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  1. B

    Solved! Audio Not Working

    Ok, so I logged on one day to find that my computer was saying that there was no audio peripherals plugged in when there were. My Razer headset was plugged into the audio jacks. Now when I check the device manager under the sounds, games, and etc. tab everything is good. But, I have to copies of...
  2. camarillodelrio

    Help, icue won’t stop repeating macro.

    Earlier today, I was trying to set up a macro for my PC. I was trying to make a macro to use for voice chat as I have push to talk on. I made it press N, but it wouldn’t work so I deleted “release key N” on the record macros section and it worked, but since then it won’t stop pasting the letter...
  3. S

    SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC

    Hi everyone. I want to buy the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC (, and first and foremost, I would like to hear your guys' opinions on it, overall? My primary use will be for PC gaming, followed by PS4 Pro gaming, and lastly also to...
  4. U

    Question about studio headphones for PC

    Hello! I play a lot of PC games, listen to music, and do plenty of other things that require me listening to audio. I have a steelseries arctis 7 wireless headset, and while I like them (especially the wireless factor and built-in mic), I can't help but think that there is a way better...
  5. Atterus

    New Headset Advise?

    Hello Toms! Thanks for being the first stop whenever I need advise on picking parts or peripherals. Anyways, I'm looking to potentially upgrade my V-moda LP-2 headset into something else, especially after a friend of mine has been gushing over their new headset. It's about four-five years old...
  6. S

    Blue or Grey Start Up Screen on MacBook Pro? Here’s How to Troubleshoot

    The blue or grey screen is the display that appears following the start-up of the MacBook Pro. Sometimes it may appear black, or so dark you might think your computer hasn’t started up at all. The blue or grey screen is not called black screen even when the screen is black (this is true of most...
  7. I

    Mackie CR4 @ $120CAD vs Edifier R1700BT @ $160CAD

    Which is a better value? I am purchasing speakers for my PC. I'm improving the quality of my peripherals for the first time! Would appreciate advice. Both speakers are new
  8. G

    HTC Vive WiGig Wireless Upgrade Is Coming in Q3 2018

    HTC today announced that later this year it would release a wireless accessory for the Vive based on Intel’s WiGig technology. HTC Vive WiGig Wireless Upgrade Is Coming in Q3 2018 : Read more
  9. C

    My laptop doesn't recognize peripheral devices connected to its external monitor.

    How would I go about enabling my Windows 7 laptop which is connected to an external monitor via HDMI, to recognize peripheral devices plugged into said external monitor?
  10. L

    Looking for product: amplifier/volume adjustment unit?

    Hi everyone, Not sure whether to put this in Computer peripherals or here, but I'm looking for a product that is like an amplifier (that allows you to play sound louder than the original source puts out, which is my PC in this case) but at the same time has a knob for adjusting volume, that can...
  11. G

    Get a 28-inch Dell 4K Monitor for Just $280

    Save over $200 on this 4K Dell monitor. Get a 28-inch Dell 4K Monitor for Just $280 : Read more
  12. M

    Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 is good?

    I want to upgrade from Razer Kraken Pro to Kraken 7.1 V2 since my old Kraken started to sound bad. It's a good ideea? Is it good? I really love Razer and all my peripherals are Razer so I don't want to get something else like a Cloud 2...
  13. W

    Laptop peripherals lag

    Hey guys, I've been having a big problem with my Clevo W350ST laptop for about a year. Whenever I plug in my mouse/keyboard, if the laptop's not on "Power Saver" mode, they lag. I've tried it with both "Balanced" and "High performance", allas to no avail. The touchpad works normaly, and so did...
  14. G

    Save Up to 50 Percent During the Logitech PC Accessories Sale

    Save between $15 to $186 during Amazon's one-day Logitech sale. Save Up to 50 Percent During the Logitech PC Accessories Sale : Read more
  15. G

    Get a 22-inch Full HD Dell Monitor for $100

    Get this 1080p Dell monitor for $29 less than the manufacturer's price. Get a 22-inch Full HD Dell Monitor for $100 : Read more
  16. P

    Should I buy used headphones? Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

    I in procces of buying headphones and I need help from you. I want to buy m50x´s and there are 2 options. One is brand new for 160€ and used one for 110€. He said that they he burned them in on first day for 24h and were used under 100 hours altogether. I cant wrap my head around if 100 hours is...
  17. V

    Need New Gaming Headphones!

