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  1. Kisianik

    Firefox full backup

    Hi I need to completely uninstall and erase my Firefox, as it completely unusable, nothing works there. Next, I will install FF back. So I need to backup everything, including extensions, passwords, bookmarks (an easy job) and anything else I missed. How to do this, the best way. I am not...
  2. S

    Solved! browser stops working (freeze but not really)

    hello i have problen when opening browser (chrome, firefox, opera) i've tried all of browser that in mention, but always ended same so my browser suddenly freeze but not really i play video on youtube, and then stops working i can't refresh or click anything in main bar but i can still clicking...
  3. R

    this site can't be reached in any browser for facebook and youtube only how to fix this?

    looking for someone to help me fix this issue .
  4. P

    Solved! Youtube 60fps videos lag in Chrome an Firefox

    Hello, Recently I have got better wifi and was excited to watch HD 60fps videos on youtube. However on chrome they lagged and stuttered. The thing is when I tried Microsoft Edge they worked flawlessly. I tried Mozilla firefox but that was even worse than chrome. Any advice? I really hate...
  5. M

    Solved! Is there an "ad blocker" that don't track your browsing history, or other privacy issues?

    I had to uninstall, and reinstall Firefox recently, for which I had to reinstall some of my browsing add on's, one of them being an ad blocker. I might not have noticed before when I installed ad blocker, but this time before installing ad blocker I got a window notifying me that I would agree...
  6. A

    Youtube, Firefox Portable: Picture randomly freeze at 720p60 and completely freeze at 1080p60 and beyond

    I don't know if this board is suitable for this topic, so admins can move it, if it isn't suitable. Anyway: I'm watching gaming videos of Sonic The Hedgehog series through Firefox Portable, and any video that would be available at 60fps, the picture would freeze randomly at 720p60 and completely...
  7. D

    My browsers cannot open websites

    Since 2 days, my browsers are not able to open any websites. I have used Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge. I use EPIC PRIVACY browser occasionally and I tried it. It is able to open any website when its proxy is on but same problem when its proxy is off. There is no virus or malware detected...
  8. P

    Solved! Best Method To Download FB Albums in 2018?

    I want to be able to download mine and friends albums in the highest resolution possible, as well as the 'Photos of' album(s). Many of the older methods and chrome extensions are out of date, leading to a bog of unusable links and downloads. If anyone is aware of some reliable ways to download...
  9. S

    Solved! my Acer Aspire E1 laptop is now not open any files and browse like Firefox

    my Acer Aspire E1 laptop is now not open any files and browse like Firefox
  10. R

    How to Fix Firefox Problems on MacBook

    Firefox assures you privacy while browsing and downloading content. The interface is user-friendly and elegant, but there are times Firefox fails to load content and it may crash from time to time. You can fix many Firefox problems yourself. Just follow these simple steps. How to Fix Firefox...
  11. mangaman

    malwarebytes found exe.part file in temp folder

    So malwarebytes scanned my drive, but found an exe.part file in the temp folder of firefox. I quickly deleted it and did another scan with malwarebytes, avast and hitman pro. Nothing else came up. What is an exe.part file, and should I be concerned that malwarebytes found it? My system is...
  12. P

    Nextoptim, Cpafireboost, and s3amazon Pop-Up ads

    Recently I was hit with some scammy ads on Firefox. I wasn't on any sketchy website nor did i download anything, it just happen out of the blue. Thinking I had a virus, I did a quick-scan with Norton and nothing popped up. I'm wondering if this is normal or should I be worried?
  13. T

    Chrome and Firefox loading slowly!

    Hello, I apologize if this is the wrong forum. As the title states, I am having issues with web browsing speed. I primarily use Chrome, but have replicated this issue on other browsers (Firefox) with success. The issue I have is after a few minutes on a given browser, it becomes abnormally...
  14. J

    HELP! Strange Internet access problems on just one of my computers.

    I have limited access to the Internet sites on one of my computers but not the other. This started three days ago. On my wireless-connected laptop I have no problems at all. On my ethernet-connected desktop I can only access some of the Internet. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer give me the...
  15. G

    Infinite new tabs open faster than I can close them

    HI, Recently I've had a problem in Firefox. Sometimes when I click on a link, rather than this opening in a new tab, 'zillions' of new tabs open, one after the other & faster than I can close them. Initial I found that closing the window stopped the problem and I could carry on using my PC. I...
  16. Darkmatterx

    Firefox session restore failed but I have the .js file, however opening it just give me a lot of code text.

