Which browser is better in graphics and as fast as Firefox for a laptop?


May 18, 2016
In terms of graphics i m referring

Brave link:https://ibb.co/iFKCJG

firefox https://ibb.co/kSGsJG

vivaldi https://ibb.co/mF6EXb
Yandex https://ibb.co/fUQV5w

example: about are screenshots of different browsers of simple tick on wordpress website.

You will find that tick on firefox is worst rest all seem same may be due to chromium browser as a base.

My need from web browser :

graphics - little graphics will affect me so it must have a nice small details also
support privacy or atleast a big brand which can be trusted.

Brave - problem - its screen keep flickering while switch the tabs or hover over the link i tried disabling hardware accelerating and even change setting in compatability tab but nothing work much + there is no extension support officially.

vivaldi - slow but do the work + seems to me a resource hog like a chrome as i use browser on laptop so resources matter for me.

Yandex - russian web browser but lesser trust worthy while i personally read the policy and i found its doesn’t much care about privacy

Privacy policy yandex:

2.3. Data collected by or transmitted to Yandex, the Company or Partners, in the course of accessing, interaction and operation of the Site and provision of the Services may include, without limitation, the following Data: (i) Internet Protocol (IP) address and location; (ii) cookie information; (iii) browser identification information; (iv) information on your software and hardware; (v) date and time of accessing the Site and the Services; (vi) information of third parties websites referred the Site or the Services; (vii) information related to your activity in the course of the Services use, including, without limitation, search queries history, search results provided to you in response to your query, web pages you visited by reference from the search results; (viii) other information.

2.4. Unless you are logged in to your account with the Company information about you, such as e-mail address, password, name, home and work address, telephone number, index code, age, gender, is not collected when you access the Site or the Services. In the event you access the Site or the Services logged in to your account provided by the Company, the Company shall be entitled to associate the Data referenced to in Clause 2.3 hereof with your account and you hereby provide your express and unconditional consent to the Company for association of the Data with your account. The separate terms of service and relevant privacy policy accepted by you in the course of the registration of the account with the Company shall be applicable to association of Data with your account in the event you access the Site and/or the Services logged in to such account.

visit for full privacy policy Privacy Policy

Please tell if i m misunderstood the policy of yandex browser.

Full question with description on quora : https://www.quora.com/Which-browser-is-better-in-graphics-and-as-fast-as-Firefox-for-a-laptop/answer/Pritish-Parihar


Dunno. Maybe try Microsoft Edge. From what I have read it is a pretty lightweight browser and is integrated with Windows 10. So if you have Windows 10, then you might a well give it a try. The "graphics" issue with Firefox could simply be due to how the website was coded.


May 18, 2016

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