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  1. _dawn_chorus_

    Solved! Weird helicopter/sputter sound with different ASIO drivers...

    So I have this weird sound coming from the keyboard of my new laptop. At first I thought it was the fans, but they sound like pure white noise from the vents on the bottom. During benchmarks, no weird noise. Only when I start FLtudio and load a project and play it do I get this weird like tiny...
  2. X

    Solved! Can you Turn off 7.1 surround on 7.1 sound card?

    I have cloud alphas and I found sound card with 7.1 surround sound. Cloud alphas doesnt have 7.1 surround sound so will it he a problem or can you just turn 7.1 sound off from xonars software? Soundcard Xonar AE. Thanks!
  3. Zalgo

    Solved! Sound coming out low Windows 10

    Alright so I recently ran into an issue that I have only noticed very recently because of specific circumstances. I am running windows 10 pro 64 bit, I use logitech z623's for sound plugged into rear 3.5 jack of my X99-A II motherboard. I am a twitch streamer who is constantly paranoid/paying...
  4. B

    "something went wrong while trying to turn on spatial sound" Dolby Atmos

    Hello, I have a dolby atmos setup at my pc. I got a yahama rx-v583 with 2 front speakers, 2 surround speakers and 2 height speakers. I have this connected to my pc with windows 10 1809 over hdmi. I have installed the Dolby Acces driver. When I try to enable the dolby atmos for home theater...
  5. J

    Solved! Recognizing left/right sound problem

    When I play games on my laptop my earphone is not recognizing whether the sound of footsteps is coming from the left or the right, I tried the earphones on my phone and I was able to recognize left and right sound, I tried another earphone same problem on laptop but work fine on my phone so the...
  6. S

    Sudden Headphone and Earbud Imbalance in Desktop

    Hi all, I just managed to find a snag in my audio: my hyperx cloud stinger is about 1.5 years old now and all of a sudden the left headphone became extremely quiet. Trying the left right balance basically didn't change the volume level for it, but the right one did change. The strange thing...
  7. N

    Laptop alarm sound ?

    So i Keep hearing this weird sounds (like an alarm sound) every few seconds which is kinda annoying i have nothing opened other than steam and google It shows up for awhile then it goes away but comes back after that here's a video of it anyone knows what is this...
  8. R

    Reinstalled sound driver and now keyboard and touchpad aren't working

    Hello! This morning, my laptop's built-in speakers weren't working. I found a question here in this site and someone suggested to uninstall and then reinstall the sound driver, so I did. The sound is working and everything about this aspect is great, but when I installed the driver, Intel's...
  9. N

    Computer will only play sound out left side but not right side

    Hello, I have an issue with my computer where sound would only come out for my right side but not my left side of earphones. I use the Sony MDREX15AP as well as a mic splitter. I have tried updating sound drivers but that did not do anything. I do not think my problem is my earphones or...
  10. P

    Cannot get 5.1 sound output with windows10 64Bit - worked with windows 7 64bit VIA® VT1705 sound chip (embedded on my Desktop

    Cannot get Win 10 64Bit driver for my VIA® VT1705 sound chip (embedded on my Desktop ASRock G41M-VS3 R2.0 motherboard) to make it output 5.1 surround sound. Will installing a separate sound card with Win 10 64Bit drivers work?
  11. P

    Install updated driver for MaxxAudio Pro

    I have a Dell Optiplex 755 on which I tried to install MaxxAudio Pro: kept receiving a message that stated "Audio driver needed to be updated". Ugh.. How do I go about this? I have the MaxxAudio Pro on my newest laptop and it's AWESOME! It's avail. via Dell Audio..Need to know how or why my...
  12. A

    sound scratching on laptop and looking for a way to overclock f70sl laptop cpu

    Hello, i have a f70sl laptop with clean windows 7 64 bit. I installed a lot of diffrent windows 7 operating systems and it still doesnt help me. I found out that it has problems with drivers and im not sure why. On the other hand, im a mad man so i wanted to overclock this laptop, since the gpu...
  13. S

    Dell Inspiron 1545 No Sound

    Hey Guys I hope that someone will be able to come up with a viable solution because I am sick and tired of struggling. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop running on Windows 7 Home Premium and for some wonderful unexplained reason I have no sound...nothing. I went online and searched for...
  14. Z

    Hdmi Monitor with speakers and 3.5 jack - no sound through jack

    I have an "ASUS VZ249Q 23,8" IPS LED Monitor" with HDMI support and 3.5 jack on it. I wanted to play on my PC with earphones... but because the monitor has speakers.. the sound came from the speakers... even if I connected the earphones to the monitor through the 3.5 jack...didnt work... sound...
  15. J

    Audio Sounds Bad From All Ports, Self-Built PC

    I hadn't used my computer in a few weeks, and it was time to plug everything back in and start using it again. ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 ATX DDR4 3300 Intel Core i7-6800K Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 2400MHz EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1, 80+...
  16. A

    Speakers on my laptop crackling/popping.

