Question Extremely weird virus that I cannot remove

May 20, 2022

Whenever I try to open settings it automatically closes, and any anti-virus websites I try to access, prompts me with the google error that the site cant be reached. Literally any anti-virus website. My games are acting weird with FPS tanks and sometimes just having to restart the game as it is stuck on like 8 fps when I usually get 150. I've run a full malware bytes scan and it got some results, and it cleared them but that didnt fix the issue. I tried to start windows on safe mode but it did not let me. Any suggestions?

Thank you
I would advise you to reinstall windows. The problem will be recovering your data files. If you have a backup that predates your problems, use that. The best way to do a reinstall in this case is by downloading the Windows installer to a USB (using a different computer) and then doing a clean install where the drive is completely reformatted. Ask here if decide to do this and need help. A complete clean reinstall is a difficult undertaking. Make sure you run something like BelArc advisor first to capture (most) of your software keys for reinstall.

Etrius vanRandr

May 11, 2022
Any suggestions?

Download antivirus from a different computer and load it onto a USB, then try to install it. If you can't for any reason, it's likely you have a rootkit which infect the Windows kernel and are extremely difficult to remove.

Back up all of your important files to the cloud as google drive, mediafire, etc all have their own virus protection.

Then either use system recovery partition or full wipe and reinstall from USB. Make sure your reinstall USB is made on a different, clean PC otherwise the USB itself could also be infected.