surface laptop or Razer Blade Stealth ??


Jul 15, 2017
I just bought the Surface Laptop with 4gb Ram, 128gb SSD.
Today i 5th day that im using this laptop and i planning to return it back to get an 8gb ram or change to the Razer Blade Stealth.

Because with 4gb Ram, its still lag even when im just using chrome to facebook =.= And its burning alot when im playing League of Legend ( only in 35 minutes )

I need the laptop for light photo edit ( Corel or something ), play game ( not much, only league of legend ) and for college. So i gonna use it for at least 2 or 3 years.

I still like the Surface Laptop alot but with the hot issue when playing LoL,should i change it to the Razer Blade Steal ( 8gb Ram, 128gb SSD, same graphic ) ?

If not then does the surface laptop with 8gb Ram is enough to play or some light photo edit without getting too hot ??

Im only able to pay less than $1300 for this. Thank you for your help :)
I would say the blade is the better option as it is compatible with the razor core. Also it will play the games you want and be able to do light photo editing.