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    Solved! trying to stream on but stream is unbearably laggy

    I have a gtx 1070ti, i7 8700k and 16gbs of ram. My main problem is whenever I try to stream it is always laggy no matter what i do even when i go to 720p and 2500 bit rate its just unbearable eve tho i have 11 upload and 180 download. if anyone can help me fix this problem it would be very...
  2. M

    Hey can I stream game on YouTube and twitch with Acer nitro 5 Ryzen 5 laptop..

    Tell me about it all as you can it worth
  3. K

    What is a twitch Sub Link?

    Hey everyone. I was streaming with a friend earlier when someone in my chat asked for a "sub link" I have no clue what this means, and id like a subscriber. Can anyone help?
  4. F

    Solved! Mic Issue when streaming on Twitch

    Microphone Issue. Samson Meteor USB Mic (approx. 2-3 years old). Was Streaming on Twitch as normally 2 nights ago and for the most part my Mic was working fine. However, it had the same issue twice, which I’ve never seen/heard before and can’t work out or find answers to? I had to unplug/plug...
  5. A

    In Need of Low-Mid Budget Microphone Set & Headphones

    Edit: I bolded the important parts in-between the rambling and added a TLDR just in case you skim it or don't want to read a wall of text. Just like the title says, I'm in need of a microphone set(e.g mic, sound/pop filter, shock mount, boom arm, etc.) and a pair of headphones that are low-mid...
  6. A

    Solved! OBS settings for my PC? Should i stream using CPU or GPU?

    Hello, so my question is about streaming. What should my stream OBS settings be or what should my encoder be? CPU - I3 8350K 4GHZ GPU - GTX 1050 TI 4GB Thanks!
  7. S

    Solved! Stream laptop good?

    Hi, Im willing to stream soon and I am looking for a good laptop for this but also to carry to school ( university) and do my school tasks with it I got in mind the new Lenovo Legion Y530 I7 8th gen and 1050 graphics or the asus FX504 i7 8th gen 1050 TI graphics or the acer nitro 5 I7 8th gen...
  8. O

    How to use an XLR for Dual-PC Twitch Streaming

    Hello everybody, I run a very basic DUAL-PC setup for my Twitch streams, of which I want to upgrade my audio. Gaming PC Elgato HD60 Streaming PC Above is the very basic route all my audio follows. All the audio from my gaming pc goes through my Elgato HD60 and to my streaming pc, ultimately...
  9. G

    How to Claim Your Free Twitch Prime Games

    Want free games? Twitch is giving some away, in honor of Amazon Prime Day. How to Claim Your Free Twitch Prime Games : Read more
  10. M

    Best settings for my internet

    http:// keep in mind their are about 6 other people in the house im in currently... i need to know what the best settings are
  11. F

    Webcam for Twitch streaming

    hey, everyone, Im trying to figure out what webcam I need for streaming only (not making a video content or etc) I almost have chosen Logitec brand but I need your opinion on that and which model If you have one. Cheers
  12. G

    The 7 Best Twitch Alternatives

    If you're tired of the constant controversy or the toxic chat, here are eight alternatives to Twitch. The 7 Best Twitch Alternatives : Read more
  13. D

    Solved! Browser Not Video Playback

    I have been relentless looking for a solution for this issue and have found nothing. I recently handed over my PC to my brother by cleanly reinstalling Windows 10 by going through the Settings app. I set it up for him and now he can't watch any YouTube or Twitch videos. It either plays and then...
  14. S

    is this machine capable of gaming+streaming Overwatch

    I7-7700hq gtx 1060 6gb 16gb ddr ram @2400 and a ssd+hdd i want to be able to stream overwatch at 1080p 60 fps all low and would like to keep it for awhile
  15. G

    Discord: Everything You Need to Know

    Here's what you need to know about Discord, one of the most popular communication tools for online gaming and streaming. Discord: Everything You Need to Know : Read more
  16. Mike Andronico

    The Best Fortnite Players to Watch Now

    Whether you're looking for high-level gameplay, in-depth strategies or just a good laugh, here are the best Fortnite streamers and YouTubers to check out right now. The Best Fortnite Players to Watch Now : Read more
  17. Ichigo1554

    27 inch for gaming or 32 inch ?

    Hey all im a twitch streamer and was thinking of building a new monitor set up currently running 2 1080 24 inch acer screens my new screen set up would either be 3 of Asus 27" LED G-Sync ROG Swift PG278QR or 3 of...
  18. G

    How to Stream Nintendo Switch to Twitch

    Want to share your gameplay with the world? Here's how to stream your Nintendo Switch games to Twitch. How to Stream Nintendo Switch to Twitch : Read more
  19. N

    OBS settings for low quality computer

    What should my settings be for streaming a high ping game like Starcraft 2 to twitch with a Lenovo i7 yoga 370
  20. anoori9000

    Application automatically changes my microphone volume... I don't know how to stop it.