    Hey! I'm currently looking for a new pair of headphones that will last me at least 5 years for gaming and online chat, I have a standalone Blue Yeti microphone so I'd prefer something without a built in microphone just to assure it's sound quality. My budget is around 100 and I'm not gonna spend...
  18. M

    Need help choosing which headset to buy for Christmas

    Hello, I've been using a pair of Plantronics Gamecom 780 for a few years now, but I just can't take how uncomfortable they get anymore. It's time for a downgrade (as I don't even use the surround sound). I'm looking for a STEREO headset that will be good for gaming and watching YouTube vids...
  19. L

    Need Good Headphones

    Hey everyone, I've wanted to get a new pair of headphones for a while now. Only thing is, I know absolutely nothing for the most part about headphones and sound. So I was hoping some of you knowledgeable people on here could help me. Currently I have a Logitech G35 headset which seems pretty...
  20. S

    high quality microphone

    Hey, Was thinking about buying a headset with a good mic but thought it's just better to keep my current one and buy a microphone separately. What are some good low budget microphones for gaming and chatting with friends on Discord? Thanks guys :)
  21. S

    Gaming Headset with good mic

    Hey, Need help finding a good headset ( with surround sound ) and a high quality mic, I mostly use it to talk to my friends through Discord. It'd be great if it could be under 90 pounds. Thanks
  22. K

    Do I need an amp with a 6.3mm amp?

    So within a few months, I'm going to get a pair of either Sennheiser HD 558 or 598 headphones, and a friend who has the 598 said I'll definitely want an amp (I'll be using them for music, streaming, and gaming). The headphones come with a 6.3mm jack, and a 6.3-3.5. I looked around, and pretty...
  23. m7mod

    A headset that is comfortable and can take a hit

    Hello, i have a kraken pro 7.1 gaming headset , after a year the right driver stopped working and i want to buy a new one , there is a lot of comfortable gaming headsets , but i'm a bit clumsy with my stuff that's why my headset is broken now, so i need one comfortable and can take a fall or a...
  24. Z

    Gaming Headsets vs Audiophile Headphones for GAMING.

    Am I the only one who thinks a good pair of headphones like Sennheiser Momentum, Beats Studio Wireless, Bowers & Wilkins P5, P7, Bang & Olufsen H7, H6, Bose QC15, QC25, etc. sound better than a pair of Gaming headphones? Unless you go for real surround sound headphones – not to mention there're...
  25. R

    Looking for a gaming headset

    I have found 2 headsets, the razer man o war and the hyperx cloud 2, I m torn out on which headset I should pick, I got the money and I don t really care about the value, I game on PC and PS4, so which headset is the better of the two?
  26. N

    HyperX Cloud II Cable feels a little lose?

    Hey guys and girl. So, i just got my new Kingston HyperX Cloud II today, i'm very happy about everything, but there's something confusing me a bit. So i noticed that the cable feels a little lose at the place where it connects with the headset itself. It's very little and it dosent affect the...
  27. S

    Looking for new headphones

    Hey, im looking for a new pair of headphones to replace my rosewill rhts 8206 because the cable keeps curling and there are some cuts on the cable. I was thinking of getting a wireless one but they are expensive. The skullcandy plry 1 and plyr 2 look good but the reviews say the plastic cracks...
  28. A

    Can't choose between headsets

    Can someone help me choose what headset to get? Razer kraken or hyperx cloud II
  29. Z

    Kingston Hyperx cloud 2 usb adapter stopped working

    Kingston Hyperx cloud 2 usb adapter stopped working during use tonight. Started getting fuzz and feedback while my computer no longer recognized it as an option. Headset worked on its own however usb adapter lost on/off light for 7.1 and no audio in or out. Tried on multiple computers to no...
  30. A

    Help deciding a good gaming headset

    I need help getting s good gaming headset the has a mic. I was looking at audio technica ath m50 but it doesent have a mic incase I ever need one. I was also looking at the hyper cloud 2 and razer krakens. What are your thoughts?
  31. A

    Good quality Gaming headset

    I'm looking for a good gaming headset for games like battlefield 1, fallout 4, ect... I don't want the price to be outrageous I was looking at the hyper cloud 2 headset
  32. N

    Does the ModMic work with the HyperX Cloud II's?

