Apr 4, 2018
I have been relentless looking for a solution for this issue and have found nothing. I recently handed over my PC to my brother by cleanly reinstalling Windows 10 by going through the Settings app. I set it up for him and now he can't watch any YouTube or Twitch videos. It either plays and then goes choppy or it does not load at all. Computer worked flawless for me since I had it and he has not downloaded anything onto it. I have tried clearing the cache, downloading K-Lite Codec, reinstalling/resetting Chrome, and updating drivers. I am so lost on what the issue is.I can play videos through VLC media player with no issues.

Computer Part List
CPU: i7 4790k
RAM: Corsair Plat 16gb
GPU: Asus Strix 970 GTX
PSU: Corsair 760
check temperature and frequency of the CPU by "coretemp" while watching a youtube video

internet connection is the same? Connected via wi-fi or wired LAN?