    Hi, I was trying to get FF to restore my previous session but despite having the .js, when I try to put it in my sessionstore-backups folder it either gets overwritten with basically 0 information in it, or it will just load a tab with a bunch of gobbleygoop code and text. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  17. A

    Ads by LONG malware how to remove?

    Recently I start seeing this pop up ad whenever i use Firefox. Anyone has heard of this and how to remove it? Please help. ?
  18. W

    remove TROVI malware in Firefox

    Somehow I have managed to get Firefox infected with TROVI malware. Following your guide to removing this I tried Malwarebytes... it found nothing. Then I tried AdwCleaner and it found multiple PUPs and succeeded in removing all but one item "" I tried searching for this item...
  19. S

    LastPass Password Manager

    I just starting using LastPass as a browser extension on Firefox. One of its features is that when I login to a website, LastPass prompts me if I want to save the site and the login credentials. If I click OK, boom its done. I don't have to re-type the login credentials which tell me LastPass...
  20. R

    Solved! Chrome vs Firefox: which is best today?

    I have been using Chrome mostly for a long time but every now and then I install Firefox and this last time today I think that Firefox is snappier than Chrome and the syncing option on Firefox is also very good. Also, Firefox's design is very pretty if compared to Chrome's somewhat bland design...
  21. R

    chrome refuses to open gmail

    This problem did not happen until a month or two ago. Since the problem started, when I try open Gmail from my Chrome browser a warning screen appears which reads "Not secure / Your connection is not private...". Gmail does not open. This does not happen when I use Firefox, but I would like to...
  22. G

    Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy

    Apple's Safari browser will limit 'fingerprinting' and flag tracking cookies, but it won't take additional steps to protect your privacy. Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy : Read more
  23. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Firefox

    Firefox is one of the most used web browsers in the world. When an unexpected error pops up while watching Netflix, users have to go through a few steps to refresh the browsers information. Within a few minutes the error will be gone so that you can watch shows normally. 1. Open The Firefox...
  24. Tigro

    Websites become unresponsive for ~30 seconds and then return to normal on their own

    In the past weeks, suddenly my Firefox started behaving really weird - a few times a day the currently opened tab becomes unresponsive (you can't click or hover anything) but you can still scroll through them (at least a bit - after that point, it's just plain white). At these times, the cursor...
  25. H

    Firefox audio issue with 6 channel selection

    Hello, I have an audio problem with Firefox. Version is 60.0.1 , 64bit. Setup Win 7x64, xonar dgx sound card. This is a recent issue, from 60.0 I think. On some youtube/twitter videos I only get sound in the left speaker if I select the 6 channel option. The selected output is headphones, but...
  26. TeaSponge

    Firefox to Save File & Open like Chrome

    Does anyone know how to get Firefox to Save a file to Downloads and automatically Open it like Chrome does? E.g. Click on a PDF link, it starts saving to Downloads folder and automatically opens when complete. Firefox options only allow: 1. Saving the file, but I have to go to the...
  27. R

    Use Firefox To Stop Facebook From Spying On You

    You may or may not know, but Facebook is virtually tracking you constantly. There isn’t much you can do about it, apart from completely stopping to use it. Luckily, Firefox made a great solution - Facebook Container extension, helping you gain more control over your data on the social network...
  28. Tolis_GR

    Solved! Firefox Hardware Acceleration Bug or what?

    I had this problem before and had to go back to 54.1 version. Now i updated the latest again to check how it goes. Whenever i enable the option to use the recommended playback video settings based on my hardware, which actually enables the hardware acceleration, my gpu will boost both core and...
  29. D

    Problem Switching from Firefox to Chrome

    Win 7, 64bit Home Edition, Firefox 59.0.2 (64bit), Chrome 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit) I want to completely switch from Firefox to Chrome so I need to import ALL my Firefox data to Chrome including Browsing History, Favorites/Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Search Engines and Autofill...
  30. E

    Typing www alone yields "bad" website

    Firefox seems to want to embarass me. Every time that I type www into the URL window, the same embarrassing web site appears at the head of the list. I haven't viewed this site foe years, but it still shows up. Firefox support did not have a solution that works. Help.
  31. C

