Tried everything, can't get sound to work through audio jacks


Jun 19, 2016
Last time i've had sound working through the audio jacks was about a year ago when i changed to Bluetooth headphones, i've used only Bluetooth for a long time, but now the headphones broke and i'm using normal ones through Soundwire and Wi-Fi but that isn't ideal because i'm going to a LAN soon and the latency is also bugging me and i'm dependent on my phone.

Things i've tried:

  • Reinstalling the system
    Downgrading to Windows 7
    Reinstalling Realtek drivers
    Tweaks in audio panel, changing the sample rate and disabling all enhancements.
    Switching drivers back to default Windows ones
    Replugging the front audio jacks to the motherboard
At the moment nothing happens when i plug in any audio device.
Would a USB to audio jack adapter work? Or is it a system problem?
I'm 100% sure my front audio jacks work on my new PC case.

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