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  1. E

    cant connect to the internet

    hello  i recently downloaded some programs that reduce ping and i ended up downloading a chinese program which fked up my whole computer  and in my case i cant connect to browsers and i cant open my anti virus and some games and apps i cant open them too  the internet status is shown to be...
  2. S

    Google Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m keeps freezing and i get the message box page unresponsive

    While users working on application Google Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m keeps freezing and users get the message box "these pages have become unresponsive to do you want too kill pages or wait". This problem has been happening with more frequency and it is very frustrating especially when you...
  3. E

    My Keys Aren't Doing What They're Supposed To Do

    When I try to type H I get the history on my browser. When I try to type N, I get a new tab. It seems like the keys are all on a different setting. I have a windows laptop. I have no idea what I might have pressed
  4. liberty610

    Google Crhome [65] 64-bit freezing on Facebook - Windows 10 PC

    Hey guys, I recently started having an issue with my Google chrome browser. I have not see this happen on any other site so far. It just seems to be happening on Facebook. I am not on Facebook much, but I do have a couple of public pages I manage, and this issue seems to happen mostly when I am...
  5. N

    Privacy error on all browsers; ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

    Not working on any browser, tried automatically updating date and time and manually setting it; neither way worked. Internet still works just fine on old laptop. Also, google, youtube, and other websites will load but thumbnails and videos on Youtube won't load. Plz help!
  6. L

    Browser Hijack FIX (please HELP!)

    ive done every guide there is about how to remove this malware... from adwcleaner to NPE, done a quick and full scan, have chrome tool cleanup and browser reset, i also remove any suspicious file from my control panel, i try to manage the hosts file from my systems 32 and still this website...
  7. J virus removal

    Hello I have a virus that redirects my browser to different ads I cant remove it with malwarebytes hitman pro or anything I have tried cleaning registry deleting browsers etc. I typically clean out other peoples computers and help with tech support but I have never seen anything so difficult to...
  8. B

    Have internet connection but laptop won't connect to a browser

    I have a Dell laptop, an Inspiron 15 5558 model running Windows 8.1 It connects wirelessly to my home network and tells me (via the status bar) that I have internet access, however it will not connect to a browser, I’ve tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I’ve looked at the DNS settings...
  9. D

    I need help removing malware! :(

    So i saw youtube video on how to download prey for free (yes im guilty). It gave a link to download the file but i first checked the comments and ratio of likes and dislikes. Everything looked promising and positive. I then started download and noticed it hid itself in the tray on the right. I...
  10. T

    Only game sounds come through headset...

    Hi! I have the Logitech G933 Wireless headset and it works perfectly until I start up a game... After that, the only sounds that come through my headset are those from the game. Nothing from my browser is listenable if a game is up, if I shut it down and restart my browser the sound comes...
  11. D

    Keyboard not working

    I have an asus laptop and my keyboard isnt working ive also lost my address bar and bottom control bar