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    Question Access Plex Behind Double NAT at Local Network

    Hi Guys, My ISP Modem also has a DHCP wifi which happens to sit near my kitchen, but I never use it, I am using my AirPort Extreme for all my devices and I have set it up to DHCP mode because I prefer IP (10.xx.xx.xx instead of 192.xx.xx.xx) (hence facing double NAT) So long story short, I...
  2. T

    First HTPC Build - Need Advice

    Hi, I read through a bunch of other posts, but each poster has their own needs so I am looking for some help with building a HTPC. Here is what I am looking for: Want to watch my movies and TV shows, listen to music and have some emulators for NES, SNES, Genesis games. I'd also love to have...
  3. I

    HTPC Options - Plex vs Kodi/XBMC vs Emby/Media Browser

    I'm planning on getting a HTPC - not decided now between Raspberry Pi 2 vs dedicated HTPC. Will be used in my home theatre room and would like it to be constantly on and downloading via Bittorrent. I am wondering about what app/server option I should go with I will be storing all my media on...
  4. tomsguideUS

    How to Play Local Video Files with a Chromecast

    We know that Chromecast can stream the online videos from YouTube, Netflix etc. But you will be glad to know that this tool also can play your local videos/files on your TV. There are several methods of doing it - we will go through two different methods. The first method is the simplest. The...
  5. L

    Which CPU for Plex transcoding

    Hey, I have an underpowered HTPC with an AMD E350. It works fine for watching anything directly on the connected TV (even HD movies in any format), but doesn't cut it for streaming 1080p material to the iPad and other devices using Plex Media Server. I'm looking for an upgrade that can...