Question New Construction, Comcast will not provide service how do I split current service?

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Jul 20, 2022
Have a 4.5-acre parcel, both southern corners are currently serviced by Comcast including the house I live in currently. The new house is 350' away and the driveway exits on to a side street Comcast does not have service on, their engineer said they have no intention at this time to run service down that street. So, I currently get speeds in excess of 700MBPS. Can anyone provide a list of what will be needed to "T" off my current service and send it to my new home? New home has been professionally wired and network ready. So, if I T off, about 50' away is a steel building "man cave" I'd like internet in, and possibly an outdoor repeater to beam WiFi, than an additional 200' away is the new home (obviously trenching will be required, have tractor). I have a new Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 router that is mesh compatible I'd like to use in the new home. Will I need an additional Cable Modem after the split? will I need a signal booster or two? Cat 5 or 6 or? I'd like to do it right, cutting the cord at the new build so everything will be streaming, will I lose a significant amount of speed? Is this the right thing to do?
Thank you all!
Tony Z
Not too hard if you have the ability to run a network cable through 200 feet from your house to the other one. Network cable from one of your router network ports, run to the other house, connect that to a network switch inside that house. From that switch you can wire up whatever you need there including a wireless access point to provide WiFi. Keep in mind if you use a Router there you will need to disable the actual router function and set it up an an access point. The router manual should have the details on how to do that. You can buy an outdoor cable for pretty cheap, 250 feet and gives you plenty for a service loop

Would likely want to use some exterior molding/stress relief/waterproofing on it through the walls like this

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