    Hello Tom's, Twitch Voice client (kind of like discord) that I use for calls when gaming seems to be automatically change my volume. It is automatically changing this slider (ive seen it move with my own eyes) Here are my other settings: I don't know how to stop it from controlling my...
  21. A

    Can i use Asus A556UQ Laptop for Gaming Live Stream ?

    Can i use Asus A556UQ-DM868D/DM869D For live streaming? it has 8GB of RAM and 2GB of VGA and i5 7200u. What do you think?
  22. J

    Multiple Audio Channels for Switching Between Different Twitch Streams

    I don't know if this is the right place but I'm wondering: I'd like to set up around 6-Monitors on my PC and with 5 of them for Twitch-like Streaming Content, is there is a way to connect 5+ dials or knobs so I can quickly turn up/down a certain streams audio without having to use my mouse?
  23. Y

    Need laptop for streaming 1080p 60fps gameplay

    I want to stream from a laptop in Full HD 1080p 60fps to youtube or twitch. What laptops are capable of doing so that are less than $1,000 all I want this laptop for is to STREAM gameplay.
  24. S

    Streaming on twitch using 2 computers

    Hi! I am Ben. I have read your "ultimate guide to twitch streaming" and you wrote that I could streaming using 2 computers? One for playing the game and the other for capturing myself? Can you please make a tutorial on how to do that? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!! :D
  25. L

    Solved! Laptop for streaming (OBS+Elgato 1st generation) on twitch

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a laptop that let me stream (PS4) using an elgato and I found this: Laptop HP Pavilion 15-Aw003la -Ram: 8gb -GPU: AMD Radeon R5 -CPU: AMD A9-9410 (2.9 gHz) PS: I want to use TwitchAlerts and overlays. This laptop could help me to stream with elgato game capture and OBS?
  26. Mike Andronico

    Beam is Now Mixer: Everything You Need to Know

    Here's what you need to know about Mixer, Microsoft's answer to Twitch. Beam is Now Mixer: Everything You Need to Know : Read more
  27. M

    Lenovo Legion Y520 - Low FPS While Streaming on Twitch

    I don't know if this is the right place to post for help, but here's my situation. I got this laptop a week ago, and I want to stream League of Legends on Twitch, but no matter what settings I try to tweak in OBS, the performance of the laptop is very low and the FPS in game while streaming is...
  28. A

    Why is my Twitch stream freezing/skipping so bad?

    I recently started streaming Player Unknown's Battlegrounds but everytime i start streaming, my stream starts freezing/skipping really badly. I have no idea why and I tried so many different bitrates and settings on OBS. PC Specs: Intel Core I7 6700k EVGA GTX 1060 6gb SC 8gb Ram ASUS H110...
  29. Dank tech

    Need a cheap/average Microphone for streaming on Twitch

    So currently I'm using my earphones as a mic but it's completely crap :lol: ...So I do some streaming on twitch using OBS studio....I will just get to the point...I need a good Microphone..Not the best but my voice should be clear...And oh..I'm not American.. So I use sites such as
  30. S

    how do i move the icon at bottom of the screen ?

    on xbox one when i stream via twitch i see the annoying Viewers icon at bottom its annoying is there any way of removing it from xbox one screen or move it to another area when i use subtitles in a game the Twitch stream,viewers icon goes over subtitles. can you help ?
  31. C

    I'm doing a Livestream this Friday playing Breath of the Wild should I do YouTube or Twitch?

    I know that this question has been made a lot of times, but I want to ask it in my case. I'm a Mexican with a YouTube channel in Spanish that uploads videos somewhat regularly and Streams on Saturday night on twitch. My quiestion is, Should I stream on twitch or Youtube? obviously the stream...
  32. H

    videos wont load? help

    no videos load, not just youtube, also twitch and other stuff, everything is updated and wifi is fine. how did this happen and how do I fix it? its an ipad mini, nothing else is wrong besides the fact that videos wont using mts but that's not the problem it dosent say anything, just...
  33. T

    Internet Runs Certain Programs Keeps Working However Doesnt Load New Pages.

    So I was watching a twitch stream live (this has happened before has nothing to do with the stream) but when I would go to open a new tab it would say Server not found. However the stream didnt stop or have any lag and I couldnt open any webpages for 10 minutes until it fixed itself. Also during...
  34. AMDRadeonHD

    Twitch recommended settings?

