Microsoft Surface pro 4 disassembly. What SSD is supported?


May 10, 2015

I'd like to upgrade my current ssd to a higher one as I, simply due to storage. As i'm away for work a lot and cant connect to the internet, since being in remote locations. I have an external hard drive to watch movies on etc, but would rather just use the surface only.

I have dissembled a lot of electronics, but have seen and heard that this one is quite hard as the screen is quite hard to remove/replace.

The things I would like to know from people who have done this is:

1. What resealing rubber/glue do I use to re assemble the screen?
2. What SSD supports windows 10 that will work on this SP4, that is over 500gb (Preferably 1tb)?
3. Whilst i am doing this is there anything else to watch out for or get done as well during the upgrade?