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  1. R

    Dual monitor pc

    I have a dual monitor (actually both HDTV's) setup, everything was working fine. Now i bought a new TV to replace the primary. I use the primary for gaming and the second for streaming videos. Now when a game launches into fullscreen mode, it moves the browser window on the secondary up and to...
  2. W

    Random webpage opening automatically on boot

    Recently, after booting up my Windows 10 PC, a random Russian website opens up in my default browser It like starts as soon after I boot. Google Chrome (my default browser) doesn't run on boot (I've checked the startup tab under task manager. I'm not sure if this is a virus, as I have run...
  3. D

    Help I can't shut down my laptop

    Okay, so our teacher told us to download "safe exam browser", which is just a browser that you can't alt+tab or something like that. But now, I can't shut down my laptop, I can't open the task manager. I can't even log out! I have a HP EliteBook2570p windows 10.
  4. I

    My browser opens random websites

    When I connect to Wi-Fi browsers open randomly and start downloading random apps. It started from yesterday. I tried deleting the browser but it started with another browser. It's really going on my nerves.
  5. R

    Suggestions for Laptop

    So I'm a big gamer, but as far as work goes I'm limited to basically Excel and a bunch of browser stuff...My little brother is looking for a laptop; he's not really a gamer at all, but he does want it to run photoshop I'm not sure what you want your strong-points to be for that...
  6. D

    Best browser for security and privacy?

    Hi folks, What would you suggest as being the most secure browser for security (against hacking etc) and privacy (blocking trackers/advertising etc)? Many thanks, D
  7. S

    I cant click on “LAN settings” button. Its un clickable. What do i do?

    I opened settings on browser, then change proxy settings, and then i saw that I couldn’t click on LAN settings, because its un clickable. Help me please!
  8. M

    Browser update failure

    Browser needs updated. I click on various apps. None will work.
  9. B

    Solved! Auto opening browser with ad and random CMD open

    I don't know exacly what i did but I have tried AdwCleaner, CCleaner, HitManPro, Zemana and Malwarebytes and Uninstalled programs that i don't know but nothing fixed the problems. So here they are: 1) When the PC is working and i'm not doing anything i mean even AFK the Browser (Chrome) just...
  10. S

    Slow start for all programs

    Every time I open a program, Word, mail, browser, powerpoint etc, it take around 5 minutes before the program open. When the program is first open, there is no longer problems. Then I can open other files in the same program, fx Word, in 1 second. Ram use is only 25%. Its a HP ENVY dv7. Do...
  11. D

    Firefox search behaving strangely... please advise

    Hi folks, I've used Firefox for a while and I'm sure that it never used to display website suggestions/addresses whilst typing in the main navigation bar... Now, when I go to type in a website address, a drop-down bar address with 'www - Search with DuckDuckGo' instead of just displaying the...
  12. M

    Browsers I didn't open showing when I opened laptop

    Hi crew, This morning I opened my laptop to two Chrome tabs I didn't open. And not just a "new" tab. One was a webpage to PODS Storage, and the other was looking at the "Foreigner" movie on Redbox. Two very specific pages on two different websites. This happened at 6:30 this morning (I accessed...
  13. J

    Stop youtube autoload, autostart.

    How do I stop Youtube videos from auto-playing/auto-loading when I open my browser. I have my browser setup to "continue where I left off" so when I open FF, Chrome... the tab that was playing a video before automatically starts playing whether the tab is current or not. If I refresh the tab it...
  14. B Powersheel AdminBit CMD downloads

    Hey so installed on my pc. I instantlly deleted it delleted all browsers and run MalwerByte and ToolWiz Carw scane Removed all mallwer found. But one problem keept showing. CMD started to pop up at first didnt nptice it but then i noticed it showed that it cant download something. I know...
  15. shivampandit1999

    Browsers unable to connect to the Internet

    I have a working internet connection but browsers are not being able to connect to the internet. this has been a serious problem as I have not been able to browse anything from my PC although other apps are working completely fine.
  16. V

