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  1. R

    How to clear blockages on browser maliciously put there by someone else

    I receive information from colleagues on the Internet with a link I must click on, when I click on this link it gives me a 400 bad choice. How do I clear this blockage?
  2. A

    Looking for a solution

    I have a Panasonic phone.Once I downloaded UC browser .when I uninstalled the browser my photos and videos in gallery suddenly disappeared.Photos and videos are showing in the file manager but not in the gallery.New images and videos are also not showing in the gallery.Only in file manager.
  3. J

    Laptop shuts down unexpectedly when not plugged in, using browser

    I have an hp laptop and when it runs on battery and i use the internet browser it shuts down. When it shuts down the battery may even be above 50% and should have at least two hours before it's out of battery life. I think that when I open sites for streaming or youtube it shuts off faster...
  4. K

    Very slow work

    My dell i5 5000 7th gen is very slow work and browser open take a long time . Please help me...
  5. T

    how to download uc browser from store

    How to download uc browser from store Nokia Lumia 520
  6. V

    Samsung internet browser

    How can I add to my settings of the samsung internet browser the option to rename files before downloading them?
  7. D

    Help hacked facebook trouble

    I've been hacked and it logged me out both my browser and app on facebook I have not received a login code from facebook due to not having the phone number I hade My email is still up for use but it won't send the code to my email? Plz help i need to get into my Facebook I sent my own face...
  8. R

    Really strange virus

    I recently got a virus that randomly opens 18+ ads on my browser, I tried scanning with Malwarebytes, it got instantly shut down, I tried Windows Defender, the real time protection kept closing itself, I tried the eset one time online scanner it closed my browser. I think it infected the...
  9. B

    Dealing with tricky malware

    So about 3 months ago i noticed random popups starting to appear even when browser was minimized or closed, i ignored it because it only happened like twice a day. It has become more frequent now and any search of malware/adware or attempt to download anti-malware programs results in a force...
  10. E

    Cannot Access DVR from outside network

    ok so I'm retyping all this cuz I some exit the browser LOL SO I bought this new DVR which doesn't have a brand name nor a product name the cameras r connected to it and it sees em and records and things are cool But I'm having problems with the Dvr network Setting As I said I cannot access...
  11. G

    does pale moon work with windows xp

    trying to download a browser that will support windows xp
  12. S

    LastPass Password Manager

    I just starting using LastPass as a browser extension on Firefox. One of its features is that when I login to a website, LastPass prompts me if I want to save the site and the login credentials. If I click OK, boom its done. I don't have to re-type the login credentials which tell me LastPass...
  13. G

    Chrome Is About to Hog Your RAM Even More

    But Google claims the move is for your own good to prevent Spectre-related attacks. Chrome Is About to Hog Your RAM Even More : Read more
  14. T

    My mic picks up the audio(can hear it when I play it) but when I use stuff like Discord it does not go through. Help?

    I've tried doing what Discord says to fix it, but it no longer works. At first, it would work in the browser version of Discord but now it does not work at all. Problem surfaced shortly after I uninstalled Discord setup, but after deleting and reinstalling it does not work at all. Please help.
  15. L

    Viruses, Trojans, Malware and ... Keyboards? A cautionary Tale

    Hello all, this isnt a question but rather an experience I wanted to share. So for the past few days my Chrome browser seemed to be hijacked. Randomly it would open a new browser window and go to my default homepage. Sometimes it would open one window, sometimes multiple, up to 10 or so. Very...
  16. oathmark1

    Where Does Google Chrome Keep the Tab URL's at in a Folder on my SSD?

    I'm trying to find where the browser, Google Chrome, stores the URL's that it saves for remembering what tabs I have open when the computer shuts off. Do you know where to find that folder and what it is called? Thanks much appreciated
  17. K

    discontinue pop ups

    Somehow I got signed up for and now I'm getting pop ups from when I open my browser. Not a big problem, but annoying and I would like to discontinue whatever service I signed up for by mistake. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  18. R

    chrome refuses to open gmail

    This problem did not happen until a month or two ago. Since the problem started, when I try open Gmail from my Chrome browser a warning screen appears which reads "Not secure / Your connection is not private...". Gmail does not open. This does not happen when I use Firefox, but I would like to...
  19. C

    DNS pc problem

    how do I fix a DNS problem in Windows 10? I am getting insecure sites in the address bar.
  20. C

    Random Ads Pops Up everytime

    Hi, I own an Android Phone for less than 5 months. There comes a time when a random ad sudddenly pops up at my browser. I tried to do a full reset for 3 times then nothing happened. I wanted to know what to do with it. I know what's the main cause of this problem, it's just that its uncontrollable.
  21. B

    Strange tab appeared on browser

    A strange tab appeared when I opened Opera, it was really strange, the page was blank and the URL was IP numbers, then "/hello" and then random letters and numbers What was that? am I being hacked?
  22. S

    Chrome Proxy Server Error

    I'm unable to search for anything on in my chrome and another browser there "proxy server" error in Google Chrome browser when I open any web page. Let me know guys How can I solve it? and also diagnoses and troubleshooting with my system ..still did not get the ideas to fix this problem...
  23. A

    Help with my chrome.