    I own a Dell Inspiron 7567 with Windows 10 64-bit and a couple days ago my laptop's internal speakers started crackling/popping for no apparent reason. The weird thing is that the crackling/popping is present even over headphones/earphones. I'm currently using Realtek Audio drivers. POSSIBLE...
  17. S

    Solved! Realtek problems Windows 10, left speaker not woriking (?)

    So, my laptop's been acting out lately.. Both my internal speakers were working just fine, but since I did the last update of windows 10, the left speaker stoped working out of nowhere. It would make a sound, and then if I try to turn the volume up( ex. it was 16 and I wanted to make it at least...
  18. N

    Strange popping sound

    Hello, since like 2 days ago my laptop started to make a strange popping sound, at first I though it was from the audio driver, reinstalled it, still happens(it also happens on mute).I used HD Tune to check HDD it seems to be fine. The sound happens at random intervals, it also stops audio when...
  19. K

    Toshiba Laptop Audio Issue

    I've just bought this laptop (Toshiba P55t-B5154) and immediately upgraded it from Win 8.1 to Win 10. After getting everything installed, I found that no audio was coming from the speakers. However, in Control Panel -> Sound, the window showed that audio was playing every time I tested it...
  20. G

    No sound/poor sound quality (WIN 10, driver problem)

    The issue: No sound/poor sound quality I have the following PC: ================== * OS: Windows 10 Home Edition, Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 * System Model: Aspire SW3-013 * System Type: X86-based PC * System SKU: Aspire SW3-013_1007_1.02 * Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @...
  21. J_Frosty

    Speakers not working on computer only

    I picked up a used pair of Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers and can't get them to work on my computer. It didn't come with a power cord so I used a 12v plug that I had sitting around (maybe this is an issue?). Using a RCA to 3.5mm jack I tested them with my phone and they play perfectly fine...
  22. WarpDrajv

    Only left speaker hissing

    I have microlab solo 6c and left speaker is passive and right is active, that means that right one has an amplifier and left is recieving power from the right one. Right one is hissing when volume is 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58 (60 limit), but sometimes in between.Today I turned off some electric...
  23. D

    Audio Only Reaches Monitor, Never Headphones

    Just bought a new pair of headphones that go into the rear green and pink ports. The headphones work on every device in the house and when I use VGA they work as well. I only use VGA for onboard graphics and using it would defeat the purpose of having a GPU so now I use HDMI from my GPU to my...
  24. L

    Realtek HD manager - changes do not affect

    Hello guys, I am sure that there are a lot of people ''good with sound''. I have a brand new pc.. and I can not apply any changes in Realtek HD manager. I am almost changing everything and nothing is happening. For example sound effects.. bass level and so on. Do you have any idea what is...
  25. V

    Windows doesn't recognize my sound board or driver maybe

    So, out of nowhere, not a windows update or any program installed, my laptop Inspiron-7520 stoped recognizing my sound, there's just an X on the trail, and windows solution says it can't identify the problem (image 1). Also I've already tried downloading and installing the newest drivers: the...
  26. I

    Front and Rear panel audio not working in Windows 10

    Hi. I haven't had much time to be on my pc because of school. My front panel audio used to work before I installed the windows insider build. It was working fine for a few days but then I didn't get any audio from my headphones. I connected my headphones to my monitor and it works. This...
  27. J

    where do I find a free download for a Sony avsystem sound driver?

    So I just picked up an older dell latitude laptop, I want to run the sound and monitor through my receiver. Hooked up the HDMI and am getting good picture on TV by the sound is still coming out of my laptop. I looked at my other laptop and I have a Sony driver...have no idea where to download...
  28. S

    Sound driver problems with headset

    I have a Logitech G933 which works fine with my laptop. I'm able to use the equalizer and change the surround sound settings on it. But when I try it on my desktop, nothing I change has an effect on the sound coming through them. So it obviously has something to do with my desktop but I'm at a...
  29. B

    sound doesnt work after plugging in headphones

    hey guys, when i plug in my headphones my sound doesn't work at all while the headphones are plugged in and even when i take them out. to make my sound work again i have to restart my laptop. this started after i factory resetted my laptop. i have disabled my dedicated graphics since my gpu...
  30. I