    Hi, I was just curious to know if the HyperX Cloud 2's were compatible with the ModMic. I recently bought the Cloud 2's for $60 and I'm not sure how I feel about the mic right off the headset.
  33. L

    Help me choose the best sounding speakers

    Hello guys i have found a pair of 2.1 speakers, almost the same price, but i don't really know what's the best, so i will need your help. The first one is this and the last one is this...
  34. D

    Tried everything, can't get sound to work through audio jacks

    Last time i've had sound working through the audio jacks was about a year ago when i changed to Bluetooth headphones, i've used only Bluetooth for a long time, but now the headphones broke and i'm using normal ones through Soundwire and Wi-Fi but that isn't ideal because i'm going to a LAN soon...
  35. T

    Best headphone for cs go under 80$

    Hey guys :D so as it says, i'm looking to buy a headphone under 80 US$ and the hyper x cloud 2 seems pretty good apparently. I would want to know from the experienced guys what other options i might consider. Is cloud 2 the best option? My primary aim is playing counter strike global offensive...
  36. P

    Headset nylon cable

    Hello people, today im facing a bit of a problem, my headset cable somewhat got out of its wrapping (that nylon sleeve) How can i make it back to original shape? I've already tried using steam to make it more flexible but no succes
  37. E

    2.1 Speaker System for music, games and movies (for PC)

    Hi. I need to buy new 2.1 speakers system for my PC. I want to connect it to my Asus Maximus Hero VIII motherboard with ROG SupremeFX 2015 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC. I want great sound quality with loud settings. Currently I have Logitech G51 with Total RMS power = 155 watts. But...
  38. C

    Beats Solo 2 Headphones Mic Not Working With Splitter?

    Since no one answered my thread last time I posted one and its been out for almost a week now, I've decided to post the same thing again. Like the title says, they won't work with a splitter. If I don't use a splitter, the mic works. If I do use a splitter, the mic doesn't work but the sound...
  39. C

    Audio goes robotic randomly? Help pls ?

    I currently have an audiotechnica AT2020 xlr microphone with a focusrite scarlet solo audio interface and i have bayerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm headphones. I'm having a problem where randomly my audio becomes robotic and i have to disable my playback device and re-enable it to fix it. Why is...
  40. F

    Bluetooth headset problem help please!

    Hello community, I bought a bluetooth wireless headset and I wanna know what is going on with it. First, I had to buy a bluetooth adaptator because I use a desktop PC. I installed the driver and my PC found my headset (Fiddler FD-HP225) with no problem. I connected it and enabled the profiles (I...
  41. E

    Regarding buying from Amazon: 3-Year PC Peripherals Plan cant be shipped?

    Hello, i know this question doesnt really belong here but eh, still. does anybody know what do to if the peripherals plan cant be shipped to my country? i would like to have it ofc , so is there a way around this? like to still have the plan but it doesnt have to be shipped? also if anybody is...
  42. F

    Bluetooth Headset for PC

    Hello, I've bought a wireless bluetooth headset for using it with my android and my pc, the thing is that this headset comes with the headphones and microphone (it's kinda obvious, just to make sure you get it) and with an audio cable (to connect the headset to the mic or the speakers input in...
  43. C


    I want to play csgo with the G4me zero and the ASUS MAXIMUS VII RANGER. If i read reviews people are really mind blowing about this headset. Yet i can't seem to find the right configuration. It doesn't sound good ingame nor when i listen to music online. I don't use any amp or sound board, i...
  44. F

    Hyperx cloud 2s mic making weird noises.

    Just recently I tested my microphone on the Cloud 2 on Audacity and I realized that when I'm not talking, I can hear a static/fluttering noise. I do not know why but when I bought the headphones the mic wasn't like this. Is there a fix to this or is my mic defective?
  45. C

    What headphones should i purchase?

    Will be used mainly for gaming and music (want to be able to hear footsteps well) My budget is £100 however that is flexible if worth the money I have separately brought a microphone (snowball) so mic is not needed on the headset, however i am not too fussed. Please link me some...
  46. C

    What Headphones can you reccomend?

