Question My google chrome download speeds are very bad compared to anything else

Dec 12, 2021
So my problem started two days ago at the time of writing this. I use my phone which i connect to my pc using an usb cable, and use that to connect to the internet, so usb tethering. So more on the problem, i have tried some speedtests and it is fine, around 70mbps download speed, but whenever i try downloading something via google, it only goes up to 10 mbps at most, it goes as down as 5 or 4 mbps. when i use steam, epic games, bittorrent however the speeds are normal. Also browsing the web is fine, youtube works fine and when i use the video stats feature it says that the internet speed is around 70mbps too. If someone can help me, with some sort of suggestion please do. I am also going to try to use a ethernet cable and see if that changes anything.