    Tor Browser failed to install

    I tried to download Tor Browser (not the bundle) from its home site. Download seemed to go okay, and file opened okay, but when I got to the 'connect to tor' part, it froze half-way through...after half-hour I aborted, and uninstalled. I am curious why it failed. I'm running XP Pro. Do I need to...
  17. A

    How to open a video through your defult video player

    Ive had an s7 edge for about 6 months and before whenever i tried to play a video on the browser there was a prompt to open the video using the video player installed on my fone or the defult video player on the browser. Does anyone know how i can get that prompt or pop up back again
  18. D hijacker on my browser, but I had a clean install

    I got a new cpu and mobo so just to avoid future problems with windows, I did a clean install with the windows media creation tool. (Windows 10) Everything went fine. After windows was installed, it asked me to set up the basic things and login to my Microsoft account. So I logged in and I...
  19. P

    updating my tablet

    just trying to update my browser. I have a rca pro 10. update in a simple way . new at this!
  20. T

    Make a browser into its own track/output?

    How could I make my browser (Firefox) or a simple audio playing application (Foobar or even the Windows default) play on a specific output/input track? For example, I would want my audio from a game and my audio from whatever is playing in the other application to be on a separate track.
  21. AreeSoothsayer

    A specific Browser

    I have a fast connection, watching streaming videos should be fine. However not every server can handle the traffic watching stuff they're hosting. It used to be easy to handle. Pause the show. Go do something for 10-15 minutes then come back and watch while the next episode is downloading onto...
  22. E

    Where is the browser in Sharp lc-55p6000u?

    I bought Sharp lc-55p6000u from Walmart. I didn't find the browser on that. Can anyone tell how to go to browser? Thanks!
  23. A

    My laptop is not connecting to the net despite the router working.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3521. My laptop is showing a strong internet connection yet none of the browsers are connecting to the internet. I tried all the command prompt commands given on the Windows web page and still no luck. I even tried using my mobile data on the laptop through USB and even...
  24. P

    Which browser is better in graphics and as fast as Firefox for a laptop?

    In terms of graphics i m referring Brave link: firefox vivaldi Yandex example: about are screenshots of different browsers of simple tick on wordpress website. You will find that tick on firefox is worst...
  25. I

    HP Pavillion 15-p201ur lags in browser, heavy website

    Hi, i have a problem with my laptop. Namely, lags in the browser, YouTube and heavy sites. I suspect that this is in the video card driver. In games there are no problems. On the forums wrote that the driver does not work correctly on Windows 10, then i rolled back to 8.1, but the problem did...
  26. tarmiricmi

    Website scan for cryptocurrency mining

    Hello, is there any web-check where one can enter particular website address to check whether that site uses cryptocurrency mining scripts? One could use browser extensions to do that but I'm looking for an online scan.
  27. Gabe_G

    Question about different browsers

    I am wondering should I use chrome or Firefox what is better? I look forward to hearing from you thanks.
  28. P

    At&t special techs said couldn't help

    I believe someone has managed to get control of my AT&T moden/router and has changed browsers on my tablets and android phone. My location on them doesnt even show the correct townn but a town that is not close vicinity of where I live..
  29. T

    facebook stops loading

    none of three browsers will load facebook after win 10 update. Why is Facebook not loading when every other URL will? Is Facebook down this morning or what's going on. I don't see anything on the net that describes this failure.
  30. C

    tvs without a browser on it

    im looking for a smart tv but with no internet browser can i get 1? and can people please tell me what one it is please
  31. bokrael

    How to use 2 Google accounts for Android Chrome browser?