    So i turned on my pc and this happend on chrome any way i can fix it?
  24. O

    Typing a streamer's (BradWOTO) name in a browser crashes it.

    Whenever I type "BradWOTO" in the address bar in my browser, it crashes. I tried it with Chrome and Edge and both crashed. It's very annoying because I can't watch the Twitch stream of BradWOTO or click a tweet he made on twitter. Doing so crashes my browser. I just want to know what may cause...
  25. SoggyTissue

    AV program using elevated privilages to amend settings without request.

    As the title suggests, AV program using elevated privilages to amend settings without permission. I am talking about AVAST setting its safe browser as default without it ever opening up, or asking for permission to amend my setting as default browser. Isnt this behaviour more suited to a 'you...
  26. J

    Why is Ublock Origin beginning to allow some ads through on Dailymotion and YouTube?

    Not sure what's going on. But it seems for the past month Dailymotion and YouTube have found their way around Ublock origin. I replaced it with AdGuard for a while But AdGuard seems to slow my browsers even after the filters are updated so I switched back to Ublock Origin. Not sure why I'm...
  27. J

    my goggle browser isn't loading (not chrome)

    I type something in & it won't load pages says "Unknown url sheme"
  28. R

    Google chrome privacy issues? Everything You Need to Know

    Google Chrome is among the most popular browsers in the world, and being the default browser for all Android devices out there, it’s no wonder why so many people use it. While its a never-ending debate which browser is the best (especially now with the new Firefox Quantum), the more casual and...
  29. R

    Secure Your Browser And Stop Facebook Tracking

    If you use Facebook, you may already know that Facebook tracks you and stores a lot of information on you. The social media giant has an enormous amount of information on its users. You might not think much about it but in reality, they really do know a lot about you. Your likes/dislikes, where...
  30. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Opera

    Opera browser is still the preferred browser of many people and organizations. When troubles playing Netflix happen, most of the issues have to do with a locked down platform. This guide will show you how to get rid of the unexpected error in Opera by changing the user agent. 1. Open Developer...
  31. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Internet Explorer

    Internet explorer is still one of the most in demand browsers in the world. When watching Netflix, users might encounter an unexpected error. This is a similar problem that has affected other browsers, but there exists an easy fix. This guide will cover the three most common ways to resolve the...
  32. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Edge

    Edge is the alternative browser that is meant to replace Internet Explorer. Because of the engine it was built on, Edge is very good at handling media. When Netflix tosses you an unexpected error, use one of these three popular fixes. Refresh The Browser There are multiple ways to refresh the...
  33. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Safari

    Apple browsers can sometimes suffer through the same problems playing Netflix as other browsers. But fixing an unexpected error for Netflix in Safari still follows a simple process. These are the two most reliable ways to get Netflix working on a Safari browser. Restart Your Computer This is...
  34. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Firefox

    Firefox is one of the most used web browsers in the world. When an unexpected error pops up while watching Netflix, users have to go through a few steps to refresh the browsers information. Within a few minutes the error will be gone so that you can watch shows normally. 1. Open The Firefox...
  35. M

    All browsers crash

    All browsers crash. And now today it isn't just my browsers crashing, it's also my sound is very distorted, it looks like my driver might be missing something pops up keep telling me that I don't have a graphics card and if I go into device manager and go to the driver for sound and search for...
  36. W

    See Who is Using My Netflix Account

    With multiple people sharing a Netflix account, privacy is a concern for all. For an account owner, knowing who has access to your Netflix subscription is important. This guide shows how to utilize one of the easiest features available on the platform. These instructions work for any web browser...
  37. C

    My keyboard is acting weirdly.

    First of all . I bought this keyboard like one month ago. First 2 week i didn't have any issues , but for a some time it start doing weird commands and stuff. Like switching wasd keys with arrow keys, reverting Caps lock , and by that i mean when it's on it writes with small letter and when it's...
  38. R

    Where are Google Chrome Security Settings? Everything you Need to Know

    One of the top browsers out there and among the most used ones, Google Chrome has its own set of security settings apart from the regular Google ones. If you use Chrome extensively, it’s good to know about these settings and what you can do with them. There are some interesting settings there...
  39. W

    Unexpected Error on Netflix on Chrome

    Chrome browsers that need to have their information refreshed will run across this error when accessing Netflix. This is a short tutorial that will flush the bad information from your current session. Users that constantly receive this error can follow the below troubleshooting steps to get...
  40. Tolis_GR

    Firefox Hardware Acceleration Bug or what?

    I had this problem before and had to go back to 54.1 version. Now i updated the latest again to check how it goes. Whenever i enable the option to use the recommended playback video settings based on my hardware, which actually enables the hardware acceleration, my gpu will boost both core and...
  41. R

    What Are Facebook Active Sessions?

