Solved! Should I return my Surface Laptop?

Sep 2, 2018
Hey guys,

Since this is quite a specific question, I chose to make a thread.

I'm a beginning Industrial Product Design student, and since I postponed choosing a laptop till the end of the vacation, I only had a few days to decide. I'm going to be working with solidworks and in my personal time I love to make music (fl studio), so I wanted it to be capable to handle both.

I have a i7 6700k / 16gb ddr4 / GTX 1080 machine at home, so I just wanted it to be something for on the go, big projects will be done on that computer anyways.

My eye fell for the Surface Laptop, the design, the keyboard, the screen, the portability.. It was perfect. So, I bought it.

I paid around 1500 euro's for it, while I only got 8 gb of ram, a year old dual core i7, 256gb of toshiba 'slow' ssd, and no dedicated graphics. For the same price I can get so much more hardware, but everything else is so beautifull and perfect, I love it so much.. but is it powerfull enough?

I made a big sacrifice in terms of hardware. A huge one. And since I'm going to work with solidworks / fl studio for the coming 4 years, I'm really affraid that I made the wrong choice, I have a 14 day return policy, so the question is.. should I return it? And which laptop would be a good alternative then?

Thank you in advance for reading and answering, tomshardware has always been my go to forum with extremely helpfull people so thanks :)