    How do I stop the cmnd prompts this is what opens the malware opens from and opens from cmnd prompt in any chrome, edge, or firefox. just prompts the internet
  32. B

    Google Chrome/Mozilla opening up on their own with spam tabs

    Google Chrome keeps opening on its own with strange spam tabs, my antivirus isn't picking anything up, I looked trough my add-ons and there was nothing unusual. So I uninstalled Chrome, in hope of solving the problem, but it just continued to happen on Firefox, witch is my default browser. It...
  33. F

    Solved! this is mad

    wqktkwqltk912jjwhwhtwqtkqwltwqkjasngbdnxmcjdghsdhgdskaslwqouitutqwwqksafashhwqtkwkskfsjsksjkqwrjwqktsnmanjfjsaghsanmxvuhtasdfakwqlkwql!-Mozilla Firefox it says this every time i turn on my pc even thoush mozilla is closed it's an ad i think help
  34. J

    Firefox suddenly extremely slow

    I recently had to send my laptop in for repairs and when I got back I did a fresh install. All drivers are installed and it works fine with everything I do on it except firefox. When I scroll it just goes so slow and locks up firefox until it's done scrolling down. I've tried resetting firefox...
  35. C

    Youtube get white blur

    Hi people; Have a problem with you that occurs on Chrome and Opera (but it doesn’t happen on Firefox or Puffin). When I watch a video mouse cursor is on the video the colour are vivid. when I take cursor away the video changes like added a filter that makes video whiter (black changes to dark...
  36. F

    Solved! Why does firefox make me log in to my online accounts every time?

    Why does firefox make me log in to my online accounts every single time?
  37. S different (older) UI on Chrome vs Firefox and all subdomains (images, news, etc) have a different, older-looking UI when I use Chrome. In addition, the pages take much longer to load in Chrome compared to Firefox. Screenshots of Chrome vs Firefox Things I tried: - Turning off all my extensions in Chrome - Clearing the...
  38. I

    Firefox - active logins / cookies doesnt work

    I have firefox quantum latest version, when I choose "use custom history settings" and untick the "active logins" but tick the "cookies" when I close firefox it removed every single my active logins in websites, I want to keep my logins active but delete the cookies seperately from my disk, is...
  39. C

    Google looks different on google chrome As can be seen in the above image google looks different from usually It looks as it should on firefox Could this be a virus? Any help is appreciated :)
  40. U

    Solved! some internet videos dont play

    Dont know if the is the right place to ask this sorry if its not Using firefox and microsoft edge I am unable to paly some videos on sites youtube is fine but on others it says stuff like "error loading media: file could not be played" and "flash: file not found" I have tried stuff like safe...
  41. D

    Firefox search behaving strangely... please advise

    Hi folks, I've used Firefox for a while and I'm sure that it never used to display website suggestions/addresses whilst typing in the main navigation bar... Now, when I go to type in a website address, a drop-down bar address with 'www - Search with DuckDuckGo' instead of just displaying the...
  42. clutchc

    How to save passwords in Firefox?

    Until my favorite password manager Password Exporter is updated to work with the new FF WebExtensions API, I need to find another PW manager pgm. But I do not want to have my PWs on a cloud server. Does anyone know of a PW manager pgm for FF similar to Password Exporter that allows backing...
  43. SyncroScales

    Cryptojacking and Script extensions and add-ons? What to look for?

    Hello, I was updating Firefox, Chrome and Chromium. I installed some add-on's and noticed a few new ones. They were about Cryptojacking. Read the Tom's Hardware article The Rise Of Cryptojacking And How To Stop It by Lucian Armasu December 29, 2017 at 9:45 AM - Source: Bad Packets Report (via...
  44. D hijacker on my browser, but I had a clean install

    I got a new cpu and mobo so just to avoid future problems with windows, I did a clean install with the windows media creation tool. (Windows 10) Everything went fine. After windows was installed, it asked me to set up the basic things and login to my Microsoft account. So I logged in and I...
  45. I

    Ram is used 50% GPU is used 30% and CPU is peaking sometimes and stays at 20%

    So, after i've played a game (from steam) i've opened firefox. But it ran slow. I opened task manager and surprise surprise 1GB of memory used in 7 instances of firefox. 7! Why that, i had just 1 tab open. not only FF but Chorme as well, 11 instances of it. Not to mention my pc restarted out of...
  46. F

    PERMANENTLY remove Yahoo from Firefox

    Firefox has somehow made Yahoo it's default search engine. Replacing it in Firefox's menu only works until Firefox is reloaded then your using Yahoo. Using about:config then searching for Yahoo then deleting or moding key values didn't work either. How do you terminate the Firefox-Yahoo...
  47. C

    Chrome and Firefox cause youtube to be a glitchy mess.