    My Internet speed is 36mbps and 6.5mbps (45 when I downloaded the game on Steam) on speedtest, what is the recommended settings for Twitch using Nvidia Shadowplay?I heard that 720p 30fps at 2mbps bitrate is recommended but there are so many others who think different Specs: GPU: GTX 960 2GB...
  35. D

    how come when I watch youtube live streams they're really clear but twitch is not even replaying prerecorded content.

    Does twitch have less lag? Is there just a bad connection between me and twitch? twitch is always so choppy and unwatchable for me.
  36. B

    What do you think of this laptop as a media machine (4k 60hz output to external TV, plus tons of firefox tabs including Twitch

    What are the most important elements that I should prioritize in a laptop? I want a good keyboard and 13.3-15.6 inch matte screen, plus the 4k output functionality (screen itself doesnt need to be 4k). Could you recommend a laptop. My budget was $1000 but people are saying I need to push it...
  37. Tenslaster2980

    Should I stream on or Youtube Gaming?

    I'm a smaller Youtuber with 73 subs, and I honestly don't know where to stream. I like Youtube because that's where my main "fanbase" is. But copyright from simply playing a cutscene from Black Ops 3 Zombies, my stream gets hit off because of copyright. But Twitch is nice because you can play...
  38. M

    Twitch Leecher - Your system has not been modified.

    If I press install it just writes: Your system has not been modified.and that's it! Win 7 64bit
  39. firebug11

    Limiting the resources twitch can use

    So say for instance i wanted to run 100 or more twitch tabs without using too much cpu usage but remaining a viewer on all of them. So basically a way of being able to run the streams at a lower bit rate than mobile or even a custom rate for each tab. On each tab i would need to be on a separate...
  40. F

    Using Twitch Alerts in OBS but Norton Blocks It

    So we tried using a twitch alert to make a follower alert, but on the initial test Norton popped up with a medium risk and removed it immediately. Looking at the history, it Quarantined this: Category: Resolved Security Risks Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Path - Filename...
  41. R

    GPU crashed, cannot activate

    I'm running an Alienware Mx17 with a Radeon 7970M card, running Windows 10. I was tweaking my streaming setup using OBS and Twitch, running Overwatch in borderless windowed mode. I had Overwatch up, as well as OBS, and I alt-tabbed to my Twitch dashboard (which displayed my stream preview), and...
  42. O

    Condenser or Dynamic mic?

    Hey I'm looking to buy a very good quality mic for livestreaming on Twitch. So background noise will include keyboard mouse and pc fan. I probably can't get it super close to my mouth when I'm playing as you can understand, but I'm buying a mechanical arm, pop filter and shock mount regardless...
  43. T

    Is it able to stream at 720p.

    I am trying to stream on twitch with my HP Envy M6. Is my laptop capable of steaming at 720p with these specs. 2.3GHz up to 3.2GHz AMD Quad-Core A10-4600M Accelerated Processor 6GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM)) AMD Radeon HD 7660G Discrete-Class graphics and up to 3053MB total graphics memory
  44. P

    How can i do a Desktop Processor Swap from AMD to Intel?

    I have a Asus m11bb amd desktop that i purchased a few years ago. I want to do a Amd to Intel swap, I have a EVGA gtx 960 gpu which i will keep for rig(unless i should upgrade) but my processor cannot keep up for streaming. What are the steps and products i should be doing and looking for? i...
  45. Z

    Headphones, Mic, keyboard

    Hello there, i find my self with some money to spend and i'd like to upgrade my peripherals a little bit, I'm looking for: 1) A good headset, mainly for gaming and a little bit of movies and music, even wireless would be cool. I'm interested in the Sennheiser RS 175 but i'm open to any kind of...
  46. D

    Confusing problem with headphones turning off

    This might be a mess because I'm not sure how to describe it. Essentially, my headphones will occasionally turn off after a brief "static" sound, and I need to unplug and plug them back in. Additionally, anything I'm watching, such as YouTube videos or Twitch streams, will freeze at the same...
  47. E

    Streaming Recording Webcam

    Hello guys, I was wondering if any of you knew or would reccomend any good HD webcams. I'm planning to add some webcam to my twitch streams and videos. I'm willing to spend up to 100$. Thanks guys!
  48. R

    Mic with NO static help?

    Hello, I will be streaming on twitch and need a good mic with no static. However, my budget is pretty low so I can't go for like a blue yetti or something like that. If you know of any mic under $60 please leave link, thanks!
  49. A

    can my laptop stream games on twitch...atleast @ 480p..

    i have a y510p laptop it has an i5 4200m,8gb ram....single 755m 2gb not worried bout temps ill get a ccoling pn n ill turn on the ac in my room.....i want to stream simple games like ....................... the binding of issac.....terraria.....runescape...pokemon...gta games old ones...