Nov 14, 2015
Hello, I've bought a wireless bluetooth headset for using it with my android and my pc, the thing is that this headset comes with the headphones and microphone (it's kinda obvious, just to make sure you get it) and with an audio cable (to connect the headset to the mic or the speakers input in my pc) and an USB cable (main purpose: to charge the headset when they'll be used as wireless). The thing is that I want to use them on my pc right now but my pc is a desktop one, no a notebook so I don't have any bluetooth function in my pc, and I'd like to use both of it's functions (headphones and microphone). I was searching if I could connect them via USB and use both of these functions and someone in Youtube kinda downloads some bluetooth drivers and programs to connect it and uses both of the functions. Can someone tell me if that's true or false, and if it's true can someone tell me how can I do it ?
Also, in the case it's false, I'd should buy one of those bluetooth adaptators for desktop pc to use my headset?
Many thanks.