    Sound Dull after Windows Update

    Hi All I have an Asus X555U laptop that I have had for about 18 Months. It has been working fine however after the latest Windows 10 update - about 2 days ago - the sound has gone dull and quiet. I have since reset the laptop to factory settings (which has improved overall speed as it was...
  31. C

    Sound not working

    I own a Azus x555la core i3 laptop. it is running on Windows 10 pro. All of a sudden sound not working and indicated red "X" in task-bar.(No speakers or headphones plugged in when hover over sound icon) I have done following one by one which found as solution's in google non of them worked...
  32. itsmekarak

    Sound Settings for Dual Monitors

    I just purchased two new ASUS VX238 monitors which come with internal speakers. I have connected the monitors to my pc via HDMI cable on one and DVI cable on the other. I connected the speakers of the monitors using a Y-cable connected to the audio jack on the back of my pc; connecting each of...
  33. R

    Monitor Headphone Jack Not Recognizing My Headphones

    Hello. I have a custom built PC. Here are the specs: CPU: i5-6600k processor RAM: 16GB TridentZ GPU: Gigabyte 1060 Gaming G-1 MOBO: Gigabyte z170XP-SLI Monitor: Asus VG245H I plugged in my headphones(it has a built-in mic), and the sound worked fine. However, when I tried using the built-in...
  34. D

    Solved! Low mic Volume with Realtek HD Audio

    Hi guys I have had this problem for over a year now but hasnt bothered me much. My microphone volume is extremely low and is barely audible while my audio (music,games) are perfectly fine. It started bothering me as my friends on teamspeak can barely hear me when speaking. I sat hours yesterday...
  35. G

    how to fix audio popping on usb device

    hello i dont know what to do i have now installed a new mobo with a new cpu and now my audio is popping/crackling when i pley music and play games. i check dpc latency and evrything looks fine. update all my drivers, updated bios and check if the problem was the headset. i dont know what is...
  36. R

    Laptop speakers doesnt work after a while - headphones do

    Hi My laptop (Toshiba L755-M1DW) is showing a strange behavior. After turning on, the speakers work for a while, then in goes mute. headphones, hdmi outputs etc are not having any issues with sound. After reboot, speakers works again, but goes mute after a while. Already tried settings, removed...
  37. T

    External speakers go in and out after a few seconds when plugged into pc

    Hello, I've been having problems with my external speakers which are plugged into the back of my computer. My headphones work fine when plugged into the front of the computer but if i unplug them and use my external speakers, after about 10 seconds, the speakers will go out for about 2 - 3...
  38. G

    Worst Sound in Headphone and Good on Build-in Speakers Windows 10

    I have purchased used laptop for 7 months, NEC PC VK18VKEFWDG with windows 10, it has excellent sound on built in speakers but when I plug in headphone (TRRS, the only one port) it sounds very bad. Sometime, ticking sound and sometime static noise, where sometime is seems like it chop bass...
  39. D

    Laptop volume level same for earphones and without

    I have no idea how exactly to phrase this, so I apologise for the weird title. What happens is that my volume level doesn't change accordingly to when I plug in and out my earphones, and I don't know whether this sort of settings are supposed to be default or not. Personally speaking I prefer to...
  40. Y

    Windows 8.1 laptop sound problem: muffled sound when playing two things at once for one of the programs

    For some reason, my laptop decides to prioritize a sound that came first, and every other sound is muffled. For example, if I want to play music when playing a game, the music would sound really low if my game was popped open first, and vice versa. I could not find any fix on this, aside from...
  41. L

    Problems with the sound Dell Vostro 3558

    Hello, I have a Dell Vostro 3558. I bought it about one year ago, and it already had it's HDD replaced... My current problem is that the device is not playing any sound. If only the speakers are active, nothing happens. If heaphones are plugged in, there is a constant buzzing and white noise...
  42. F

    PC Audio Gremlins

    So about 3 or 4 months ago, the high frequency in my left speaker seemed to start cutting out intermittently. My Technics speakers were pretty old ( 20 years maybe ) and I could tweak it back into life by cranking the volume on the amp for a fraction of a second then back to a more neighbor...
  43. M

    Realtek HD Audio Manager will not detect my Bose CineMate 1 SR when connected via Toslink

    I have been trying to get my recently resurrected desktop up to full running speed and the major snag that I have hit is that I cannot get any sound out of this thing. I have tried the back panel connection, the front panel connection, installed the newest driver, rolled back to my old driver...
  44. G

    Terrible audio quality from headset, not sure it's normal

    I bought a KMD Pro Gamer Headset for Xbox 360, which I'm using on a PC, plugged to my 360 wired controller. I do have audio playback and recording, but the sound quality is very very bad. I'm not one of those people that are highly attuned to sound quality, nor am I a big fan of great sound, but...
  45. S

    PC Sound cuts out complete (cannot access your sound driver)

    I'm having a problem where my PC's sound completely cuts out and says ' you do not have any sound connected to this pc' It does it to everything including skype, there is no sound whats so ever after a few moments it kicks back in. Any help appreciated Spec's are Operating System: Windows 10...
  46. S

    New sound speakers

    I am looking to buy some new speakers so I wanted some help... I am between these two which one should I get...???
  47. M

    Does PC read splitter connected headphones as different outputs?

