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  1. C

    Solved! my x5360ud asus laptop always has BSOD

    my laptop always goes to BSOD at random times. i checked in my event viewer and the asus system analysis.exe is at fault (i think) i dunno what to do, any suggestions?
  2. T

    event viewer scam

    I fell into this scam completely because they seemed to have my windows license no. I let them control my PCfor some minutes. I even filled in a form including my VISA allowing them to collect 8 USD. In the end, after 1 hour, they said they would install a new license, then they would have to...
  3. F

    Laptop shutting down when unplugged

    So i have an ASUS G75VX is quite old, like 4 years old, maybe older, my issue is that the laptop just shuts down after i unplug it, it isnt immediate, it takes anything from 5 to 20 minutes to shut itself down, it also takes a lot of time to charge, whne it shuts down its sudden, in the event...
  4. C

    Event Viewer is riddled with something relevant to WHEA-Logger

    I have strange problems going on with Event Viewer. It's full of these errors (something about WHEA-Logger). How can I fix this? My laptop is Asus GL502VS and and graphics driver which I am using is 385.69.
  5. R

    event viewer question; evidence of force quit rather than error?

    Greetings Everyone, I've been trying to determine, via the Event Viewer in Windows 10, if a program was intentionally force quit through the taskmanager rather than a software error. When I replicate the sequence, I'm unable to directly see an instance of taskmanager. However, when repeating...
  6. I

    Event Viewer Logs Error

    I tried running an application and it froze my pc. So I went to the event viewer logs to see what was the issue and it says ATI EEU PnP start/stop failed. What does this mean and how do I fix it? I'm currently running Windows 10 64bit.
  7. A

    Kernel- Power how to determine the cause of the crashes?

    Last couple months i've been having this issue, but i havent started looking into it until now. I have a dell XPS 13 9343. The computer will randomly shut down, no warning, no nothing. It's not overheating because it would shut down even if im doing nothing on the computer and everything is...
  8. S

    Solved! Surface Pro 4 weirdest issue ever

    sometimes when watching video in full screen (cannot remember a time where it happened not full screen) the computer locks up, or so it seems. the touch screen still responds, but virturally nothing else does. i can get back to desktop by poking around on the screen, and from there sometimes it...
  9. R

    my wifi driver is installed but there is no icon of wifi

    i installed wifi driver but there is no icon of wifi driver if i go on searching menu there have WiFi advance statistics app and wifi event viewer and wifi manual
  10. Hamperking68

    HDD On it's way out?

    I have a funny feeling my HDD is dying. I really just posted this as a second opinion. Now, Yesterday my laptop completely turned off randomly without a shut down screen or anything. It was like like ripping out the battery. I looked in event viewer where I found a few occasions where the...
  11. pigeoncracker

    Random Power Loss on Laptop

    Looks like I've got way too many issues. So, I've had quiet a few instances where my laptop will suddenly, randomly and very abruptly turn off. Completely. No error codes, no nothing pops up. It's like I held the power button down, but I'm not. I did snoop around event viewer and all I got...
  12. M

    New Acer Aspire E 15 Shutting Off, No BSOD or Freezing, Instant Off Crash

    I have a new Acer laptop running Win 10 that, after about a week, has started crashing frequently. Not BSOD or freezing, just instant power off. It can be booted right up with a single tap of the power button after it crashes. I have installed very little software and nothing odd, all common...
  13. D

    how to delete bad DLL files ?

    hi sometimes my explorer crash and i saw in event viewer that the crash is caused by " QtCore_Ad_SyncNs_4.dll_unloaded ". just before the crash my mouse pointer start to lag. details are given Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 6.3.9600.17249, time stamp: 0x53e160b9 Faulting...
  14. M

    ODBC Data Source Administrator Crash

    I've got a user in my organization that experiences a crash in ODBC Data Source Administrator when he clicks the File DSN tab. This has been happening for the past 2 months. The program will just hang forever and will "stop working" when I try to force close it. OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. The...
  15. simmons33

    Recent Steam Error. "Failed to poke Open Firewall"

    So, Recently, with the newest Steam Update, Ive noticed Event Viewer Logging the following - Event ID: 1 / Source: Steam Client Service / Level: Error. Error. Failed to poke Open Firewall. I haven't been having any network problems, and this is logged every time I open steam. Strangely though...
  16. SCSI Folk

    Event Viewer Warnings

    Reading my event viewer the other day I noticed a bunch of warnings from the 11th of March. The ID was 1050 and the source was MsiInstaller. What could this mean: that the MsiInstaller is gone, damaged or something in between? would anything be prevented from happening in the future if I were...