...
  24. Z

    Looking for a good tablet 12"+

    Hello, This is my first post in this forum. I am looking for a new tablet. I would like to share my thoughts on some tablets I found and see recommendations. It will be my first tablet and I am not 100% which one I should choose. Below is a long post with focus on a couple of things: the...
  25. G

    Surface Pro 4 Just Hit Rock Bottom Price

    Amazon's latest price cut takes $270 off the popular tablet. Surface Pro 4 Just Hit Rock Bottom Price : Read more
  26. P

    Microsoft Surface 4 512GB, 16GB, I7

    I am looking to purchase a Surface 4 with i7 processor but when I go online I am seeing advertisements for i7 surface 4's as follows: i7 or i7e 6650u or 6600u When I queried Microsoft via chat they stated that the Surface 4 only comes in 6650u and if I see a "e" after i7 it means it has the...
  27. A

    My dilemma between i5 Surface Book and i7 Surface Pro

    Greetings; I have a hard time deciding which Surface i should go with. There are key factors I am looking for both devices and for me they cost the same. So it is going to be either one of them. Ive been searching on this matter for some time and I am finding contradictory information...
  28. jonaspauleta

    Surface Pro 4 or Zenbook 3?

    Hey guys, I need a pc to the college, so I have seen very much ultrabooks and convertibles. Between Surface Pro 4 (cheapest i7 version) and Zenbook 3 which one should I get, and why? I think Surface Pro 4 with i7 is better just because the graphics, because I play light games like League or...
  29. J

    Math Teacher in Need of a Great Laptop for Teaching - is the Dell xps 13 2-in-1 the ONE?

    Hello - I teach hs trig. I need a new computer and am trying to decide between the surface pro 4 and your new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1. What are the benefits to the Dell over the surface pro? I need to have the pen capabilities. Thank you Janice
  30. S

    Surface Pro 4 weirdest issue ever

    sometimes when watching video in full screen (cannot remember a time where it happened not full screen) the computer locks up, or so it seems. the touch screen still responds, but virturally nothing else does. i can get back to desktop by poking around on the screen, and from there sometimes it...
  31. X

    Students needs hardware? In terms of mobility and presentation.

    Hi folks. I am a student, currently looking for hardware that will ease my needs when I am on the university. The hardware I am looking for must have the capability of mobility and presentation. I will move around and do detailed presentation along with live presentation too, a lot. I am...
  32. E

    Surface Pro 4 vs Dell XPS 13 or suggest alternative for my Requirements

    Hello Everyone, So my sister wants to purchase a laptop for her Masters. She is thinking of a Dell XPS 13 (1000$) or Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop thing(1500$). I felt these laptops are quite pricey for the hardware they contain and wanted to consult my knowledgeable friends at Toms. She is a...
  33. J

    Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 vs Microsoft Surface Pro: Which should you buy?

    The brand new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 was unveiled at CES 2017 and has gone down well with early reviewers. It seems to have taken all the things we liked about the XPS 13 and added to them, delivering a great looking, capable laptop. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has had a little longer to make an...
  34. B

    Need cheap Surface Pro 4 now!

    Does anybody know where to get a Surface Pro 4 under or around $600? Thank you.
  35. H

    Impossible-to-fix audio problem; at my wit's end

    Ok, so; I cleaned out my computer with a spray duster. I removed surface dust off of all of the parts and their connectors. After finishing, my computer didn't start up and used beep codes to tell me there was a problem with the graphics card. Easily fixed; just didn't place it in correctly...
  36. P

    Surface Book 2 Storage configuration

    Currently I will not buy a Surface book due to one major flaw, Non-upgradable storage space. Yes, it has a SD slot, but it sticks out and sd are WAY slower than SSDs. My question, would Microsoft be able to either 1.) add more storage at cheaper options 2.) add storage into the keyboard base...
  37. M

    HP x2 10-p005na can hold external hard drive ???

    see this link for the specs and details of the laptop--> I was going to buy this laptop today and i was asking questions for general information and than the seller told me what is the purpose of the purchase i said...
  38. C

    Mac v surface for 8th grader?

    Ok need a good laptop option for 8th grader...something that will last at least 3-4 yrs pros/cons of mac v surface & how much memory etc ?? Help tech challenged mom
  39. F

    Laptop with pen support

    I'm looking for a new laptop with support for an active pen like the surface tablets have, but also with a real keyboard, and haven't been able to find anything. Does it simply not exist or have I just been looking the wrong places? Also, the surface book is way too exspensive so that wont...
  40. J

    Surface Pro 4 Monitors will panic if Ethernet is plugged into dock

    I've heard a lot of issues showing up with the surface dock lately but mine is kind of a weird one. I'm coming across an issue where the dock seems to flicker and freak out when an Ethernet cable (the standard RJ45) is plugged into it, when I say this I mean just the Ethernet cable causes the...
  41. K

    Which laptop should I get?

    I will be doing light modeling and photoshop. If I can I will play some games like dolphin which only works on the surface pro 2 'cause it has i5 4300u. If you have any suggestions please tell me.
  42. R

    MacBook Air 13" or Surface Pro 4?