    Hello ;) I was just wondering if PC was reading 3.5mm Y splitter connected headphones (or speakers, a.k.a any audio device) as different outputs, like in device manager? thanks in advance <3 <3 <3
  48. T

    5.1 Surround Sound not working from PC?!

    Hi there, I have a LG DH6420P 5.1 Surround system and I am trying to correctly get the full 5.1 working with my PC. I am running Windows 10 and I have the latest Realtek drivers. My motherboard is an ASUS Z170-A with the CrystalSound 2 audio chip, so I can't see why it wouldn't support 5.1...
  49. J

    Sound not outputting through all 5.1 speakers and speaker fill option missing

    So up until recently, whenever I wanted to listen to music, play games, etc. the volume would output through every one of my speakers. Recently, this stopped, and as of right now, sound only comes out of the front R and L speakers, as well as the sub. I don't remember ever updating the sound...
  50. R

    External Microphones not detected in Windows 10, Conexant SmartAudio HD

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G50-70 laptop with Windows 10. The audio driver is Conexant SmartAudio HD and the latest version available on Lenovo's website is This latest version is installed on the system The Laptop is unable to detect any external microphones connected to the system...
  51. H

    Alienware Subwoofer Rattling Annoying Sound Problem

    I just bought new Alienware R3 17" laptop Specs Core i7 with 970m It was ok for a week when one day listening to music it started to make rattling sound from woofer which is below the laptop Both front facing speakers are ok So in somepart of song when bass or something like that comes, woofer...
  52. A

    Conexant Smart Audio driver settings don't save.

    Here is a video of my problem: The problem is that I am using Headphones not a Headset so i dont have an external microphone. When the audio driver settings are set to Headset it is trying to use external mic but I only have a internal one. I know that when its set...
  53. D

    Tried everything, can't get sound to work through audio jacks

    Last time i've had sound working through the audio jacks was about a year ago when i changed to Bluetooth headphones, i've used only Bluetooth for a long time, but now the headphones broke and i'm using normal ones through Soundwire and Wi-Fi but that isn't ideal because i'm going to a LAN soon...
  54. D

    How to fix lenovo y700 poping. It only stops if tilted or sound driver removed ?

    It happened in a few hours after I got the laptop. Once I palyed a game for few minutes, the poping started from that point. I have windows 8.1. Have already tried everything with drivers and anything I could find on the internet.
  55. K

    Sound problems on Widows 10

    Hello!! I have a problem with my headphones. Whenever i plug in headphones in my computer the sound is both coming from the headphones and my monitor (my monitor has speakers). So how can i remove the sound from my monitor? And also i have tried doing it in the Volume Mixer. Thank you for helping!
  56. A

    Small White Noise Coming From Computer

    I have an older HP Pavilion laptop that runs Windows 7. I am a music producer and I've had a white noise type sound (not super loud) coming from the computer to my headphones for a while now. I know that it isn't my headphones because they are totally fine on all other devices. I ran my...
  57. S

    5/2/2016 BLUE YETI PROBLEMS - DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!! I'm a Voiceover pro, have no expertise in sound engineering or computer t

    BLUE YETI PROBLEMS - DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!! I'm a Voiceover pro, have no expertise in sound engineering or computer technology, but can follow directions and have fixed a number of issues by reading and implementing solutions suggested on YouTube, forums, and Windows 10 troubleshooting videos...
  58. J

    Sound problem in Toshiba P50-b1468

    Hi I can't hear sound from speakers but not from headphones. Already tried different headphones and updated sound driver. Any other suggestion please.
  59. Maksiss3

    Skype turning it's own volume up in volume mixer (Win7)

    Why does this keep happening, I always turn individual programs down since my headphones are quite loud, but skype always seems tu turn it's self back up again and everytime somebody calls me I get a mini heart attack
  60. O

    Can't record audio from system/hard drive please help?

    Thanks in advance guys. I have a Toshiba laptop, 4gb ram, running windows 8. From day 1 the only recording option has been the external microphone - and YES Ive ticked the 'show disabled devices' icon. this is extremely difficult as I record music clips from youtube and also mix and edit my own...