    Hello, I got 2 different Google accounts to my smartphone but I can use only the first one logged at Chrome. How can I switch them?
  32. D

    Unable to detect and remove SearchSixty/Search60 search engine in Chrome

    Greetings, Whenever I launch chrome, I start on the default Google homepage, but whenever I type something in and hit enter, I get redirected to, although my default search engine was set to Google. I attempted to change the default address bar search engine but the option to do...
  33. D

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser. Running Win 7 SP1 Please help!

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser on my Gateway laptop. Running Win 7 SP1 Need help with step by step instructions. Please help am a novice!
  34. B

    looking for advice for virus problem

    my google chrome browser opens multiple tabs is it a virus? can anyone help me pls thanks!!!
  35. O

    Prevent existing tabs from opening in Chrome on start-up

    SERIOUSLY? I keep 24 active tabs in my Chrome browser. They all rev-up every time I log-in. Unless someone can tell me how to prevent that--I only want the tab I was last on to open with each new log-in--I'm going to delete Chrome. Thanks....
  36. B

    Continuous Beeping on Sattelite P775 Laptop

    This just began today. The 3 times with both FF and GC browsers running, the machine will start a staccato-like beeping that last from 15-30 seconds then stops. No freezes, no issues at startup, just random. Note, the volume was muted each time but when this occurs the volume comes on and...
  37. D

    programs won't launch

    Suddenly, Firefox and all other browsers won't launch, and neither will Adobe Reader. I'm using Windows XP SP3. As of Friday (three days ago at this point) I can't get Firefox to launch. It starts to load but then freezes. Or it loads just fine but freezes after I visit a site or open a new...
  38. Pimpom

    Stubborn browser redirect malware

    I've been infected with the browser redirect malware a few times since last year. CCleaner used to get rid of it quickly but not anymore. RKill and TDSSKiller don't work either. I run Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and use Chrome and Firefox. My AV is Avira Free. Can anyone please suggest something...
  39. S

    my pc does audio video out of sync on every streaming on every browser updated all things does not helped problem still

    ON win 10 every thing is up to date but audio video out of sync while streaming online on any site on any browser. vlc and win media player are running okon the system problem is only with streaming. audio drivers also tried but the main as well as realtek drivers also not helped same problem in...
  40. B

    how to read any website with auto line break??

    some websites are smart enough to apply auto line breaks when I zoom in the page of a browser, but some are not, they don't break the line intelligently but enlarging the whole things. It's a problem, when lying back on the sofa reading a lot of text on the screen. In addition to sliding down...
  41. A

    Automatic refreshing browsers and file explorer

    Hello, My laptop works normally, I usually open Youtube and watch videos and it's all good. However, whenever I put load on it by opening heavy programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, browser tabs start to refresh automatically from time to time and that annoys me (especially...
  42. I

    Redirects, Adware, browser hijacking -- HELP PLEASE!!!

    Okay. So I recently moved in for a little while with my grandparents, and my grandpa has a Dell desktop (which I am on right now) with an i5 CPU, blah blah blah... that's not important right now. Anyway, I've been using his computer, and I've noticed that he must have downloaded something from...
  43. S

    can't type in chrome browser win 7

    I cannot type in chrome browser, in gmail or any programmes within the browser I uninstalled all extensions I disabled - run in background and hardware enhance I cured problem once after a windows update but after rebooting computer the problem has returned. Is there a cure. I cannot find one...
  44. J Virus Solution

    Hi, Just recently had a virus attack my laptop called It forces my browsers to open automatically. Even if I delete one browser it automatically redirects to the next one. It is supposedly spyware that's used to monitor my browsing habits amongst other obvious malicious intent. I have...
  45. S

    can not access google from any browser

    I can not access Google page with any browser. I get a page full of these type of symbols "�?Q���2#5�@#e���3p\�uޓ�����?_" I have tried everything to figure it out. I called Google and they had no idea how to fix it. I have run malware and anti virus protections. Anyone have any idea how to fix...
  46. D

    How to recover deleted location using browser history instead

    I deleted location on google but need it back...i didnt delete the web browsing history and can see my searches but how can i view actual image? Using ipad please.
  47. IvakaS

    PC full of Adware Viruses

    Hello there, two days ago I downloaded some program from the internet and since then I've been having issues when browsing with Opera (just Opera). Many times I click somewhere, adwares like "liveadexchange", "buzzonclick" and many more things redirect me to adds. I searched for solutions...
  48. Rossdowling321

    My Chrome browser visited this URL thousands of times by itself, was it a DDOS?

