Headphones, Mic, keyboard


Aug 4, 2015
Hello there, i find my self with some money to spend and i'd like to upgrade my peripherals a little bit, I'm looking for:
1) A good headset, mainly for gaming and a little bit of movies and music, even wireless would be cool. I'm interested in the Sennheiser RS 175 but i'm open to any kind of advice (around this pricetag)
2) A good mic, i sometimes stream on twitch and usually talk on skype or mumble: i'd like a good mic to be plugged in my PC directly without the need of any kind of amp or stuff like that. I don't want "the best" mic. I want a decent around 200€.
3) Good keyboard around 150€, i mainly play MOBAs and FPSs. Some starcaft from time to time.

The whole budget is around 550/600€ but i didn't wan to throw my money randomly on amazon and since i do this kind of upgrades once every 2/3 years, i really want to spend my budget properly.

Thanks in advance, have a good day!
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