Question Toshiba sattelite no signs of life need help

Jul 18, 2023
ok so im going through a major problem with my Toshiba L745 laptop i will explain everything from starting : so it all begain a few days ago when my old lap was heating alot because of old thermal paste so i heard somewhere that applying the mixture of toothpaste and petroleum jelly , so i made a mixture and applied a few of that mixture on my gpu and cpu and then i reassembled the laptop , everything was fine the temprature was like 49to 57 degree celcious then after few days the temprature was like 73 to 82 degree celcious , one day i normally closed my laptop and kept it in the wardrobe litterally 3 days later when i tried to power it on it aint turn on , i connected the charger , there was no charging light or power indication light none of the indicator lights were on . so i removed the battery nothing happens the next thing i did was to remove all the ram , cmos and other things like ssd and cd drive still its the same problem i even tried applying a new thermal paste and try to remove the cpu but still there is no indication light on . it 4 days since this problem i think that it will automatically work after 1-2 days but its still the same like it wont power on , all of the indication light wont light up only the thing i can observe is that i can hear some low volume electric pulse sound from my laptops motherboard . i coudnt go to any technician now because i live in a remote area and i dont have enough budget because im just a teenager . any solution or help will be a life changer stuff for my dead toshiba l745 laptop thanks for reading

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Like you observed, your mixture doesn´t work long and can damage your laptop as well, dont use it anymore.

But, most likely your CMOS battery is just dead and you have to replace it, to get the laptop to life again.