    Hi there, when I was looking through my history on chrome to find a page i was at earlier I found that there was this website named something like "" that had been visited more than a few thousand times, was this a breach on the security of my pc/browser? what...
  49. Q

    looking for help

    i have lenovo ideapad 100 it says it connected to wifi but when i open a browser, it prompts THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION... DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET
  50. S

    I have a Seiki Model SE43FGT, does it have an internet browser?

    I have a Seiki Model SE43FGT, does it have an internet browser?
  51. C

    Sound playing No browser open

    Caught some type of unusual virus or malwarw or bundleware cuz i keep hearing sound of a commercial playing thru my speakers and i have no apps open or browser ran a full virus and malware check and nothing can anyone help me driving me nuts
  52. Marshall Honorof

    Avoid These Corrupted Chrome Extensions (For Now)

    Software developers have fallen prey to phishing schemes, and their once-legitimate Chrome extensions now threaten millions of people. Avoid These Corrupted Chrome Extensions (For Now) : Read more
  53. Slow Pri

    What is YOUR favorite browser & Why?

    Hello! I'm trying to pick out what browser is a solid choice. I've been using Chrome since it's came out. To be honest, it's a masterpiece with some minor flaws. I hate the RAM usage that it takes up with more than 10 tabs open. It's lightweight however in the aspect that it is pretty snappy...
  54. S

    Can't Open/Run ChromeSetup.exe

    Hello, I have a Windows 8.1 64bit laptop and I'm trying to install a new browser. I used to Google Chrome a long time ago, till I uninstalled it. Now I'm reinstalling it. Ever time I double-click the ChromeSetup.exe or the offline installer exe. It won't open the installer, I checked if the...
  55. C

    Block malicious Edge browser redirects

    When using Win10 Microsoft Edge browser to visit certain webpages I am redirected to malicious and ransomware web pages without my consent. There does not seem to be any provision within the Microsoft Edge browser to block malicious redirects or to include a black list of web pages to be...
  56. S

    My right Alt key opens browser. Help!

    Hi, My "alt gr" known as right Alt key opens bing browser search in mozilla for "How to receive help in windows 10". Is there a way to find this shortcut (I mean a file path or smth)? Tried searching in google, but nothing appears. Thanks for your time c:
  57. A

    Google Chrome browser on Windows: apps crash when typing the "at" sign

    In the Google Chrome browser under Windows: When I type in the @ sign in an input field of an app the app crashes. Examples: The "Contacts" app crashes when I edit a contact and type in an email address. The Instagram app crashes when I I enter my email address in the log-in screen. Pasting an...
  58. K

    Restoring favicons following browser/Windows reinstall

    Finally! I get to ask a question that isn't about Windows 7! Firefox: After formatting the old hard drive and reinstalling my software, I've come upon the ancient problem of every bookmark in my browser missing its familiar favicon (the little icon every site pushes to identify itself). This...
  59. S

    Weird symbols and a hijacked browser?

    Everytime I go to or any pages from amazon, I get this weird page full of random symbols, rectangles, ?'s, etc. I ran Malwarebytes, hitmanpro, emisoft, rkill, zemana and got nothing. It's still happening. I've also reset Chrome and uninstalled and reinstalled it. I'm on a Dell xps...
  60. M

    No sites outside of Google will load

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and for the last three days I have been completely unable to load any webpage outside of Google, Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook (so anything owned by google). The few articles or tutorials I have seen online did not lead to any resolution and I'm out of ideas of what to do...