Chrome and Firefox cause youtube to be a glitchy mess.


Dec 6, 2017
Hello everyone.I've been having this issue with my PC and its driving me nuts. I cant use Firefox or Chrome because videos on them turn into glitchy messes, however Microsoft edge works fine. Steam cant download any games, and crashes often. Both Firefox and chrome also crash often. I've run disk checks, antivirus, defragger, ive started the computer on integrated graphics and still nothing. I've done a complete refresh of windows with the included windows 10 reinstall tool and still the same issues. This comes after trying to do a bit of ether mining while I was out of town. when I came back this issue reared its ugly head.Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here is my Speccy:

Here is an example of what the videos look like:

And here is what steam gives me:
Sounds like something in the GPU drivers has become corrupted, either due to an upgrade or perhaps something related to your mining "experiment".

I'd recommend performing a FULL CLEAN install of the GPU card drivers using the DDU. Just installing, reinstalling, uninstalling or even using the supposed "clean install" features included with the Nvidia or AMD driver packages are usually not sufficient and are weak solutions.

*Graphics card CLEAN install tutorial using the DDU*