Chrome and Firefox loading slowly!


Apr 10, 2015

I apologize if this is the wrong forum. As the title states, I am having issues with web browsing speed. I primarily use Chrome, but have replicated this issue on other browsers (Firefox) with success.

The issue I have is after a few minutes on a given browser, it becomes abnormally slow at loading any page I go to. Up until that point it is lightning fast. I have run speed tests before the slowness starts and get 120+ mb/s. After the slowness takes effect I am at 2 mb/s.

This seems to be exclusive to MY web browsers only. My wife has a similar computer plugged into the same router as me and experiences no issues. I run games on my computer and experience no issues with ms. I run Hulu and Netflix and experience no buffering issues. When everything is closed and Chrome is the only thing open, the issue still occurs.

When I close the browser and reopen it. It is once again lightning fast for a couple minutes, and then the issue happens again.

I have AVG and Malware Bytes, and CCleaner. I have ran all of them. They detect nothing and have cleared my computer (and Chrome specifically) of everything. I have deleted and reinstalled chrome, the problem still persists.

It should be noted that this problem just started occurring a few days ago. I have had all of these programs on my computer since I first got it in 2014. I cannot detect a correlation between this happening with any given update that has taken place.

I've tried running chrome with no extensions at all and the problem still occurs. Same with "in cognito mode". Chrome is up to date. I have also disabled the hardware accelerator as this seemed to be a common solution. None of this has worked.

Please help!


What OS are you running? Windows 10?

Look at Task Manager and Resource Monitor and observe what your computer is doing.

First without any browsers open and then with one or the other.

After observing, leave the window open but slide to one side. Then open a browser and work as normal.

Watch the window and determine if there are any resources being overwhelmed; e.g., the % will go high or very high.

Key is to identify what is dragging down your browsers.


Apr 10, 2015

I am running Windows 7 64 bit

I am not too sure on how to reply to your suggestion. I did what you asked and saw what one would expect to see. Basically see an increase when chrome is open, and a decrease when its not. To be honest I'm not really too sure on what I am looking for specifically. I don't have a baseline to go off of. I see resources go high when I have it opened and lower when I don't.

I would also like to note that after extensive testing, I am having ZERO issues with chrome in incognito mode. I messed around with it a lot today and everything loads flawlessly. This typically means there is an issue with the extensions in the normal version. So I disabled one at a time until they were all disabled. The problem still persists on the normal version with zero extensions.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Fortunately there are some things that can be done.

Run Task Manager or Resource Monitor again without any browsers open and just do nothing for a couple of hours. Watch for some background process or anything else that may kick in.

Open a browser and watch carefully - try to note what changes between "fast" and "slow".

And observe the times - if the slowness starts after some consistent time lapse that is a clue that some background process has launched: a backup, a scan, an update, some app just phoning home.

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to figure what our computers are sometimes doing - even in the best of circumstances. Even less so with so many applications doing things that were not mentioned in the "features".

And do remember that you can sort the diagnostic columns. Some changes may have been missed being off the radar so to speak unless you scroll down.

Reliability History may help especially because you can look back those few days before the issue appeared again. Error and warnings may be helpful but look at the informational icons.

And keep in mind that the problem may be some combination of two or more factors. Either or any given factor, by itself, no problem.

Together/at the same time - then lagging.

Plus you are likely to go up the learning curve very quickly - and become even more likely to discover some other clue(s).
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