Clean/Vanilla Windows 10 Install On A HP Spectre X2 2017?


Nov 4, 2013
I got a surface pro and i recently asked in this thread about windows 10 pro clean installs:

A friend wants this similar Surface Pro Laptop:

So i have 4 similar questions i asked in the other thread.

1) The HP Spectre X2 2017 comes with bloated HP install of windows 10?

2) Or it comes with vanilla windows 10 pro installed?

3) For formatting and factory resets, does it comes with a cd, usb or what? (bloated or windows 10 vanilla)

4) Can i get an USB vanilla windows 10 usb instal licence like @USAFret suggested me in the other thread?
Click the following link to Microsoft's website and download the Windows 10 installation media tool. Use it to create a bootable Windows 10 install USB flash drive. You will need to purchase a USB flash drive if you do not have one; they are pretty inexpensive. There will be no bloatware on other than what Microsoft decides to include in the vanilla version.

No need to worry about a product key since Windows 10 has already been activated on the laptop.