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  1. botguy

    Question My google chrome download speeds are very bad compared to anything else

    So my problem started two days ago at the time of writing this. I use my phone which i connect to my pc using an usb cable, and use that to connect to the internet, so usb tethering. So more on the problem, i have tried some speedtests and it is fine, around 70mbps download speed, but whenever i...
  2. OhGod

    Solved! Internet Speed Conundrum

    (Not sure what category to post this under). Any cable technicians around??? Will TRY to be short. Switched from 300 Mbps speeds with our isp to 600 Mbps speeds around three months ago. Around three weeks later, tested speed and we were getting ONLY anywhere from 30 Mbps to 49 Mbps...
  3. R

    Smartphone Internet Speed Less Than 1KB/s

    My smartphone (Hisense Infinity K0) has been giving me a lot of issues with internet speed. It can be on 3G or 4G (full signal bars as well) but the internet speed at best is around 250 bytes per second, and it struggles to reach even 1KB/s. Only WhatsApp reaches acceptable transfer rates but...