    Hello everyone.I've been having this issue with my PC and its driving me nuts. I cant use Firefox or Chrome because videos on them turn into glitchy messes, however Microsoft edge works fine. Steam cant download any games, and crashes often. Both Firefox and chrome also crash often. I've run...
  48. P

    why does my Pavilion G scroll a whole page at once when i tap the down arrow key?

    I am using firefox and have been to Mozilla and downloaded the latest version (someone told me to try} and it is still scrolling a whole page at a time . Someone told me i may have the scroll lock key on but not sure which one or combination it is on this keyboard in order to change it. Not...
  49. B

    Solved! How to completely remove Xmarks from Firefox?

    I already did the "remove" in FF Extensions. But I'm still getting the xmarks popup telling me there was an error syncing. What I've tried: 1) Shut down/restart FF 2) Reboot the PC 3) Run CCleaner (Clean and Registry options) 4) Swore at the screen Is there somewhere xmarks is hiding in the...
  50. tarmiricmi

    Firefox Secure Connection Failed

    Hello, I installed Firefox and getting error: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to Peer’s certificate has an invalid signature. Error code: SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the...
  51. P

    Which browser is better in graphics and as fast as Firefox for a laptop?

    In terms of graphics i m referring Brave link: firefox vivaldi Yandex example: about are screenshots of different browsers of simple tick on wordpress website. You will find that tick on firefox is worst...
  52. Gabe_G

    Question about different browsers

    I am wondering should I use chrome or Firefox what is better? I look forward to hearing from you thanks.
  53. D

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser. Running Win 7 SP1 Please help!

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser on my Gateway laptop. Running Win 7 SP1 Need help with step by step instructions. Please help am a novice!
  54. Albionm00n

    Are Firefox and YouTube a weird combination?

    I am not sure if I am experiencing a unique issue or if there is anyone who can give me some info on this, but my frustration is mounting:-P My issue is this, whenever I have more than one tab open with youtube, firefox seems to lag severely. For example, it will start to take several seconds...
  55. D

    programs won't launch

    Suddenly, Firefox and all other browsers won't launch, and neither will Adobe Reader. I'm using Windows XP SP3. As of Friday (three days ago at this point) I can't get Firefox to launch. It starts to load but then freezes. Or it loads just fine but freezes after I visit a site or open a new...
  56. S


    Hi, I have windows 10 and I'm using Firefox nightly and I have tried other browsers as well. When I go to facebook to watch the videos that other people and news stations have posted I can't run them.I can see the video It has a white cirlce with a white triangle like a play button in the...
  57. M

    Firefox 56 apparently broke Xmarks

    Ever since FF updated itself to ver 56.xx.x, Xmarks doesn't sync and has lost user response in several of its dialog boxes. Thought it was just me, but checking xmarks and FF forums resulted in quite a few complaints. Anyone find a fix yet? Not much in the way of replies from FF or xmarks so...
  58. K

    HTML;Paypal-B [Phish] threat blocked on Firefox

    So I clicked on a link and the page didn't load, and I didn't download anything. However afterwards Avast kept popping up saying its blocked a threat: HTML;Paypal-B [Phish] with the web shield periodically when opening new tabs. I don't have this issue on Chrome and it only...
  59. K

    Firefox choking on laptop

    Occasionally on my laptop I will hear the fans ramp up and Firefox will choke. This is seemingly random, and CPU usage by Firefox is only going up to 25%. Typing is impossible, scrolling is impossible, doing anything in Firefox is impossible. I have 16GB of RAM and only have around 10 tabs open...
  60. J

    My download for Adobe Flash Player goes to 90% and it stops; telling me to close Firefox. I can't close Firefox and have to a

    Adobe Flash Player Goes to 90% and Stops! My installation process goes to 90% and stops. A message tells me to close Firefox. I try to close the Firefox tab and it won't close. I have to abort the installation. I am running on Windows XP. Am I too obsolete with Windows XP to run Adobe Flash...