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  1. botguy

    Question My google chrome download speeds are very bad compared to anything else

    So my problem started two days ago at the time of writing this. I use my phone which i connect to my pc using an usb cable, and use that to connect to the internet, so usb tethering. So more on the problem, i have tried some speedtests and it is fine, around 70mbps download speed, but whenever i...
  2. amboozle

    Solved! Unable to connect to this network acer aspire 3

    hi there my laptop can’t connect to other networks than my home network anymore. it doesn’t connect to my phone’s hot spot either. i’ve tried to manually connect to a network but that doesn’t seem to work either. what should i do?
  3. N

    Question How do I fix a network issue where laptop will connect to wifi extender but won't connect to internet on main wifi router?

    Im helping a friend who has an acer power one laptop. He was unable to connect to internet on his wifi but LAN worked fine. He has an extender and could access internet when connected to that but not to main wifi. I took it to my home in which I have an extender also. The same occurred in my...
  4. S

    Sharing cellphone internet to Dlink 882 router

    I have: W10 enterprise Verizon Moto G7 Power Dlink DIR-882 router I need to share the Verizon internet service to the 882 router<->users.
  5. M

    Solved! dell 3521 suddenly can't connect to any wifi!

    hello there guys i'm having a very annoying problem with my dell 3521 laptop a few days ago suddenly wifi stopped working! i can't connect to any wifi, other devices can what i tried so far to solve this problem: 1- forget saved networks, try to connect again, nothing 2- cmd, ipconfig /release...
  6. F

    Question Access Plex Behind Double NAT at Local Network

    Hi Guys, My ISP Modem also has a DHCP wifi which happens to sit near my kitchen, but I never use it, I am using my AirPort Extreme for all my devices and I have set it up to DHCP mode because I prefer IP (10.xx.xx.xx instead of 192.xx.xx.xx) (hence facing double NAT) So long story short, I...
  7. johnmiami6315

    Download speed

    My download speeds cap out at 500 KB/s to 1,555 KB/s while downloading files on random websites but for some reason when I'm downloading files from google drive or steam the download speed is over 25 MB/s (how it used to be). I even lose connection completely at random intervals for no reason...
  8. L

    Solved! Laptop can't pick up friend's wifi but picks up everything else

    Lately I have encountered a problem I didn't have before. I used to always be able to connect to my friend's wifi whenever I was at his place but lately my laptop cannot even find it. My phone is able to pick it up but not my laptop. My laptop picks up mobile hotspots even and nearby neighbor...