    What budget £150 (flexible) Headphones can you recommend for my setup? I am looking for headphone to be used for music and gaming. I play games such as csgo etc so sound is a big factor. I am however not looking for headphones that do not come with a mic. I am looking to buy my mic separately...
  47. C

    HyperX Cloud vs HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

    Hi I am buying a new gaming headset and I have read a lot of reviews and come to the conclusion that the HyperX Cloud is the best fit for me. As I was about to buy it I noticed there was a new version out HyperX Cloud II which is marketed as 7.1 surround sound...I have heard that surround sound...
  48. C

    Can i plug in a Headset into my PS3?

    Hello, i have the original PS3 which i hooked up to my monitor (HP Compaq LA1905WG) with a DVI to HDMI converter. This monitor got no speakers, so can i plug in a USB Headset (Steelseries Siberia 150) into my PS3's USB port and hear sound from it? Thanks in advance
  49. C

    Fix Hyperx Cloud II or get a new headset?

    The USB sound card that the Hyperx Cloud II uses broke recently. The manufacturer sells it for 30$ which is basically the equivalent of a budget headset. I also feel like it will be a waste if I got a cheaper 30-50$ headset with fake 7.1 surround. What should I do now? I bought a cheap jack...
  50. S

    can max volume damage my headset?

    I have hyperx cloud headset for gaming it doesn't have drivers only on cable controls, can setting volume up to max damage the headphone?
  51. sciguy429

    After Glow Wireless Ps3 Controller No Vibration

    I have bought a Afterglow controller a while ago and used it as a game pad and it worked perfectly however it refuses to vibrate... in fact windows dose not even recognize it as a "Game-pad With Vibration" Just a "Generic Game-pad Device". Unfortunately P2p was not very helpful (They don't have...
  52. J

    Ac adapter charger

    Recently, i got the email form Onite,an Amazon seller,they want to me to review their 19.5V 1.75A 6*2mm AC Adapter, I'm wondering there anyone who buy form them.As i'm very concerning about my computer's safety.
  53. S

    5/2/2016 BLUE YETI PROBLEMS - DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!! I'm a Voiceover pro, have no expertise in sound engineering or computer t

    BLUE YETI PROBLEMS - DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!! I'm a Voiceover pro, have no expertise in sound engineering or computer technology, but can follow directions and have fixed a number of issues by reading and implementing solutions suggested on YouTube, forums, and Windows 10 troubleshooting videos...
  54. B

    PC peripherals adding noise to amplified audio

    I'm running a MSI 990FXA-GD80 board with a decent audio card. Sound is outputted via S/PDIF Digital Audio Coax Cable to a digital to analog converter, which enters an external EQ and then an external amplifier. I first noticed some line noise years ago which was traced back to an older, wired...
  55. P

    Looking for a set of 2.1 PC speakers

    I'm more likely to pay about 40€ but could go up to 60€.I'll use them for music,games and watching films/shows and sports,if genres make a difference I mainly listen to alternative rock.Bass control is a big plus as my last speakers didn't have that option and it was annoying from time to time.I...
  56. C

    Can someone explain what different PCI slots do?

    Hi there, I am a laptop user and have relatively good tech knowledge but I am running into some confusion over inputs/outputs. I am looking into using an external GPU setup for my laptop and am aware of the predicaments and have heard the classic 'just get a new___' , I can't, I'm a student so...
  57. AbyssD

    HyperX cloud 2 vs Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015

    As the title says.. and one more question in the forum i ve read for the Cloud 2 "another factor to consider: you will NOT want to use the software or usb soundcard that comes with the v2 as it is well known to be junk and cause all sorts of audio quality issues. when making your decision...
  58. H

    Looking for headphones for Gaming, Music and Movies

    I am looking for headphones at around 200-400 AUS Dollars that is good for listening to Rap and Hip-hop and playing BF4, Rust and many other games like that and for watching action/sci-fi movies I also wanted comfortable headphones that are light and cancel noise well I thought of the Bose...
  59. B

    Best Headphones for gaming?

    Ok so i am looking for the best possible pair of headphones for gaming. Price is not really an issue but certain price points would be appreciated. I am ultimately looking for a pair of cans that specialize im producing frequencies between 85-400hz so high bass and low mids, as i found that...
  60. D

    Looking for a new Headphones + Mic (~$150 CAD)

    Hi, so my old headphones are getting really just disgusting at this point so I am looking to buy a new headset. I have been looking through the options but I honestly am not really an audiophile that really knows what "crisp highs" and "deep lows" really mean. I am looking for some headphones...