Surface Pro 4 weirdest issue ever


Nov 18, 2012
sometimes when watching video in full screen (cannot remember a time where it happened not full screen) the computer locks up, or so it seems. the touch screen still responds, but virturally nothing else does. i can get back to desktop by poking around on the screen, and from there sometimes it completely freezes up and i have to reboot, and sometimes i can learn a little bit.

every time it doesn't freeze up on desktop, i can stuggle around with it untill i can open some times like task manager, resource monitor, and event viewer. resource monitor and msk manager barely work, showing frozen statistics (usually the readings they show is 100ish% cpu useage and 50ish% ram useage, however i can draw blue rectanges on desktop and move *some* windows around without any lag, so the readings were just the last the computer read.

event viewer is blank when the computers acting funny, and blank still after rebooting, no new errors.

other things to note: ONLY happens watching video. nothing else has ever triggered it.
html5 and flash player both have caused it, any video fullscreen can do it.

when it happens, the taskbar is frozen, other than the start menu. time is frozen, etc. newly opened windows will show up, iconless, however closed windows remain in the task bar, untill restarting.

i've ran a few anti virus and malware tests, nothing.

ran sfc & DSIM, nothing.

computer will charge. i had it in the half operating state for 30ish minutes once, charging, and when i ended up restarting i still had 100%, so it charged.

happens charging or not charging, no difference.

physical keyboard not responsive.

power button seems to work, because when it gets pressed, everything is unresponsive, as if it went to sleep, however the screen stays awake and frozen.

volume buttons don't really work, but the volume display in the upper left appears and shows the last volume, but you cannot change it. unknown if volume actually changes or not.

when the video freezes, i cannot exit fullscreen like normal. i have to swipe right on the left side of the screen to pull up the task view, and click something else to switch out of it.

before i switch out of the video, i can poke the screen and it plays for a split second, before pausing again. when it initially freezes, audio continues but video does not. i have to pause it and the frame updates, but after that clicking the video but un-pauses for a second and then re-pauses.

i can open the settings menu from right clicking the task bar, but i cannot open something like Device manager, it just clicks with no response. i can open sub menus of the settings home like devices, but when i click something on the left hand side of the new screen, such as "typing" i get no settings displayed on the right hand side. the only way i can open a new window is if i can reach it from a right click on desktop or task bar, or can search for it in settings, sometimes that works. such as, searching for Event Viewer and clicking on it within the search box will actually open it.

in the start menu, log off, restart, shutdown, etc do not work. i don't know of any use it is to me, seaching within the start menu doesn't work the way it does in settings.

that should be every detail i know of the issue. it makes no sense to me whatsoever. any ideas?
so far, i've only tested video in Firefox. as i wait for reply, i will see if i can get it to happen in Chrome.


Nov 18, 2012
Sorry, i did not mean to down vote that. I can only say for sure that it has happened within firefox, but i think it might have happened watching netflix before with the netflix app. Currently im using chrome to see if it happens there, too. It doesn't always happen so it might be a few days before i can really say if its just firefox or not.


Mar 2, 2017

Huh Salmonfishy I have the exact same problem and on Firefox too, are you running any antivirus or everything is stock? Does it happen with Chrome?

I noticed once that when the video froze, I managed to close Firefox and the screen blacked out, immediately taking me to the lockscreen. After getting back to desktop everything was okay again, I cannot for the life of me figure out what's happening but it seems the lockscreen might be responsible.
If you don't have enough ram you can run into problems. Also if your flash or browser are not fully updated. There is the issue of add-ons as well. Plus, if you don't clear out your browser often, all the backedup stuff can cause issues.
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