    I'm going to high school soon and will need a new laptop for school work... I've seen the MacBook Air 13" and the Surface Pro 4 (both of them would be the base model). Not sure which one would be better? It would be used for word documents, YouTube, music and media work. Here's the link to both...
  43. armin89

    razer blade, surface book, or mbp 15

    hi i am going to buy a new laptop in 2-3 weeks, i am structural engineer i use softwares like ansys i do some basic video editing for customer as well, my main usage is basically using ms office and similar basic software. but still i need powerful system for a few design in month. for me cpu...
  44. J

    12 year old boy wants high-end PC

    My 12 year old son wants a Surface. He already has a Surface 3, but it is not "powerful enough" for him. He's not lying; he programs in Visual Studio and uses Creative Cloud a lot. He also knows A LOT about computers, much more than me. He specifically said he wants a Microsoft-manufactured...
  45. S

    which laptop should I purchase (Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Dell XPS 13)?

    Hi everyone, So I was thinking of purchasing a laptop for school but I am unsure of which laptop to buy. I was thinking something along the lines of surface book or surface pro 4. I personally like the 2 in 1 design and was thinking of using the pen that comes with them to write all of my...
  46. I

    Antivirus for surface pro?

    What would be a good antivirus for a surface pro?
  47. H

    What Laptop Is Best For Me In College?

    Hello! Thank you for visiting and helping me out! I am a sophomore and I need a laptop. I am majoring in biochemistry. It makes sense any laptop will work, but here is the thing. I want a laptop that will last through the day without charge when I am not on Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere...
  48. S

    Should I get a Surface pro 4? is it still full of bugs?

    Hi, I can get the surface pro 4 I5 128GB from germany in a good deal (900$ and type cover included) and in my home country it costs 1400$ + 250$ for the type cover. I need a laptop to replace my desktop pc for web browsing, youtube, light lightroom and photoshop editing. I inteded to buy the...
  49. S

    Help me decide between the Dell 7559 and Surface Pro 4

    I know I asked this before, but it's just that I like both of them, so I just can't decide. Can somebody break the aspects of these laptops out? I use them mainly for drawing, photo editing, (maybe) video editing (although my friend can do that for me), light gaming, and studying. Edit #1: My...
  50. G

    My hp spectre 360 gets heated so easily

    I just bought HP spectre 360 2 days back and it gets heated up so easily even when used on hard surface. If used on bed or lap t is awfully hot. Shall I replace it and get another piece or find another brand perhaps. Please guide me.
  51. S

    Gaming laptop or Surface Pro 4

    As the title said, I need help deciding between the Dell Inspiron 7559 and Surface Pro 4. I know that they are completely different animals. I am a secondary school student, and I need a laptop for photo editing, video editing, (hopefully) gaming, doing work, taking notes and generally entertain...
  52. G

    Blue Screen on Surface Pro 3.

    I get the Surface start up screen, then it goes Blue Screen and I can't get anywhere from there. Trying to post a pic...heres a link... http://
  53. C

    What PS2 and Gamecube Emulator Games Can Microsoft Surface 3 (4 GB RAM Version) run?

    I have searched for months for the best tablet that is under 10.6 inches in length and I finally decided the best one I could find was the Microsoft Surface 3. I just want to know what games I can run on on PCSX2 and Dolphin emulators. Also, what PC games can I run? Can I run PS2 RPGs like Final...
  54. StarBlazer754

    Surface Pro 4 or a Laptop

    Hey, I'm planning on saving up for a Surface Pro 4. But I started to thinking about a decent laptop around the same price. It'll probably later next year for the money but I starting to decide now. What I'm going to be using it for is: Ableton Live 9 (I play the piano), For portable picture...
  55. S

    With Surface Books, does the GPU make a huge difference compared to the integrated graphics?

    With similarly spec'd Surface Books, with the same processor and RAM, does the GPU option make a huge difference in performance, compared to CPU powered graphics? And would the GPU option make a difference in CPU heat, since the CPU doesn't have to handle graphics as well as everything else it's...
  56. S

    Would it be worth holding off on a MS Surface Book until they deal with the heat issues?

    My old laptop kept slowing down, so I threw an old operating system on it and gave it to a family member. I ended up getting a Surface Book, because the tablet screen works perfectly on a music stand. But, if I run any intensive programs or even some of the cheesy apps on the app store, the...
  57. P

    Surface Book (not pro): Good for gaming and professional use?

    I'm not very good when it comes to laptops, computers e.t.c. usually it's my partner who suggests things to me. Recently I told him I needed a strong laptop that was good for gaming (especially with the upcoming release of No Man's Sky) and I could use for studies and music. He suggested the...
  58. J

    will surface pro 3 keyboard work with surface pro 4

    I have a damaged Surface Pro 3 and the keyboard that goes with. I am looking at upgrading to a Surface Pro 4 rather than paying to have the 3 repaired. Will my existing keyboard (kb) bwork with a 4 or will I need to buy a new kb as well? I know there are some improvements made to the 4 kb but...
  59. V

    Best gaming tablet

    What is the best gaming tablet if money was no issue? I don't care if it is android, ios or windows. All I look for is something that I can take anywhere and I should be able to use it under direct sunlight. It shouldn't weigh more than 1kg and be available in a dark colour like black. It...
  60. T

    Help, please. I am trying to decide between Surface Pro 3 and MacBook Pro.

    Hello, I am trying to decide between a Surface Pro 3 i7 @ 1.7/256GB/8GB and a 2015 13" MacBook Pro i5 @ 2.7/8GB/128GB and a 1TB SuperDrive. I mostly use it for media consumption, mostly streaming and downloading TV shows and movies, general surfing, PS4 remote play/Steam In Home Streaming and...