Question Access Plex Behind Double NAT at Local Network


Feb 6, 2018
Hi Guys,

My ISP Modem also has a DHCP wifi which happens to sit near my kitchen, but I never use it, I am using my AirPort Extreme for all my devices and I have set it up to DHCP mode because I prefer IP (10.xx.xx.xx instead of 192.xx.xx.xx) (hence facing double NAT)

So long story short, I have noticed that (AirPort Extreme) wifi speeds are terribly slow in the kitchen and Plex really struggles in there.
Now when I connect to this ISP modem wifi, it is not able to detect Plex locally, it shows as remote connection.

Is there some network settings in Plex that I can do to bypass this and make Plex locally available on the ISP Modem (after all ISP modem and AirPort Extreme are connected via ethernet)