In Need of Low-Mid Budget Microphone Set & Headphones

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Dec 10, 2018
Edit: I bolded the important parts in-between the rambling and added a TLDR just in case you skim it or don't want to read a wall of text.

Just like the title says, I'm in need of a microphone set(e.g mic, sound/pop filter, shock mount, boom arm, etc.) and a pair of headphones that are low-mid budget wise but not necessarily quality wise. Now before i get to the budget, let me get into some details here. First let me explain what their uses will be. I will be using the headphones for gaming, listening to music and for audio production e.g audio mixing/editing. The microphone would be used for video commentary, voice chat and maybe some voice acting on the side, so i will need decent to good sound quality for both of them. SQ is determined by the sound card, i think. Second, don't know if this matters, but my computer and living situation might limit the options on what type of mic and headphones i can get. Let's start with the computer. It's a laptop, Lenovo Y7000, it comes with 1 USB Type-C, 3 USB 3.0 or 3.1(tbh i don't know since i haven't received my laptop yet and I've seen conflicting info) and 1 mic/headphone combo jack. Now where I live. It's a double wide trailer situated in a semi quiet area, the occasional vehicle comes by. The double wide walls are a little thin, so i can hear my gf in the other rooms but not so loud that it sounds like she's in the room with me. So the microphone & headphones will need to be able to accommodate with the sound levels in and outside the trailer. so the headphones will probably need to be semi-open or closed back and the mic will probably need to be a condenser or dynamic one. Last but not least, my voice. It might affect my choices, it may come down to needing vocal practices. My voice is somewhat deep and i have a southern accent. Accent probably won't matter but i figured i list anyways.

Now for my budget, which is sadly $120 USD. Would be more if i didn't already buy laptop and didn't need the rest for other things. So it's not much and it limits my options further i know. So this means the mic set and headphones together would need to equal a total of $120 USD or below. If i have to I'll leave the headphones out of the equation just to make the budget. So now here is the question you all been waiting for...Can anyone possibly recommend or give me their experience with a microphone with boom arm, shock mount, pop filter, etc and/or headphones within this budget?

TLDR: Can anyone recommend or have experience with a microphone set(e.g pop filter, shock mount, etc.) that will work good with a deep voice as well as headphones that are decent for audio production and gaming, within my budget of a total $120 USD, that will also work well in somewhat noisy area and is compatible with the Lenovo Y7000 laptop?
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