    Active Sessions is a neat way to see if you forgot to log out of your Facebook account from a public or someone else's computer, as well as if there’s unauthorized access by anyone other than yourself. Each entry includes information such as the date, time, and approximate location of the login...
  42. J

    Need help removing nasty adware

    I got a bunch of malware and adware after downloading something directly of [pirated software]. Now whenever I search something with the word “adware” or “adwcleaner” my browser closes itself. Any help is appreciated, I’m a noob when it comes to this stuff. Thanks in advance.
  43. D

    Browser Not Video Playback

    I have been relentless looking for a solution for this issue and have found nothing. I recently handed over my PC to my brother by cleanly reinstalling Windows 10 by going through the Settings app. I set it up for him and now he can't watch any YouTube or Twitch videos. It either plays and then...
  44. L

    Browser crashes on specific searches

    Hi, I have a problem with every browser crashing when I search for specific keywords like "adw", "adware" or "rogue" for example. It happens to every browser and I can't seem to find the problem. I can't open cmd or adwcleaner in normal mode but I've run then in safe mode. I've used...
  45. Q

    My chrome browser keeps opening a specific website

    This is the website I have no idea what it is because a cloudflare host timeout screen shows, but this has never happened to me before. What is it and how do I stop it from happening?
  46. V

    stuttering when playing videos via browser

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure where else to post this. Quite simply, my system lags when i start playing a flash video in ANY of my browsers. Here is my system. Windows 10 pro 64bit. I have the latest bios, chipset, gpu driver, and browsers. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this or point me in the...
  47. D

    Twitter images blanking out into just solid colors with no image

    Over the past few days I have been having my twitter images all blanking out into just solid colors. I restarted system once and it fixed the problem. That was yesterday but now it is starting again. Yesterday it was with all browsers and on multiple twitter accounts, which indicates to me...
  48. B

    windows right click opens a new browser?

    pretty much just going to resay the problem, whenever I right click, no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing it opens up a new tab, bringing me directly to youtube, my home screen. help???
  49. K

    My laptop can't connect to the internet completely, no matter what browser I use

    I have problems with my proxy settings
  50. T

    Using a secondary browser makes my computer temporarily freeze up.

    I use Firefox as my main browser, but sometimes I use like Google Chrome or Opera for using different Facebook accounts and stuff like that. But when I open up my secondary browser, it makes my internet stop working for a little bit and I can't do anything on my computer. Anyone else...
  51. S

    How To Browse The Internet On Amazon Fire TV?

    Amazon recently allowed the installation of web browsers on its Fire TVs and Firestick. This added capability has allowed its users to enjoy surfing the World Wide Web from the comfort of their couches and on a considerably larger screen. The Amazon Fire TV utilizes your home network to connect...
  52. T

    Flash player has stopped working in all browsers

    On Sunday evening flash player has stopped working in chrome, the browser I regually use. I have tried reinstalling flash but that hasn't changed anything. I have since installed other browsers, both firefox and opera and cant get flash to work in either of them. I cant think of any changes...
  53. S

    Chrome stops browsing

    Recently, Chrome "freezes" in the browsing mode (spinning circle). If I clear my browsing history, Chrome will browse to a site again. After Chrome is closed and powered off, the problem reoccurs. My other browsers are working okay. What is going on with Chrome?
  54. henrytcasey

    How to Stop Ads from Hijacking Your iOS Browser

    How to defend yourself against the malicious ads hijacking iPhone and iPad web browsers. How to Stop Ads from Hijacking Your iOS Browser : Read more
  55. D

    How to convince my school technology administrators to give me access to .paf files?

    I want to have access to portable browsers on my school laptop. I have a 64-bit Windows 10 laptop and I need a valid reason to convince the IT technicians at my school to give me access to .paf files.
  56. S

    Delete "Browser" app

    The app "Browser" was installed on my phone and I cannot get rid of it. It took over the search box on the Home screen. It is not listed in Apps or Device Administrator. How do I delete this app?
  57. henrytcasey

    Chrome's Ad Blocker Is Here: How It Works

    Google's going to filter out ads that it claims to ruin the web browsing experience. Here's how it works and what devices will get it. Chrome's Ad Blocker Is Here: How It Works : Read more
  58. J

    Annoying new tab redirects and speed dial openings

    I use both Opera and Google Chrome on windows 10, and recently (February 8th) both browsers started acting funny. With Opera, it constantly opens speed dial tabs at random and with Chrome, I'm constantly getting redirected to the new tab page on whatever existing tab I'm on. I've tried...
  59. R

    Dedicated AMD GPU

    Hi All, Problem Description: Need to Use web browser to use my AMD Card for processes. No CPU Usage should be used. For example, I want to run a browser game, I want my browser to use all power, calculation and everything using GPU Only. I want my CPU to be free. Can it be done? Since the...